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Multiplied by seven By and By #2

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Session of the extreme possessive type but not for me crossing the line into anything abusive leaving aside the characters ages See Below I Thought The below I thought the of Derek was brilliant totally original and memorable all the impressive since Derek is too often little than a smoldering presence LONG ASIDE ON THE AGE UESTION I am curious how people will react to this since I m Excellent and hot like burning to paraphrase Stiles that adorable people will react to this since I m Excellent and hot like burning to paraphrase Stiles that adorable minxYou know whenever I read reviews warning that such and such a book or fic is dark or edgy my reaction after reading it is what s the biggie But if I hadn t read those reviews my reaction might have been WHOA DUDE The end gets awfully fluffy which I m totally fine with It wasn t totally arring If you want to skip directly to the edgier stuff you can start here but reading Hear his alibis and then this one makes for an interesting uxtaposition Seriously for a sheriff Stiles dad really doesn t have a clueThis pic has nothing to do with this story But it s Dylan O Brien In leather pants Love is finding matching cray to add to your cray So yeah branding Mmhmm And pyromaniacs nods Damn was this level of cray cray subtle There was such an ease to the things Stiles and Derek did to one another And yes you can totally read this one first "before Hear his alibis but I didn t listen I have a deeper appreciation for the preuelcompanion piece because Sheriff Stinliski "Hear his alibis but I didn t listen I have a deeper appreciation for the preuelcompanion piece because Sheriff Stinliski the man Like he s such a doll face I love him and Stiles relationship I m ust going to babble my feels for this book because I love cray cray hot possessive maddening couples in my fiction These two Derek Stiles are maybe a level 5 or 6 Still not up there with my favesview spoilerbecause nothing says I love you like watching you sleep with a butcher knife in your hand Not this book The image is a major hint though hide spoile. S he's not exactly sanepsychopaths in love the story from Derek Stiles's sidecompanion fic to 'hear his alibis' Words 26340 complete. ,

S are about the same thing anywayrationalizing until the sun goes down I love reading about crazydysfunctional love Sometimes two people with ust the right kind of crazy in their heads come together and strike a spark of even bigger crazy they bring to life It s an excellent read It s intense and twisty although not as dark as all the warnings in the story led me to believe It can be read as a stand alone but I think reading Hear his alibis gives both depth 45 StarsWow the wonders of the male teenage libidoI Do Recommend You Read recommend you read short preuelpart 1 Hear his alibis first for character and story background This fic was very different from any I ve read SO FAR IT S A BIT far It s a bit a bit dark Yes Stiles is Stiles and Derek is definitely Derek but their coming together was not fluffy or really fun probably because their ages do make it a bit tabooDerek has Stiles against the trees in the undergrowth on moss and stones and twigs and he learns Stiles as intensely as he s learned anythingHe likes it so much and he doesn t even understand why Derek on top of him holding him down like a cage like someone is going to steal him away or Stiles is going to get up and run and either of those options are totally unacceptableThis is an intense love It s palpable and frantic and secretive but in that desperation they can t stop you don t want them to stop and it s really uite beautiful view spoiler Do you ever regretburning down the house It s a moment before Derek answersIt s the best thing I ever did It got me you hide spoiler 45 stars Wow so uncomfortable Uncomfortable uncomfortable uncomfortable But so well written both technically and expressively that I cannot deny that I enjoyed the dynamic of Stiles and Derek s personalities portrayed in this AU even if my mind keeps placing both bo 45Extremely well written A great story about ob. O thinks Allison hung the freaking moon or was the first girl to ever let a guy under her bra Derek isn't like other people Sometime. ,
Welp I wanted a dark creepy Derek I got a dark creepy Derek He is not actually at his creepiest in this but his and Stiles age kind of lent to the whole creepy vibeThe spoiler is pertaining to their agesview spoilerSo it s like this Stiles is 13 Derek is 16 13 Is Definitely Too Young is definitely too young TBH so is 16 Neither of them should have been fooling around but even though Derek was truly creeptastic on a couple of occasions he was in his Own Weird Way Very Careful weird way very careful considerate of Stiles I was also very glad to get Stiles POV from time to time I for one needed to see how and what he was thinking It actually reassured me to know that he knew they were not behaving normally and that he knew Derek was a bit cray cray If he was thinking it was all normal behaviour I would ve been a lot freaked out hide spoiler Upgraded to 5 stars because so incredibly compelling touching beautiful and slightly uncomfortable and even better when you treat Hear his alibis as a seuel Seriously read it AFTER this one and not before it See Rachel s review Nothing like the first in tone A bit stalkerish forced attention and then steamy hot A lot of emotion in this one where Derek initiates a relationship with Stiles after being taken under the Sheriffs wings Might have started a bit younger than most feel comfortable with but the age range is well within acceptable levels for meFavorite uote Seriously don t make me start the biting game Stiles threatens pinking at the idea because it always ends badly amazingly terribly teeth marks and bruises and blood once because everything has to be a competition and everything always escalates in the uickest most frightening of ways i read this fic before the first one but reviewed it in the other goodreads listingi FAIL will diminish and go into the westi m so chagrined i m literally blushing i can feel itwe both fic. SterekDerek isn't exactly like other people Stiles doesn't say that because he's in love with him or whatever He's not like Scott wh.

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