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A moment in time but as something malleable and constantly open to change through our interpretation The book also develops Hegel's preoccupation with the history of Greek thought and Christianity and explores the role of theology in his thoughtEssential reading for those interested in Hegel and contemporary continental philosophy The Future of Hegel is also fascinating to those interested in the ideas of Heidegger and Derrid Pierwsze czy

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The Future of Hegel Plasticity Temporality and Dialectic

This book is one of the most important recent books on Hegel a philosopher who has had a crucial impact on the shape of continental philosophy Published here in English for the first time it includes a substantial preface by Jacues Derrida in which he explores the themes and conclusions of Malabou's bookThe Future of Hegel Plasticity Temporality and Dialectic restores Hegel's rich and complex concepts of time and temporality t The story of

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O contemporary philosophy It examines his concept of time relating it to perennial topics in philosophy such as substance accident and the identity of the subject Catherine Malabou's also contrasts her account of Hegelian temporality with the interpretation given by Heidegger in Being and Time arguing that it is the concept of 'plasticity' that best describes Hegel's theory of temporality The future is understood not simply as This is a pr

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    The story of the Hegelian dialectic as an experience of voir venir to see what is coming With a glowing introduction by Derrida This book is the best antidote to the conventional treatment of Hegel as an obscure version of Kant or Berkeley

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    This is a pretty amazing work Malabou starts with Hegel and is able to present the change Hegel presents within the Dialectic She thinks through subjectivity as a non static dynamic in order to highlight the split in past and future through the transitional movement In that sense Hegel's future is his past; a retroactive projection that overcodes the event Somewhat unsurprisingly Malabou reaches a Deleuzian like plasticity showing how in many ways how Deleuze is a post structural Hegel although she doesn't say this as her emphasis is on Hegel Although Malabou does not spend too long on each chapter she is able to explain in depth various themes that Hegel touches on making this a pretty dense book All in all this is an amazing text

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