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Piracy Freeman’s wry style and heartfelt candour raises Kidnapped to the highest rank’ – Tim Butcher author Blood River'He treats these grim experiences with a self deprecating humour which makes one laugh out loud' The Daily Telegraph'A hair raising account of life as a prisoner of Somalia's st century buccaneers Essential reading for anyone interested in the world's most broken state and why it became that way' Oliver Poole London Evening Standard'One finishes the book admiring the author's wit in adversity and enlightened on one of the least known parts of the world' Simon Scott Plummer The Daily T

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ElegraphAbout the authorColin Freeman is the chief foreign correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph His first taste of foreign reporting came during the Ira war in when he gave up his up job on the London Evening Standard and went to Baghdad to freelance He lived there for two years during which time he was shot and injured while covering a Shia militia demonstration in Basrah Since joining the Sunday Telegraph full time in he has reported extensively across Africa Europe and the Middle East He is aged and lives in London He is also the author of 'Curse of the Al Dulaimi Hotel and other half truths from Baghdad

Free read Kidnapped

After his bodyguards double cross him journalist Colin Freeman finds himself captured by Somali pirates beginning a nightmare days in the hands of some of the most dangerous men in the world It is a terrifying experience the gang's hideout is attacked by rival pirates Freeman is threatened with being handed over to Islamists who wish to execute him and he constantly fears death at the hands of his constantly drug addled captors But he survives thinner greyer and wiser to tell the tale of an astonishing adventure in a surprisingly funny and fond way ‘More than simply a terrific book on the scourge of Somali

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    I almost gave this book four stars because I found the topic of Somalian pirates to be very interesting I think in terms of kidnapping experiences the author had things really easy There were a few times he was a tremendous sissy One particul

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    Good book Although I wish he had given information on the Telegraph's hostage negotiations Also he made mention of difficulties with the Somali communities in the UK But he fails to give any details

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    Really enjoyed this Very funny has made me read uite a lot about Somali pirates

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