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Ng lovers now married are beginning to feel safe and secure in their union As much as Layken relishes their new life together she finds herself wanting to know everything there is to know about her husband even though Will makes it clear he prefers to keep the painful memories of the past where they belong Still he can’t resist his wife’s pleas and so he begins to untangle his side of the s There s a part of me that debated writing a review for this book at all considering the majority of this is just rehashed material from the first book with little new offerings How do you write a review on a book in which the majority just copypasted material with some reworkings from a different perspective character of another novel It s one thing if maybe it was a novella telling some slightly different perspective points but still offering new insights or if it were a short story capturing a single segment in time which were both alternatives Hoover could ve perused if she wanted to continue with Will s perspective point I think I have no doubt that would ve been something I picked up even if I didn t care so much for the first two books in this series With Slammed while I didn t care for the story I still appreciated what it offered and I understood why people liked the story I just expected from it Point of Retreat was shaky because Will s voice didn t sound like an authentic male voice to me and much of it was one point of drama and odd events to the nextBut this This was lazy I hate saying it or saying something about anyone else s writing which various people can find value even with its ualms but I think someone has to I m being about as blunt and honest about it as I can beThis was a lazy effort and not worth the time taken to read I m extremely disappointed in reading This Girl I know Hoover can do a better work than this and this feels like it was just released to ride on the coattails of popularity this series has spawned There s very little if anything truly new about this book and the material that is considered new Not worth the retracing Apart from honeymoon scenes where Lake and Will retread over their meeting and coming to terms with each other this had very little weight to it Some new poems and some intermittent sex scenes do not make for a compelling story I m sorry it just doesn t at all Lake doesn t show much growth after all she gets jealous and angry over things that happened in the PAST and are being retold to her when she practically begs Will to tell her anyway and that s taken for an actual point of substantiated conflict Really And for a perspective character Will s narration is extremely whiny lust heavy and NOT an authentic male voice At all I think it s safe to say that with this third book written in a male voice in Hoover s bibliography her weakness is writing from male character perspectives If I wanted to pick up reading Slammed again I among many other readers probably would ve had no ualms about doing so and letting Will s thoughts be left in mystery part of the beauty of a piece of writing is letting some stuff be to the reader s imagination much of it is implied in the first book it didn t need a retracing This didn t feel like a full enough story to be retold in the way it was and it was just a waste of time having to backtrack through all of that just to cherry pick whatever new experiences Will had to offer in the narrative It was tedious and a chore to read probably even so than my recent reading of Losing Hope which is a retelling of Hoover s hero Holder from the Hopeless series I would actually give Hoover credit for attempting to develop Holder the way she did in that because in comparison This Girl didn t do anything at all to expand upon Will s character or any of the other characters it presented the side characters were threadbare at bestI don t know if I can say than that really It was a uick read for me because much of this I already knew been there done that deja vu It s not worth my time or money to spend on something that s does nothing to expand on a story that s already been told and I have to be firm on that And I m sure there are others even fans of the first two books who would feel the same way and be just as disappointed in this effortNot recommendedOverall score 0 starsNote I received this as an ARC from NetGalley from the publisher Atria Books

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This Girl

Tory revealing for the first time his most intimate feelings and thoughts retelling both the good and bad moments and sharing a few shocking confessions of his own from the time when they first metIn This Girl Will tells the story of their complicated relationship from his point of view Their future rests on how well they deal with the past in this final installment of the beloved Slammed serie STARS REALISTIC SO NOT AND BACKWARDS LOVELY SWEET FOUR Yes I am talking backwards I know I ROCK LOLOk I wanted to write a nice and sweet and romantic review but you guys already did that you guys even wrote slam how can you be so AWESOME What can I do now Ok I am not gonna write slam I seriously don t want to show my super talents hahaI loved this book yes I did so why am I not giving it 5 stars Simple you just need to keep reading my review to find out YeahThis girlMy mother would have loved this girlToo bad she was just a dream This Girl tells us the story of Will Lake just as Slammed but this time Will is the one telling us their love storyWill you are soooo perfect that I had to roll my eyes so many times it hurt Seriously I mean I like reading about perfect characters but sometimes authors don t keep them real and that s what I felt while reading this Sometimes two people need to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together Yeah that s the thing about Hoover she knows how to write and how to make you feel because I highlighted the whole book true storyThe thing is after Slammed and POR they are together this is not a spoiler this is something you know when you start this book They are in their honeymoon and after a lot of action they are having a break super rolling eyes and Lake asks Will to tell her how he lived their story So he startsAnd Lake is just adorable as much as she was in Slammed PORLong story short they meet each other because they re neighbors and then BAM Will is her teacher so they can t be together Tough shit I guess I ll see you third period Mr Cooper I d so much rather be her Will What did I love the most about this book The slam I must say I love this series because I had never heard about slam before and I love it Will new slams where just GREAT not to mention the old ones that made me cryThen this girlHoly hell this girl I also loved their Suck Sweet moments I keep playing that with my friends And Would You Rather OMG that s soooo funnySo let s play something Would You Rather reading my ranting about this book or not If you chose no the review is over at this point If you chose yes keep reading I swear I wasn t going to say this but then I wouldn t be honest and I need to beThese are the things I didn t like about the bookWill was way too sweet for me I get that he s the main character and main characters are always perfect but sometimes they re not realTheir sex in the honeymoon Not the sex per se but how many times did they have sex She was a virgin right Why do authors do that We all have been virgins and we know you don t want to have sex than 10 times the first time you re popping your cherry right That s unbelievable and authors should know better But well that s just my opinionThey got married before having sex in 2013 Are you kidding me Is this an American thing Because that s NOT happening in Europe and I very much doubt it s happening over there Why do authors think we are gonna love the MC if he respects her until they re married Anyway overall I loved this book but I cannot give it a 5 because I had some issues Really hope you guys don t want to kill me now but I wanted to be honest Let me say I loved being in his head Will Cooper is a great book boyfriend not real but a great one

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Librarian's Note The ISBN for this book was also used by Shekhar Kapur's Devi Vol by Samit BasuThere are two sides to every love story Now hear Will’s Colleen Hoover’s New York Times bestselling Slammed series has brought countless readers to their knees with a whirlwind of love passion and heartache Layken and Will’s love has managed to withstand the toughest of circumstances and the you THIS IS ME SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS THIS BOOK IS PHENOMENALI m laughing I m crying I m shaking It was perfect Every single line was perfect Beautiful Heartbreak Breathtaking UnputdownablePure butterflying gold 6 HUGE STARS Books like this are the reason why I love readingColleen Hoover has outdone herself She managed to take a story that we love and retell it from the hero s POV while still making every single word of it feel new fresh and powerfulYes technically it s a retelling of Slammed from Will s POV but there is SO much There are new scenes added story lines and even a epilogue that is guaranteed to make your heart sueeze Not one word of it felt repetitiveReading this book was like taking a beautiful walk down memory lane It s been over a year since I read Slammed and Point of Retreat Those two books are one of the reasons I started blogging Slammed was actually the first book ever that inspired me to write anything about it At the time it was only a small review paragraph where I tried to convey my love for the story but it was something The depth to which those books hit me was unlike any other book I d read at that point I felt the story with every single part of my heart and soulBut before starting This Girl I didn t have time to reread either of them and I wondered if I d be able to connect to it as strongly as I did to the first two But can I just say that barely 10 lines into the book every single emotion that the original books had instilled in me came flooding back My heart clenched My throat closed up I was right back there Right There In this beautifully crafted world surrounded by the characters I d come to love with my whole heartThere is something simply magical about reading a book that revisits characters you are already in love with EVERYTHING just has so much weight It s like the best possible kind of reunion imaginableDo you need to re read Slammed and Point of Retreat before reading this No But you do need to read them at least once first For sureWithout spoilers I want to tell you a little about this book The whole book is from Will s POV I know it s being called Slammed from Will s POV but it is so much It actually takes place after Point of Retreat and is a continuation of their story in that respect But a major part of the book is Lake asking Will what his perspective was on a lot of the things they went through together and asking him things about himself that neither she nor us the readers knewAnd because when you read this you ll already know the general story something as simple as this line can just make your breath catch I cross the street unable to take my eyes off the girl in the U Haul And then finally after the alternate story of Slammed has been caught up Will and Lake s story progresses even farther cue the sueeling including an absolutely perfect utterly beautiful heartwarming epilogue that literally left me smiling crying and shaking She doesn t speak but she doesn t have to I know in these moments when it s just her and me and nothing else that she truly soul deep loves me I could NOT put this book down It was riveting captivating and I was so wrapped up in the story that I didn t even notice that I literally read until the sun came up I wanted both to rush through it and yet also to read it as slow as possible to savor every and every world It absolutely consumed meThis book was perfect from start to finish It captured that heart fluttering power of first love told from the POV of one of our favorite book heroes Everything was just so emotionally charged the flirting the introduction the crushing the chemistry the sheer raw passionate intensity that just rolled off the page Like I said perfect I can t remember feeling this way since well ever It s new It s scary It s exciting It s nerve wracking It s calming It s every single emotion I ve ever felt balled up into an intense urge to grab a hold of her and never let go There are also new slams A few of them actually And ohhhhh my are they ever beautiful You know I ve never been into poetry for some reason I just can t seem to get into it but the slams in this series are just so POWERFUL that you can t help but feel themFor those of you who have yet to start this series you should know that there is a reason that Colleen Hoover is getting the acclaim she s receiving right now Everything about her writing the story the style the characters is simply breathtaking The level of EMOTION that exists in nearly every line of this book is just overwhelming I loved every minute Her words speak straight to your soul I suddenly don t care where we are or who might be watching us I have to kiss her I have to I laughed I cried and sometimes I laughed through my tears And when the FULL understanding of the title hit me I can t even describe to you what I felt Just WOWMy 6 star book list is reserved for those few books that from start to finish go above and beyond That grab a hold of my heart so strongly that a year later I can just pick the books up and the emotions are right THERE That tell a story that is so beautiful real original and powerful that it leaves a mark on my heart that I know will be there for everThis book did thatSoul deep guysJust butterflying perfect6 huge stars I received an ARC review copy directly from the author in exchange for an honest review Here s how I see Will For of my reviews book news and updates Main blog Aestas Book Blog Facebook Blog Page Twitter

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    THIS IS ME SHOUTING FROM THE ROOFTOPS THIS BOOK IS PHENOMENALI'm laughing I'm crying I'm shaking It was perfect Every single line was perfect Beautiful Heartbreak Breathtaking UnputdownablePure butterflying gold 6 HUGE STARS Books like this are the reason why I love readingColleen Hoover has outdone herself She managed to take a story that we love and retell it from the hero’s POV while still making every single word of it feel new fresh

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    I love Slammed and Point of Retreat Seriously loved them but this this was something else entirely Love is not a strong enough word about how I feel about this book Colleen Hoover’s writing is beautiful magical wonderful This was

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    5 BUTTERFLYING AMAZING STARS ❤ COLLEENHOOVERNEVERDISAPPOINTS And once again she has proven this statement right This Girl was the perfect final chapter to a magnificent series that will forever reside on my all time favorites shelf

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    Every time I read Colleen Hoover's books I am left speechless emotionally attached and not wanting to let go Will

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    There's a part of me that debated writing a review for this book at all considering the majority of this is just rehashed material fro

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    This review is very longSo long in fact that your attention spanMay be stretched to its very limitsBut that’s okay This GirlThis coupleAnd their Love Story took my breath away Hello ReadersSo what do I tell you about this bookWell let me start with a storyA girl once moved into a new town far far away from w

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    STARS REALISTIC SO NOT AND BACKWARDS LOVELY SWEET FOUR Yes I am talking backwards I know I ROCK LOLOk I wanted to write a nice and sweet and romantic review but you guys already did that you guys even wrote slam how can you be so AWESOME What can I do now Ok I am not gonna write slam I seriously don’t want to show my super tale

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    What did you think Was that even a uestion I know this book gonna rock the world Especially my lifeMy reactions when i saw 'SLAMMED #3'My completely absurd reactions to those who hate SLAMMED or gonna give shit to Slammed #3I bet all of you wanna avoid the last gif 1172012 The synopsis is gone O I wanted this 3rd book to be a cont

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    Hi my name is Mollie and I'm a objectum sexualObject·o·phil·ia Noun1 Pronounced emotional and often romantic desire towards developing significant relationships with particular inanimate objects Those individuals with this expressed prefe

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    45 ★'sThis girl got schooled by a boy who wasn't thirty kinds of mean This boy fell hard for this beautiful girl Holy hell this girl who's not a dream any This boy and this girl get to have their final piece of the puzzle★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆ My Will My Sweet The retelling of the story mostly from Slammed from Will's POV My Suck The retelling of the story that you already know My Swe