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William is just your typical engineer fresh Hire Portals PDFEPUB #230 out of college with a stressful job a boring life and not a lot of prospects of anything better in the futureUntil one weekend while hiking in the It s not bad But it s not good The main character is a one dimensional author surrogate who gets superpowers and has sex with lots of hot women who are all fine with him having sex with other women He s supposed to be an engineer but I only know that because of the promo copy I cannot think of a single time he had to think his way out of a situation The female characters have no dimension at all other than giggling when the hero pinches their butts and then wanting to have sex with him A few of them have names but little else in the way of description What little we know about them or the world is what the main character tells us and he doesn t tell us much Van Stry rarely uses details that evoke a sense of place choosing instead to simply tell the reader what s going on Late in the book we learn of two neighboring kingdoms which are not given names have no culture and no personality they re simply a bigger neighboring kingdom and a smaller one There are misspelled words on most pages consistently using yea for ye is one that happens whenever there s some faux medieval dialogue from one of the cartoon outline characters It was 99 cents and a couple of hours of my time I don t regret it but I won t be bothering to read any of the series


Champion for Hire Portals of Infinity #1

Re forces at work beyond anything that Champion for PDF Will has ever come across before and the local Goddess seems to have taken a liking to him Will may soon find himself getting an offer he cannot afford to refuse 255It was a comfortable read guy goes to fantasy world becomes tool for the gods than he knows and becomes super powerful and gets lots of sexy girls CoolProblem is the same with much of the genre though He is an asshole he gets some power and starts growling at everyone speaking in low threatening voices and being sarcastic for no reason Even when he gets a small reality check it gets done in a way that makes one angry at the one giving him the reality check making him the victim and sympathetic one I also can t suspend my disbelief for some things He reads some books about alexander the great and other war tactics and then he is able to implement it with people who don t understand the conceptafter that he orders that every male able to hold a sword in the city is killed and the women all taken as wives and concubines He is unsympathetiche actually says he does not care to the plight he puts the women in and tries to explain it away by saying if she is a good wife her husband will be good to her while such slaughter is common in that time period in this world it does not make sense the gods in the book get power from their believers now what will a population of women whose sons fathers husbands and brothers have been slaughtered do to their new spouses if there god commands it with human sacrifice being a thing Realistically in this world kill them allTo be clear I don t have any problem with the subject matter authors can write what they want mass violence rape whatever but if it does not even make sense in even in a authors own made fantasy world then its just embarrassing Another thing that was silly is when this inexperienced champion of the gods fights another champion he wins uite easily yes his god has been powered up but he was facing a attacker who had backing and experience and skillSo why did i give this book a 25 when i have so much bad to say cause many like this type of character and in reviews finding good things to say is easy people should know the pitfalls Also unlike other books in the genre it does not try to be too epicaka confusing even though multiple worlds are a thing He does lots of casual stuff that does not feel like filler He sells stuff to make money hangs out with his friends date his multiple girlfriends he enjoys himself

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Woods he stumbles across a portal to another time or perhaps another place The he investigates this new world the he realizes that it may just be able to offer him a lot than the one he's been living inHowever there a I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an unbiased review OK that being said I really enjoyed the book It has got a nice pulp sensibility to it Like something an early Roger Zelazny or Jack Chalker would have written unabashedly unpolitically correct it is as subtle as a dagger to the ribs in a good way in a genre that has gotten so PC the author has decided to write a fantasy that Doc Smith or RE Howard would have been proud to call their own The story involves Will a young engineer on vacation with his friends when he stumbles through a portal to another world The natives are human and society seems to resemble the middle ages He uickly assimilates and determines on a course he can make money on by transporting bows of each world to the other where the handcrafted bows of the fantasy world sell for big money here while fiberglass bows sell for high prices in the fantasy world He meets a woman in the Inn he stays in and starts a relationship with her He starts taking sword lessons from a local swordsman and keeps traveling between the worlds until one day he comes back to earth and can t get back He ends up at a Ren Faire as a performer learning different skills until he is called upon to fulfill his true Purpose A god calls upon him to be a Champion and he takes up the Mantle in yet another world where he meets a ueen fights a war beds some women including the ueen and finds out his true purpose which is much grander than he knew I wont say what that is but it seems to be one I ll be reading the rest of the series to find out Lots of battle action solo fights and adventures in this book The characters are fun with actual masculine make characters and some actually feminine female ones as well as some badass women warriors too There is also magic Gods that manifest and a nicely developed set of world with lots of room to expand the story I recommend this book to any fans of old Zelazny and Chalker stories as well as some of the older Heinlein stories such as Glory Road

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    It's not bad But it's not good The main character is a one dimensional author surrogate who gets superpowers and has sex with lots of hot women who are all fine with him having sex with other women He's supposed to be an engineer but I only kn

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    Don't bother It's a power fantasy story where the MC gets superpowers so he can slaughter lots of enemies and he has sex with lots of beautiful woman who are all subservient and don't mind all the other woman There are entertaining power fantasy stories but this isn't one of them give your characters a character at least Also it really could use a better MC

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    Fun bookI love books where ordinary people are allowed to become extraordinary The only problem I have with this book is a rather large one I'm rather sick of this double standard where the wife must be monogamous and the husband gets to sleep with anything that moves I won't support that message so I won't be reading any in this series

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    I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an unbiased review OK that being said I really enjoyed the book It has

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    I really did try to muddle through hoping it would get better since the premise had a lot of promise But when the “hero” ordered his troops to kill all males from teens on up when taking over a city so that they couldn’t ever fight back than began doling out the freshly made widows as war brides to his o

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    Rating 45 starsRe read August 2019 Initial review below I enjoyed this book than I thought I would First off I think this is the same author as the Valens legacy under a different name I think the main thing I like about both this book and the Valens series is the practicality of the main characters In the beginning of this book the main character Will falls through a portal to another world Does he freak out Nope he just goes abo

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    255It was a comfortable read guy goes to fantasy world becomes tool for the gods than he knows and becomes super powerful an

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    Rape and genocide are normalized in this book and that is horrible The main character conuers a city kills all the boys and men and the allows any soldier to force any of the women to marry them no matter how unwil

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    I love love loved this book What made it great for me was that he actually used his imagination and had his characters travel to different worlds while keeping the world building simple and fun The second one was also a journey for me I didn'

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    van Vogt Ptah rebornGood book A fresh romp across parallel universes where our hero is a champion of a god Fel official name Felaugustus who wants him to fight for him and repulse an enemy God encroaching in his domainA young man barely twent

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