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Expansive layered novel Lauren Groff presents the story of one such marriage over the course of twenty four yearsAt age twenty two Lotto and Mathilde are tall glamorous madly in love and desti Gone Girl with slightly nicer peoplebut it s Gone Girl only at its most elemental it s the story of the marriage of two beautiful people a marriage whose sparkling perfection and longevity is the envy of all but no one knows what happens in a marriage behind closed doors sometimes not even its participants this is the story of the moving parts that keep a marriage going the sacrifices and the machinations under the smooth facade it s about how much work it takes to make it look effortless it s about secretsand that s basically Gone Girl right the fact that a relationship is work and if you let yourself slip into complacency bad things can happen it s nowhere near as misanthropic as Gone Girl but strip away the sociopathy of dear amy and you have a pretty compelling cautionary tale instead of amy we have mathilde an enigmatic woman who captivates the charismatic lotto with her beauty and holds him with The dark whip at the center of her How so gently she flicked it and kept him spinning tall privileged lady s man lotto proposes to mathilde upon their first meeting and loves her all his life later we will get her side of this first meeting and the calculation and misunderstanding at its center it s a love story about two people who saw each other clearly enough to sustain twenty four years of marriage and what they didn t know couldn t hurt them rightit s hard not to say too much lots of pressure being the very first review on here all i knew going into it was that there were two parts and the second part marks a huge shift in perspective that changes everything it s not uite as simple as his and her narratives the entire book is told in third person perspectives including parenthetical interjections from omniscient possibly divine commentators but it s like a gigantic advent calendar of a book where the you read the is revealed and the story is given weight it s lauren groff so there s a bit of magic to it but only just subtle hints and it s lauren groff so there is exuisite writing His wife carried their picnic basket to the edge of the lake under a willow so old it no longer wept just sort of bore its fate with thickened euanimityit s lauren groff so i loved itcome to my blog

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Every story has two sides Every relationship has two perspectives And sometimes it turns Fates and PDF out the key to a great marriage is not its truths but its secrets At the core of this rich Two word review pretentious garbageMy apologies to the author Lauren Groff for being so harsh but this novel is terribleIs Fates and Furies the worst novel I ve read in 2015 We still have almost 3 full months remaining but I have no doubt it will at least be in the top 3 worst reads of the year I hated this novel I only finished reading hate reading actually so I could have an outlet for my anger and disappointment namely writing a review of this novelReading the description that Goodreads has posted on its main page for Fates and Furies is making me physically ill Fates and Furies is a literary masterpiece that defies expectation A dazzling examination of a marriage To the contrary Fates and Furies is the antithesis of a literary masterpiece The only expectation it defies is that of one expecting to read good literature It is dazzling only in its level of insipid ludicrousnessI am so angry that this book so highly touted and so extravagantly praised1 has failed utterly to live up to the basic premise promised namely the story of a marriage told first from the husband s POV and then with startling discoveries from the wife s POV nope it is no such thing yes there are two POVs but there is hardly anything startling or eye popping this is not the Gone Girl of relationship fiction 2 is so horribly written all of the characters but especially the two main characters are fake and phony barely resembling in their words and deeds the actions of any real human beings the novel reads as if Groff spent a year watching nothing but Dallas Dynasty and reality television shows about rich jerks and drew her characters compositely therefrom 3 has proven to be insipid to a degree that leaves me bemused Groff s knowledge of New York theater which plays a very prominent role in the novel is so often so completely wrong that I am stunned did no one from the theater world read an advance copy of this novel she freuently makes up details that are so obviously false and ridiculous such as someone selling blood sausages on the black market during WWII that I cannot help but wonder how the editors failed to catch these outlandish errorsMy two prior reads just before Fates and Furies were Don Winslow s The Cartel and Jonathan Franzen s Purity These latter two books are touted as two of the biggest books of the year After reading two such good works of literature especially the Winslow novel it was truly disappointing to encounter something so awful as Fates and Furies How this novel made it onto the longlist of finalists for the National Book Award is beyond my comprehensionEven the two main characters names are prima facie ridiculous Lotto short for Lancelot is the husband and Mathilde is the wife Yes one of our protagonists is called Lotto I realize that this is just a matter of personal taste and is rather petty on my part and I shouldn t really fault Groff for something so trivial as these names but I just found these names to be stupid really really stupid and annoying I could almost give Mathilde a pass for her name because she is French but I won t because everything else in this novel has poisoned my judgment to the point that even of the names of the characters are repugnantIf I may I shall without spoiling anything simply list some of the inanities of this novel1 Mathilde once allowed a leech that had latched onto her leg to stay because she was so lonely Lotto thought this story was so touching that years later he began telling it as if it were his own Yes Mathilde was so lonely she let a parasite suck on her for a few days until it fell off in the shower and when it fell off she was sad And her husband found this story moving Right Because lonely children love parasites sucking on their flesh This is idiocy that defies description 2 About 5 months after Lotto s mother Antoinette has died Lotto is discussing how he and his mother had been estranged Lotto is very emotional and is tearing up and Chollie his best friend refers to Antoinette as a loveless cunt pardon the language but this is a direct uote Yes Lotto s best friend who supposedly loves Lotto than anyone else in his life tells his weeping grieving friend that his dead mother was a loveless cunt Does Groff really expect us to believe such balderdash3 Just before Chollie makes his loveless cunt comment Lotto is speaking with Ariel Mathilde s former employer whom he has not seen for nearly two decades Ariel mentions just off the cuff that he heard Lotto has come into a shocking inheritance Yes Ariel who is basically a complete stranger to Lotto after a long absence from Lotto s life apparently sees nothing at all ill mannered in asking a stranger about inheriting a lot of money Because this is how Groff imagines that real people act It s utterly unbelievable4 Lotto seems to write a brand new play cast the actors and produce and stage that same play all within about a year s time And when most productive he is churning out one play a year In what fantasy world of New York theater does Groff thinks that this happens5 Lotto and Mathilde get married after only knowing each other 2 weeks Before the marriage Lotto had been exceedingly promiscuous with both women and men but he immediately settles down completely upon meeting Mathilde gives up his promiscuous ways and never comes close to cheating on her throughout their marriage I suppose this is within the realm of possibility but Groff changes Lotto so completely and instantaneously that the change just does not ring true6 The prose is just horrible and ludicrous At one point Groff provides a list of the items in massive garbage heap floating in the sea Spin of bottles and flip flops and zip ties and packing peanuts and boas and baby doll heads and false eyelashes and inflatable taxidermy page 200 Inflatable taxidermy What Does she even know what taxidermy is Is she just throwing words on the page randomly7 More horrible prose there the moon was glowering Fickle inconstant that monthly changes in her circle orb page 199 Her circle orb Really I get the Shakespearean allusion but still how utterly pretentious8 Lotto and his sister Rachel refer to their mother as muvva I ll just leave it at that without further comment9 Lotto and Mathilde have a dog named God Yep that s just hilarious isn t it It s not that I m offended by this I m not I just think it s dumb Really really really dumb10 Trying to describe an idyllic scene at Mathilde s grandmother s dairy farm in France a grandmother who we are told earlier sold blood sausages on the black market in France during World War II that s not even a thing no one sold blood sausages on the black market in France or anywhere ever Groff writes The manure had been spread that morning and could be tasted in the milk page 216 Groff thinks this is a good thing Ummmm so if the milk tastes like manure it s contaminated That s nasty and gross That s not how milk is supposed to taste I m a vegan and even I know that milk is not supposed to taste like bovine excrement Sheeeeesh11 Mathilde takes a high performance Mercedes for a drive at night She turns off the headlights and speeds up to 110 mph She hits a culvert and the car somersaults Other than biting her tongue pretty badly she is unhurt Seriously a car wreck at 110 mph and no real injury at all Unbelievable12 We get insightful wisdom like this via Mathilde s thoughts on page 269 and what was grief but an extended tantrum to be salved by sex and candy There is so much shitty writing about sex and completely off the wall ideas about and depictions of sex that I almost want to say this book is worse than Fifty Shades of Grey but it s not Groff is not a completely inept writer13 Near the end we get this gem of a sentence These silent intimacies made their marriage not the ceremonies or parties or opening nights or occasions or spectacular fucks page 389 Yes she used the noun phrase spectacular fucks I m no prude Vulgar language does not offend me But spectacular fucks Really This is supposed to pass for good literature In a description of what really made our main characters marriage truly meaningful to themselves we get the phrase spectacular fucks It s so terribleOkay so I won t go on any I hated everything about this book Even two of the supposed startling secrets near the end view spoilerLotto had a son when he was 15 that was given up for adoption and who then shows up at the end of the novel after Lotto has died and has sex with Mathilde Mathilde when she was 4 years old seems it s left a bit vague to have intentionally pushed her younger brother down the stairs which killed him hide spoiler

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Ned for greatness A decade later their marriage is still the envy of their friends but with an electric thrill we understand that things are even complicated and remarkable than they have seeme No amount of beautiful language can gild this piece of shit

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    This book was a HUGE disappointment I mean holy purple prose Batman I really loved Lauren Groff’s writing in Arcadia it was beautiful and touching with gorgeous metaphors But Fates and Furies is pretentious and overwritten It tries

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    Between his skin and hers there was the smallest of spaces barely enough for air for this slick of sweat now chilling Even still a third person

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    Two word review pretentious garbageMy apologies to the author Lauren Groff for being so harsh but this novel is terribleIs Fates and Furies the worst novel I’ve read in 2015 We still have almost 3 full months remaining but I have no doubt it will at least be in the top 3 worst reads of the year I hated this novel I only finished reading ha

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    Gone Girl with slightly nicer peoplebut it's Gone Girl only at its most elemental it's the story of the marriage of two beautiful people; a mar

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    Book 1Shelby 0 I hate this book There I said it I keep trying to read it and then I look down and it says I still have sooo

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    Amazingly brilliant Language to die for Fascinating characters Clever format But why did it take me three weeks to readThis is a complex love story full of secrets and regrets and passion Part 1 Fates is the husband’s story Part 2 Furies is the wife’s It is absolutely brilliantYeah so why DID it take me so long to read this Ta

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    No amount of beautiful language can gild this piece of shit

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    I'm approaching my 13rd rule with this book if a book hasn't grabbed me by 13rd of the way in it's not worth continuing with it and the urge to hurl it out the window is proving irresistible It's not often I say I hate a book but I absolutely hate this and yes I realise I'm sticking my neck out and I'll than likely be in the minor

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    35 Stars I have a mixed feelings toward this novel On the positive note I was interested in the story about the m

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    ''There was an enormous crack in the world'' What constitutes a successful union between two people who love each other The ability to have the courage to mend the cracks that appear in an alarming speed as the years go by

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