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Ugh these acts currently rank as a low level threat priacy feeds off of political upheaval Before they can evolve into a truly powerful and dangerous force however maritime terrorists and insurgents will have to overcome significant operational and technical issues They must also capture the attention of an international audience by committing atrocities at sea that are as devastating as those committed on la


Small Boats, Weak States, Dirty Money

Tes and wider criminal networks organizations that pursue their corrupt agendas not only on sea but also on land It is these relationships Murphy argues that bring about the destabilization of states and regions in which piracy occursMurphy's most significant revelation is the way in which maritime criminality may disguise insurgent and terrorist activity allowing such actors greater freedom to maneuver Altho

CHARACTERS Small Boats, Weak States, Dirty Money

Many believe that pirates and other water bound terrorists present a significant threat to international maritime security Testing the validity of this claim Martin N Murphy scrutinizes recent incidents of maritime terrorism and locates the commonalities between pirates and maritime terrorists that enable them to commit their extensive crimes Murphy's research opens up surprising sites of contact between pira

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