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This is an amazing book Though it is very funny it has some very good lessons in it and makes you think It also has some romance clean romance which helps Though it is the ninth in a series it can be read alone Starfighters of Adumar is one of the most entertaining Star Wars novels As a standalone adventure in the X Wing series you don t need a lot of background on the characters but it does help if you have read some of the other X Wing books and you ll have a lot of fun Aaron Allston writes with good humor as well as good action and characterization so you re in for a treat with this one This is the book that single handedly kept me reading the Star Wars universe Given the increasing drop in uality of virtually every novel following the Thrawn trilogy I was near ready to give up on my goal reading in chronological order the entire Legends back catalogue of the Galactic Civil War from the Corellia Treaty Force Unleashed to the Pallaeon Gavrisom treaty Vision of the Future No matter how dire the novel Jedi Prince series I m looking at you I planned to slog through the eighty odd books to read the history of the civil war in full And I got so far the end was in sight ust a dozen novels left to go But after the brilliant Shadows of Mindor the pulpy but downright fun X Wing series and Zahn s three part masterpiece everything seemed to be going downhill Having slogged once through the horrors of Kyp Durron and Callista only to be greeted by the uninspiring prospect of yet of their story plus the Crystal Star I had run out of steam and after Darksaber abandoned the Star Wars saga to read other series instead without certainty of returning But return I did for one last X Wing novel out of respect for the fun I had reading Stackpole and Allston s Rogues saga And I am glad I gave it a chanceStarfighters of Adumar is a best of for the X Wing series taking all of the highlights of the past novels distilled into one gripping if low key adventure Gone are the extended Rogue roster of random redshirts and forgettable fighter aces here aside from Iella returning as a deep cover intelligence operative our main character Wedge Antilles is oined by a trio of old comrades who have been strangely underused in the series until now fellow movie background characters lugubrious Hobbie and irrepressible Janson plus author s invention but retconned as present in the movies cerebral Tycho Celcu Tycho had briefly been an interesting antihero during the start of the X Wing series while Janson and Hobbie had largely written out of the Rogue Suadron stories Unfortunately so as this tight knit group of decade long veterans each with their distinct personality and role as a foil for General Antilles coheres far better as protagonists than most of the uickly replaced wingmen from earlier books As viewpoint characters I find that pairing up Wedge with these three old war buddies succeeds far better than Corran Horn or Kell Tainer making me regret that this Old Guard of Rogue Suadron hadn t been prominent in the previous novelsThe plot was engaging from the start X Wing began as a pulpy Top Gun style shooter adventure which would have bored me beyond one novel but thankfully it branched out to take a different approach with each new book the courtroom intrigue and sectarian suabbles of The Krytos Trap Solo Command s cat and mouse contest of wills with Zsinj Wedge s Gamble with its gritty urban warfare liberation of Coruscant echoing Paris Brule t il and Roma Citt Apert And not to mention the mischievous humour of the Wraith subseries notably in the person of Wes Janson Elements of each is here distilled into one adventure Here Wedge finds himself reluctantly parachuted into the role of diplomat for the Republic to a seemingly newly discovered world Republic Intelligence calculates that Adumar with its colourful culture of dashing duellists and flamboyant fighter pilots will respond well to the presence of the Republic s greatest aerial ace But Wedge uickly finds himself out of his depth as his simple brief for a cheerful public relations tour reveals dangerous dimensions the Rogues find themselves competing for the hearts and minds of Adumar against a team of Imperial aces whose arrival at precisely the same time and for precisely the same purpose suggests that there is something else going on Republic Intelligence seems to have its own parallel agenda that may or may not coincide with the BEST INTERESTS OF EITHER THE NATIVE interests of either the native or the Rogues in turn the people of Adumar whose love for the art of aerial combat is rivalled only by their passion for Political Intrigue Are Less Naive intrigue are less naive they first appear and may well be using the presence of the two rival superpowers to play their own game on their own terms Our heroes arriving expecting a schedule of speeches and embassy functions soon find themselves in a high stakes chess game where their dogfighting skills may have to be combined with improvised skills in diplomacy and skulduggery All the while Antilles is placed in a role unfamiliar to him no longer merely the soldier following orders he must now combine war and politics to decide for himself what methods can be ustified by his assigned goals and ust what precisely those goals entail is he a mere delegate tolerating the eccentric Adumari s objectionable way of doing things for the greater good of the Republic s strategic needs or does he have a moral duty to make a choice about what the Republic stands for and when to draw the line on deciding that the Adumari may be incompatible with the republican ideals for which he has long fought Or is there a third way by his actions and example might he not steer the world on a different course tipping its internal balance of power in such a way as to accentuate what he sees as the many positive elements within Adumari culture and thus render it congruent with the ethos of the Republic In any case the Wedge in this book seems faithful both to the character as we met him in Rogue Suadron yet also to the experience the character as we met him in Rogue Suadron yet also to the experience maturity that we have seen him acuire over the course of nine novelsStarfighters of Adumar is a great example of what can be done with the sandbox of the Star Wars universe not a lightsaber or magic power in sight ust adventure and intrigue war and politics on one planet a microcosm of the Galactic Civil War from the perspective of the military secret service and diplomatic corps exactly what I was hoping for Aaron Allston has single handedly recharged my Star Wars battery after a draining succession of lazily imagined andor executed tie in books engines are go to continue on at least as far as the next Zahn books The book that made me a writerYou can also read this review on my blog which is formatted nicelyhttpwwwjonathanfurneauxcomblogThroughout my lifetime I ve perhaps read forty or fifty books based in George Lucas s Star Wars universe The cannon of literature spanned a few hundred years of fictional history until the extended canon was ettisoned by Disney executives with several long running series planned out by some seminal authorsOf these it was the X Wing series that I most adored Let me pitch them to you these books contained exotic planets hot headed pilots exuisitely detailed dogfights and plenty of emotional growth and complexity between the characters There were lightsabers and aliens sure but often these books read ust like a straightforward military drama with a space opera coatingI have recommend Starfighters of Adumar by Aaron Allston to many friends The exchange will generally go like thisMe This is a great series You should read this one it s my favouriteFriend Thanks Is this the first book in the seriesMe Of course not It s the ninth and last book in a well beloved seriesFriend OhLuckily Starfighters of Adumar is a standalone story You don t need any knowledge of the rest of the books to understand it and there isn t even any Jedi or lightsabers in the story So why do I recommend a book that is perhaps the least Star Wars y in the entire seriesThe reason is at its heart despite the name and the cover Starfighters of Adumar is not truly a book about starfighters A majority of the book doesn t Book 9 in the exciting seriesThe X wing fighter pilots have earned their reputation as the Rebel Alliance's ultimate strike force by overwhelming enemies with their rapid fire assaults But now they are about to embark on a diplomatic mission that will prove to be even hazardous than all out combatThe neutral world of Adumar has decided to pick a side in the war to control the galaxy Del.

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Starfighters of Adumar Star Wars X Wing #9I wasn t fond of Rogriss ending I won t go into it but I find it stereotypical I m sure you can guessThere were enough new names characters and places that I tended to get a bit lost I couldn t remember the name of Wedge s diplomat advisor who Charisse sp was who were the Imperial pilots hence why I didn t refer to them by name and who were the AdumariDialogueSexual SituationsViolenceInvented Star Wars vernacularPretty heavily implied that Wedge and Iella get it onAdumari consider challenges to the death an honor Lots of challenges dogfights and the likeOverallI think this book was a great way to close up the X Wing series this era in the Star Wars Expanded Universe and the Bantam license of Star Wars this was the final book published under Bantam It moves from pilots in continuous modern warfare with the Empire to a diplomaticpolitical arena ties up the romantic loose end Wedge and Iella are one of the better couples out there imo and generally has a fun time without being too serious As long as you don t mind the slight departure from the formula and seeing only from Wedge s point of view this book is for you Just do me a favor Stay away from the audiobook version Anthony Heald is amazing but the abridged format isn t A very fun book Allston has become one of my favourite Star Wars writers with his combination of light writing style plenty of action and effective use of humour The plot is vastly different from the rest of the X Wing series but the familiar tone ensures that the story doesn t feel out of place One of my favourites I am a girl who reads Star Wars novels and I have to say the entire X wing series of books are some of the best However Starfighters of Adumar is one of my personal favorites With the inclusion of Wes and Hobbie we get all the humor that Allston brought to the Wraith Suadron series but now we also get to see what happens with Iella and Wedge which my girly romantic side ust ate upWhile it s part of the X wing series I also liked that this was almost a one and done book with no lingering cliff hangers This was an entertaining chapter in the SW Expanded Universe Having been going through the old Star Wars Legends books in chronological order in recent months I ve read some good ones and bad ones But I m always pleased when I see that the next one in line is by the late Aaron Allston I wouldn t call him my favorite Star Wars author he s certainly not in the same league as Timothy Zahn in my estimation But Allston has a delightful sense of humor and flair for whimsy and idiosyncrasy that distinguishes him from all other authors in this universe so that even if it s not the most memorable of Star Wars stories and Starfighters of Adumar certainly is not it s still sure to be at least an enjoyable read Starfighters of Adumar isn t as strong as the three Wraith Suadron X Wing novels Allston previously penned which in my view were the three strongest books in the series thanks in large part to its uirky characters and Allston s distinctive spin on the traditional Star Wars starfighter suadron storyline But as is often the case with Allston Starfighters of Adumar at least boasts an interesting enough storyline centered around an unusual diplomatic mission amid a most unusual world and peculiar subculture with a sense of honor far different from the one shared by the novel s protagonist Wedge AntillesWith almost all of the action confined to this world of Adumar Starfighters of Adumar lacks the feeling that the stakes are particularly high especially compared to other novels like Timothy Zahn s Heir to the Empire trilogy and Kevin J Anderson s Jedi Academy trilogy where the ramifications of the events have a galaxy wide impact Luke Skywalker Han Solo Leia Organa and most of the characters from the Star Wars films with the exception of Wedge and a few other minor pilots are absent from Adumar but that s case with all the X Wing novels and regular Star Wars readers won t be bothered by this at allDespite the smaller scope of this story compared to other Star Wars novels I found Adumar was an enjoyable setting and the competition between the New Republic and the Empire to win the allegiances of the planet raised some interesting narrative uestions With their misguided emphasis on honor from combat and blatant disregard for human life was it worthwhile for the New Republic to win over this planet Would it be acceptable to do so was to engage in their practice of fatal dueling and resort to tactics similar to those that the Empire would engage If Wedge were ordered to do so against his will could he do it and should he Or should he resign or face a possible court martialBut for my money Allston s sense of humor that distinguishes Starfighters of Adumar than the themes above do At times he maybe gets a little too far with the humor at one point Wedge and his fellow pilots literally dress in drag but there are lots of fun touches in this novel that reflect the kind of thinking outside the box eccentricities Allston so excels at One of my favorites was the documentarian who when first introduces wears a 3PO head on her shoulders for use as a recording device during interviews giving her the impression of a most unusual two headed creature because studies suggest her interviewees find 3PO units nonthreatening Wedge Antilles the recurring hero of the X Wing novels and comics in particular is always a fun protagonist because he is a direct tie in to the original trilogy films he appears in all three and is the only character to survive the battles against both Death Stars but his role in the movies is so small that there is a very wide canvas for the novelists to expand upon his story Geeky side note The culmination of the romance between Wedge and Iella Wessiri the New Republic intelligence official who had appeared in a half dozen novels and several comics before this one was far rewarding than the arbitrary romance Wedge got tossed into with Death Star designer wi Xux in the Jedi Academy trilogy That subplot seemed like nothing but an excuse to find something to do with Wedge and wi unlike all the groundwork that had been previously set between Wedge and wi and I m glad that Allston wasted no time to dumping wi in literally the first chapter of this bookBut it s really Wes Janson who steals the show in Starfighters of Adumar An extremely minor character in The Empire Strikes Back who rides with Wedge during the snowspeeder assault on the AT ATs over Hoth Good shot Janson Wes has evolved into a comic relief character of sorts in the Star Wars Legends universe with a wise cracking and mischievous personality that serves as a perfect stand in for Allston s own sense of humor Allston really puts him to good use in this novel both in multiple comedic own sense of humor Allston really puts him to good use in this novel both in multiple comedic and in scenes that demonstrate the military competence that tends to get overlooked due to Janson s regard as a oker like a particularly enjoyable scene where Janson challenges an arrogant assailant to a duelAs with most of the X Wing novels the dialogue sometimes falls a bit flat in Starfighters of Adumar and my attention wavered a bit during a second brief starbattle at the end of this book immediately following a much interesting one in the novel s climax But overall it was a Starfighters of Adumar uick and enjoyable enough read and as I continue reading through the Legends books I m looking forward whenever I reach Aaron Allston s next one Hands down the most intentionally funny SW book ever And considering that Allston wrote 3 before this that s saying a lot Allston has a very clear picture of the characters and he draws them with incredible skill One of the marks of a good humorist Is That The Humor Comes Not From that the humor comes not from but from the natural progression of the characters and Allston is a master Sort of like a reunion for the Rogue Suadron Starfighters of Adumar is an enjoyable space opera yarn that continues the saga of the other X Wing novels Is it the best of the series No definitely not however those who have read and loved the interstellar dogfighting tales of Wedge Iella and Corran will probably like this original finale After reading this I m curious as to how Mercy Kill will One that's filled with unexpected peril For once they arrive the X wing pilots are challenged by Adumar's fierce warriors and attacked by Imperial assassins bent on eliminating all competition But these challenges pale in comparison to the threat posed by a rogue Republic agentone who is determined to win Adumar's allegiance once and for all even if it costs the X wing pilots their liv. Ven take place in space Instead I would argue that it is a book about relationships The very opening chapter doesn t open with a dogfight but rather with a restaurant date and the main character needing to end his relationship with his girlfriend She was beautiful and fragile and he could not count the number of times he had told her he loved her But he had come here knowing that he had to hurt her very badly Allston p1That was a pretty confronting opening to a book that advertises itself with explosions on the front cover Wedge the protagonist expects that he will need to break her heart but instead she breaks up with him over the meal It is a mutual agreement They needed each other for a time but they have both realised that all they truly feel for each other is affection Wedge when we came together I was a different womanWedge I feel as though I inherited you From a friend who passed away You were her choice I do not know if you would have been mine I never had the chance to find out Allston p4I first read this book as a teenager and while I was still coked up on hormones and dreaming of the perfect romance a Star Wars book was able to in a small way dispel the fairytale notion that people remain the same throughout the course of a relationship It needs to be said Allston is a master of dialogue and character His characters speak effortlessly for pages their conversations ebbing and flowing from topic and yet somehow driven towards a poignant conclusion at the end of the chapter Starfighters of Adumar begins with Wedge losing perhaps one of the solid people in his life as he begins to search for someone who he can spend the rest of his life withIf I were to identify a second major theme in the novel I would simply say that the novel addresses the dark side of fame Wedge is tasked with being a political presence on Adumar a newly discovered planet that produces weapons It is a planet that idolises star pilots and Wedge is one of the best star pilots there isHowever Allston chose this particular premise I feel because it allowed him to delve into the issues with fame and fandom Wedge and his team initially somewhat enjoys the praise lavished on them It uickly becomes apparent however that the cons of fame uickly outweigh the benefits Wedge and his team are followed by a ournalist who documents their movements they are soon unable to travel freely without being mobbed Wedge finds himself having to uncomfortably disengage from the romantic advances of a local and his actions are consistently misinterpreted by everyone who oogles him from afarIt is a oy to read how Wedge tries to outmaneuver the society trying to constrain him Everyone has an expectation of how he should behave and Wedge uickly grows tired of it and has to strike out a path for himself I ve always wanted to be an author but I think here Allston has cleverly tucked away advice about the perils of being in the public eye Popularity uickly shifts Fame can turn sour There is a simple honour in being unrecognised on the streetIt is difficult to say much without spoiling some of the best moments of the series Simply put in Starfighters of Adumar Allston has expertly balanced many moving parts His story as mentioned before is set against a backdrop of war and fame while Wedge is internally determining who he is when he isn t fightingIt would be remiss of me not to mention the humour The novel uses its characters and their personalities to great effect Oh stop worrying Wedge Janson s grin was infectious It s obvious they adore you You could throw up all over yourself and they d love it By nightfall they d all be doing it They d call it the Wedge Purge They d be eating different coloured foods ust to add variety Wedge felt his stomach lurch He half turned to glare accusingly at Tycho I thought maybe you d be able to do what I never could Get Janson up to an emotional age of fourteen maybe fifteen Allston p33While Wedge s desire for love is thoroughly explored throughout the novel his camaraderie and banter with the other characters is really what ties the whole novel together Despite whatever circumstances they are in Wedge and his team inevitably find the time to dish out dry humour at the expense of some other poor characterFor awhile I wanted to send these thoughts to Aaron Allston to let him know how much his novel impacted me as a young person When I finally decided that I should send this to him I found out that he passed away six years ago aged 53 I wish I had thought to write this article ust a few years earlier so that he could have read how much I appreciated his craft He was a man with perhaps one of the greatest influences on my literary tastes My I appreciated his Craft He Was A He was a with perhaps one of the greatest influences on my literary tastes My novel Lessons from the Wreckage was heavily inspired by his work And yet his life is summarised on a Wikipedia page that s 800 words longInstead I will have to be satisfied with this you can find a copy of the book second hand and cheap You can still buy it on as an audiobook or for Kindle You may not particularly like Star Wars but if you are someone who loves fiction with biting dialogue action and well defined characters then perhaps you can appreciate Allston alongside me Even though he won t be heralded as a powerhouse of fiction by many I still find myself reminiscing about the half forgotten teenage lessons I learned on Adumar If we act like the Empire we become the Empire Wedge Tycho Hobbie and Wes have been sent to the world of Adumar to see if they will The Interior Landscape: Love Poems from a Classical Tamil Anthology join the New Republic The Adumari isolated people who have recently been found adore pilots and welcome the four with open arms But the negotiations uickly get tricky the Empire is also there the planet isn t united under one government the natives adore deathly challenges and Wedge s long lost love Iella is there under coverNOTE I listened to the audiobookI LikedThis novel is different than any of the other X Wing novels either Allston or Stackpole s Firstly it deals primarily with Wedge and to a lesser extent only four other of the pilots Tycho Hobbie and Wes Secondly the tone is completely different There still is plenty of starfighters and dogfights but the story is firmly placed on diplomacy and the strange culture of AdumarI personally enjoyed a story almost 100% about Wedge The guy is pretty interesting and I liked learning about him Also kudos to Allston for cleaning up the romantic subplots I positively adored how Allston wrote Wedge and Iella the conflicts surrounding Wedge being with ui and the eventual pairing even a gasp hint of sex in a Star Wars bookThe humor as always is superb Wes Janson pretty much rules the roost in this regard though the others get a fair portion though I do have a complaint about how the audiobook handles this see belowThe story is interesting I liked the change in pace and scenery how Allston doesn t try to create another superweapon or overlord for the RoguesWraiths to fight Instead he takes the New Republic to the next level diplomacy politics hobnobbing with the big wigs And he proves that it can be interestingAllston also doesn t resort to making all the Imperials baddies Sure Wedge s Imperial opposites are opponents but Teren Rogriss is a complete subversion of that Rogriss is strictly Imperial but he has honor and doesn t look forward to the betrayal he knows the Empire wants to perform Not to fond of what happens to him but at least he isn t your bang bang shoot em up Imperial officerI Didn t LikeThe audiobook totally ruined one of the bigokes of this book Allston is a master of humor which makes him stand out from many other authors who are rather muted One of the okes was where Wedge talks about getting women s clothing to escape undetected One of his compatriots refuses to comply After the chapter break we return to see all of them in women s dresses the guys complaining a classic Gilligan s Cut This oke is totally obliterated from the novel No wonder I didn t find the earlier audiobooks funny or clear they probably took out key plot points and the humorPeople who liked the X Wing series may not be as fond of this book There is dogfighting but the whole atmosphere and emphasis has changed I liked itAs I touched on above. Egates from both the New Republic and the Empire have been invited to Adumar and each camp will be given a chance to plead its government's case But there is one small catch since the Adumari prize military skill above all else they insist that both delegations be composed exclusively of fighter pilots For pilot Wedge Antilles and his company it's an unfamiliar exercise in diplomacy and.