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The Creative Spark How Imagination Made Humans ExceptionalSion of human brain growth and howwhen skills might have been acuired by looking at the size of a skull Then you can compare humans and apes seeing what may or may not match p How humans could have become the way they areThen there s evolutionary psychology With How Things Have Stayed how things have stayed the centuries Why things stick and then others don t How traits carry on through the years despite them seeming ndesirableWhile I don t plan on going into evolutionary psychology or theory although it s fascinating I know all of this to my classes Not just psychology but cultural anthropology My professor started talking about the

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common ancestor and sort of on The Creative Spark by Agust n FuentesDutton and Random Penguin House 2017 340 pagesNonfiction The Creative Spark is a fascinating book th Overall a solid introductory treatment of the notion of creativityimagination and how it made humans exceptional in the further development of our species One point that is a bit puzzling is the subtle lack of clarity in delimiting and distinguishing creativity from imagination proper It s nclear if these two concepts are identical with one another or Full Disclosure under which conditions they should be bifurcated Aside from this point the general guiding thesis provides a nuanced treatment on the emergence of art religion and science in modern cultures and engages in long standing debates concerning the purported violent nature of our earlier ancestors I received this in exchange for an honest review from NetGalley Thank you to the author Agustin Fuentes and the publisher Dutton Books for this opportunityThis non fiction details the history of humanity s creative spirit emerging in perhaps the most obvious and yetnforeseen of ways This isn t concerned with the so called creative geniuses but with the everyday man and womanThe earliest hunter gatherers showed signs of this creative spark in their se of fire and the construction of the earliest forms of Ate relationships in shaping the planet in our communities and in all of art religion and even scienceIt reuires imagination and collaboration Every poet has her muse; every engineer an architect; every politician a constituency The manner of the collaborations varies widely but successful collaboration is inseparable from imagination and it brought s everything from knives and hot meals to iPhones and interstellar spacecraft Weaving fascinating stories of our ancient ancestors' creativity Fuentes finds the patterns that match modern behavior in humans and animals This key ality has propelled the evolutionary dev. ,

This book was a easy read for me as I was familiar with Diamond s books it was almost like reading a summary of every in Guns Germs and Steel with almost like reading a summary of every chapter in Guns Germs and Steel with tinge too much of moral justifications added The author did a good job of discussing what anthropologists and evolutionary biologists know about the origins and development of creativity in humans There are things we really don t know and others we can have confidence in Based Upon The Evidence upon the evidence Some of these lines of evidence and the conclusions they reach can challenge traditional ideas about how we think of ourselves and how we became who we are The emphasis on the amount of cooperation we needed to evolve both from biological and cultural perspectives is a recurring theme in the bookCare is taken to be sure we separate what the evidence shows from what we can or can not reasonably conclude from it including significant estions which remain nanswered The book provides a coherent explanation of our two million year history with respect to how and why humans became so creative along with food for thought on how we can apply these perspectives to our current challenges I m sure for someone without a background in anthropology this would be an enlightening read I will say that it s positives are that it s well written for the layman and flows fairly effortlessly However I feel that much of it is based on subjective information rather than hard fact or data and that when given the opportunities to really buckle down and provide some detailed insight on an area of focus it is instead glossed over with caveats of we may never know Worth taking a look at but I don t feel it s really made any solid headway in developing its theory that creativity has shaped human existence This review and others can be found on BW Book ReviewsBeing a psychology major you have to have a passing familiarity with evolution Not just our old ancestors but than that Knowing that you can track the progres. In the tradition of Jared Diamond s million copy selling classic Guns Germs and Steel a bold new synthesis of paleontology archaeology genetics and anthropology that overturns misconceptions about race war and peace and human nature itself answering an age old estion What made humans so exceptional among all the species on Earth Creativity It is the secret of what makes humans special hiding in plain sight Agustin Fuentes argues that your child's finger painting comes essentially from the same place as creativity in hunting and gathering millions of years ago and throughout history in making war and peace in intim. Ools for cutting Every social group sh A deep and very well researched work on the importance of creativity from an anthropological point of view Fuentes presents the creative spark as the element that differentiates s from other creatures and helped humans become the dominant species on EarthIt is all incredibly interesting alas it s presented in a very dry voice I m pretty sure that someone who actually Studies Anthropology Will Find It Riveting And Will Understand All Anthropology will find it riveting and will nderstand all mentions of topic specific elements I just read it as gibberish in between the super interesting facts about human evolutionI would recommend this book even with the slightly college textbook feel It s incredibly informative and it does present some very interesting facts It s just a book that you have to be willing to dedicate all your attention to definitely not a beach read Mandatory note Got my copy This wasn t the kind of book I was expecting but it was a fascinating anthropological study on human creativity This is an interesting book about the evolution of humans and the role of creativity in that process Here is a little of what is argued in the book Some animals have the capacity to se objects as tools For example chimpanzees can se lightly modified sticks and Red Shoes for Lab Blues unmodified stones They learn this behavior from others Early hominin species were making Oldowan tools around 25 million years ago Making andsing stone tools involves much information collaboration and creativity than selecting a rock or stick as it is to se The making of the Oldowan tools reuired a set of manipulations made possible by hands like ours and a capacity for predicting the outcomes of hitting rocks in certain ways physics Most important each group seems to have had many toolmakers and possibly *everyone in the group was a toolmaker This suggests a process of sharing information passing around knowledge to make and se *in the group was a toolmaker This suggests a process of sharing information passing around knowledge to make and se tools Within Groups And Across groups and across the first tangible sign of ou. Elopment of our bodies minds and cultures both for good and for bad It's not the drive to reproduce; nor competition for mates or resources or power; nor our propensity for caring for one another that have separated s out from all other creatures As Fuentes concludes to make something lasting and Touch Blue useful today you need tonderstand the nature of your collaboration with others what imagination can and can't accomplish and finally just how completely our creativity is responsible for the world we live in Agustin Fuentes's resounding multimillion year perspective will inspire readers and spark all kinds of creativity.