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Tha #growth in maturity and xperience along the way There are 5 books in this series so #in maturity and Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America experience along the way There are 5 books in this series so s plenty to come after this one for those who want to find out about Ratha and the fate of her tribe but this installmentnds at a satisfying junctureA copy of this book was provided to me by Netgalley and Open Road Media Many thanks for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are solely my own My absolute favorite book A coming of age story told through the yes of a prehistoric clan of wild cats Themes like learning belonging and loyalty are key Ratha s Creature is an intense motional roller coaster of a book It s the coming of age story of a remarkable adolescent but it s also a story of the The Color of Our Sky eternal battle between social status uo and social change Ratha is a remarkable character that you can t help but like in spite of her shortcomings and teens will identify with her struggle to make sense of the world around her and find her place in it Recommended for mature teens due to violence and adult situationsRead myntire review I originally read this about 15 years ago my ntire review I originally read this about 15 years ago it s always stuck with me as one of my favorite series ver I m working on re reading them all Obsession especially with a brand new book in the series having just been releasedSo far they re as good as I remembered them being The story is set sometime in pre history it s hard to tell at times where a Clan of sentient big cats survive by herding their own deer for food Ratha begins the story as a cub just learning the ways of the herder when a lightning storm causes a wildfire bignough to cause the clan to run with the herd off of Clan Ground On the journey back Ratha discovers that the Red Tongue fire can be tamed and begins to take care of it by feeding it twigs When she attempts to return to the clan with her creature she is banishedThis series is a much mature version of the Warriors series by Erin Hunter which is geared towards grade schoolers and also uite fun While both series are uite willing to have horrible things to happen to their characters Clare Bell is much up front about what is going on and the descriptions can be pretty harsh sometimesOverall it s a really fun story about what things could have been like if there had been a group of intelligent cats that were ffectively on the level of human. Em and herself But her tribe needs her Can she return Will the Named survive constant attacks without the Red Tongue Will the power of the Red Tongue change the clan foreverAuthor Clare Bell crafts a serious adventure and coming of age story filled with triumph and heartbreak RATHA’S CREATURE the first book of the Named series will have readers hooked and clamoring for stories of these big noble cat. Ratha s Creature was a great read and truly #DIFFERENT I DON T FIND MANY BOOKS WHERE THE #I don t find many books where the character is full blown animal aka no shape shifting abilities and it brought me back to the time when I used to roleplay as a wolf Upon first getting this book I wondered what the creature part of the title meant and during the part it was revealed I had to remind myself that we re in the mind of an animal who has never seen the likes of what Ratha ncounters which only makes sense It was actually very refreshing to step outside my boundary and read something so innocent It made me think about how animals might refer other things that we know of continued via website I first read this years ago and remembered really njoying the series In re reading it I found I didn t remember any of it but I still really njoyed it I also found it to be a little grown up than I had remembered it to be specially for being classified as a young adult I came back and gave this a three star rating because my previous one was only 2 stars After I finished it I couldn t get it out of my head and the I thought about it the I liked it Though gruesome and depressing it out of my head and the I thought about it the I liked it Though gruesome and depressing it almost poetic in a dark haunting way It actually makes me want to get the second one and possibly read the whole series UPDATE 10 16 11 Ah to heck with it I ll give it a four star audience cheers This book is now one of my all time favorites it is an amazing story written by Clare Bell and a story I shan t forget anytime soon I was brought into the thrilling world of ratha and the named thrilling world of Ratha and the Named cats living millions of years ago By the first page I was hooked all the characters were well developed and the plot xciting and original Clare obviously researched to write these novels and for that I respect her for it She s an amazing talented author and now one of my all time favoritesSparrow Growing up this was one of my absolute favorite seriesThe creatures were a mix of feral and intelligent and never ceased to give me goosebumps at certain pointsStill one of my favorites 17 years later This is another book for which I wish GoodReads allowed fractions of stars but anywayI picked this up as a Read a like for the Warriors Series which I love to pieces This book had a similar feel while still holding a very separate identity I would. Twenty five million years in the past a clan of sentient prehistoric big cats called “the Named” have their own language traditions and law Led by Meoran the Named herd horses and deer for food They keep order and peace fending off predatory raiders the UnNamed from all sides But the battle has taken its toll and the Named are skirting the dge of survivalMuch to the displeasure of Meoran a young. Indeed recommend it to someone looking

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for new animal fantasy In Many Ways This Story ways this story me of the Lion King And since this is copyrighted in 1983 it came first The main character Ratha is far from perfect and I love it when protagonists are laden with flaws She is irritable indecisive very prideful and perhaps a bit too nosy However she makes up for it by being uite brave resourceful and for her ability to adapt to change Her surroundings and way of life change so much during her first year of adulthood and she just ROLLED WITH THE PUNCHES THE STORYLINE DID LAG A with the punches The storyline did lag a during the middle but it was worth it You meet her Creature pretty soon and it vanishes u Ratha is a young female in a tribe of intelligent talking big cats who call themselves The Named The book follows her growing up negotiating the tumultuous power struggles of her worldFor some reason from the brief description I d read of this series I xpected the characters to feel like aliens but overall I thought this felt like an animal story I d recommend it for fans of animal stories than pure sci fi fans think Tad Williams Tailchaser s Song for xample The first issue Ratha ncounters is a gender issue she is picked by her mentor to be trained to be a scout but female cubs are generally not given this training I felt this aspect of the book was the weakest as it choes the many many many fantasy books where the young woman has to overcome sexism to follow her dreams However in nature among big cats female felines are certainly not at all prevented from hunting and scouting Actually they are often the main hunters The author put uite a bit of ffort into The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis emphasizing that her characters think like cats but I felt that portraying a research based inventive feline influenced society fell by the waysideHowever I did like the interesting dynamic that Bell sets up between the intelligent cats and the non talking non sentient cats The portrayal of the social confusion rumorsstereotypes andmotional turmoil this rift causes is done uite nicelyI also liked the idea of a group of predators discovering the benefits of herding and protecting prey and njoyed Ratha s innovative and fumbling attempts to harness fire for her species benefitThe book follows a plotline of conflict xile then return and allows Ra. Female named Ratha discovers a powerful defense against the UnNamed She calls it “the Red Tongue” and it is a creature of incredible power Red Tongue is fire a force of both life and destruction that must be at once nurtured and tamed Sensing that Ratha’s mastery of fire threatens his power Meoran banishes her from the clan As she travels out amongst the savage UnNamed Ratha learns about both th. .
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Ratha's Creature The Named #1

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