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Zeus is a hamster who rules the kingdom f the pet store along with the Nemico other Olympian gods Athena the cat Demeter the cricket Ares the dog and Poseidon the puffer fish These animals have mystic powers and find artifacts that help them in their adventures When Poseidon uestions Zeus ability to rule Zeus goesn a uest to find the Golden Fleas Fleece to prove that he is worthy to be king Cannella e polvere da sparo of the godsI loved this funny book The animals all have vivid personalities and I loved their hilarious dialogue It s so clever how Greek mythology is woven into the pet store setting My favorite thing was seeing how the storyf Jason and the Argonauts and their uest for the Golden Fleece is reimagined with all the major plot points like Charybdis Phineas

the soothsayer the 
soothsayer the a dragon who guards the fleece and even the Oracle f Delphi Locations around the pet store correspond to locations in ancient Greece like Mount Olympus the island f Crete and the Aegean Sea It s so imaginativeThe illustrations are adorable and I loved the cartoony style It really brings the characters to life with their silly expressions and funny anticsI would recommend this book for children ages 8 12 who don t like to read It s sure to capture their attention and help ages 8 12 who don t like to read It s sure to capture their attention and help discover a love for readingDisclaimer I received a copy f this book from the publisher via Media Masters Publicity in exchange for a free and honest review All the pinions stated here are my wn. Greek mythology meets cute talking animals in this first adventure in a hilarious new middle grade fiction series starring Zeus the mighty king f the gods ruler DOGA AST of minions HAMSTER and the crazy crewf critters Poems (The I Tatti Renaissance Library) of the Mount Olympus Pet CenterWelcome to the Mount Olympus Pet Center which sits highn a hill in Athens Georgia The Bleach, Volume 05 owner Artie has a soft spot for animals that need a forever. Ictures in them very much because I can t imagine the characters too well but the description were really good so I could visualized like I can with a normal picture less book Zeus the Mighty and the uest for the Golden FleasNational Geo PublisherThe Truth Behind the Fiction Background knowledge about Greek Gods in backf book is very useful The reader can also can get an idea Gather Together in My Name 1ST Edition of their personalities and relationships basedn the way the animals act and interact Premise Pet rescue center that has a Greek God theme Pets names and areas Pentimento of the store ie Mt Olympus Argean Sea etc In addition the humanwner Artie listens to a Greeking Out Podcast that retells Greek myths which gives CHARACTERS IDEAS FOR THEIR NEXT characters ideas for their next well as how to explain the problems they have to solve Crafty techniueYou have to carefully read descriptions to figure La maga delle spezie out what everydaybjects the pets are trying to use ie the toilet tape measure flash light There are pictures that definitely move the script along They wear togas helmets crowns but the humans can t see them So This was very creative and clever and really a lot The Last Testament of fun I like that Zeus is really fullf himself but yet is still endearing in the end I also very much enjoyed the innovative ways Boyer worked aspects f Greek mythology the end I also very much enjoyed the innovative ways Boyer worked aspects f Greek mythology Zeus s pet shop environment This was a really fun book Great premise The whole theme is great and the story was well thought Run to the Roar: Coaching to Overcome Fear out and thoroughly entertaining. Pe by runningn your exercise wheel and most importantly lead your minions The Art of Teaching the Bible: A Practical Guide for Adults on epic journeys And Zeus the Mighty hasne giant task in front Gaudi of him Find the Golden Fleas and solidify his position before thether gods rebelGet ready to laugh cheer and learn with this adorable and uirky cast The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Vol. 2 of characters in their unforgettable first adventure a reimaginingf the tale f the Golden Fleec. ,

Zeus the Mighty
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