After the Crux (PDF)

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After the Crux

Orever be alone with the Crux virus being virulent amongst women there are very few and any that have survived virus being virulent amongst women there are very few and any that have survived usually brutalized and rapedDarian and Jenna who are now a couple and Ross their hearts so emotionally bound their love for each other never in uestion But Ross was their The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 protector and when he began to see the twoeople he loved than anything in the world with desire and need his conscience and sense of responsibility threw up a wall he was not The National Debt: A Short History prepared to cross Darian and Jenna on the other hand have a different idea and they are going to find it hard to convince this honourable man they both love that hislace is really with them The camaraderie and humour that follows their seduction and the effect it had on the family as a whole left me chuckling on than one occasion and the m m f sex and relationship was WOW HOT His virgin status was well and truly vanuished This Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific part of the relationship was wonderfully executed from myoint of view as an m m reader The focus of the relationship was not Jenna but Ross So there is some hot and heavy action between Ross and Darian as well as all Jenna This book finished at 87% and I have to say I was a little disappointedI wanted It is however left erfectly to follow on to the next book I for one can t wait For reviews visit Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews Too shortI really enjoyed the world building here and seeing the life the survivors created after the virus wiped most of the world Sadly I ve noticed in uite a lot of MMF stories that the MM aren t really interested in each other sexually and revolve around the F art I don t like that so when I read a story that has the MM as engaged into each other as they are with the F I m a very happy reader We definitely have this interest here Ross and Dorian want each other as much as they want and desire Jenna and that makes for a very satisfying and wonderful MMF story for meI m a sucker for ost apocalyptic stories You read about eople stripped down to their core character what they would do to survive and what they would do to rotect the ones they love I can t get enough I ll be sticking with this series to see what happens next to this little community of survivors A great start and even though it s short it acks a Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde punch After the Crux is the 1st book in a new series that is set 17 years after a fatal disease wiped through theopulation leaving survivors to fend for themselves in this desolate world Cities and civilizations are dissertated and the surviving individuals form families and they must raid forgotten towns to find food and other Karneval, Vol. 4 previsions that they need to keep on surviving This storyrimarily revolves Ross who is The Hiding Place pretty much the leader of his family His family first began when he was 14 years old and he stumbled upon two 9 year old friends Jenna and Dorian and since then they have added to their family with individuals that Ross meets on raids As the years have gone on Jenna and Dorian have established a sexual relationship together one that Ross covets as he is secretly in love with Jenna Before he leaves to go on one of his raids he witnesses Jenna and Dorian in a compromisingosition and finds that he has confusing feelings for Dorian as well I could just feel the loneliness from Ross being on the outside of Jenna and Dorian s relationship yearning to have what they have Each time he goes out he hopes to find someone for himself While on a articular raid Ross is severally injured that nudges the 3 of them to accept and come to terms with the love that they feel for each other The love between the three really develops fast as the book goes but we are given the info of how the relationships developed through the years that led them to the oint that the book starts at I couldn t help but feel all suishy inside with how sweet the love is between Ross Jenna and Dorian I really enjoyed the side characters and loved how open they are and you love who you love In this world you can t turn away from a chance to love and be loved the bad guys that they encounter loved The bad guys that they encounter real nasty and it gives the other characters an opportunity to shine show how they can work together and help defend each other My only complaint and this really has nothing to do with the story is that the story ended when my kindle read 87% I just wasn t repared for it to end yet But once I got over that shock I was satisfied with the actual ending and thought it left off at a good oint that will bring us to the next book Wow I m blown awayand still blown away after a re readI want right now This novella was awesome it had a bit of everything I like Post apocalyptic setting survivors struggling to keep each other safe and a super hot MMF romance to boot Can t wait to continue. By his two best friends Alone with his tangled emotions Ross is about to discover that his friends have their own ideas about their relationshipand how it is about to change Warning An unfortunate stabbing leads to fortunate liaisons including MFM MM MFand whatever else these apocalyptic survivors can do with each other during those long winter months in the snowy mountain. .

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All really cool characters and I liked the secondary characters as well The romanceseduction lot was sexy but balanced well with the action art of the story and it seemed believable considering the genre I ve already bought the second book in the series and will be reading it soon I d recommend this story Thumbs up D You cannot be wrong with this author Dani Worth This is book 1 of a new ost apocalyptic series starting with a MMF but will have MF coming book2 is announced MFTo read my full review follow me on my blog This is mmf erotica and I enjoyed it but would have liked it a lot if I didn t feel like I read an excerpt somehowThe story is set somewhere in the future years after a virus has decimated the human race Ross Dorian and Jenna lead and belong to a small community that is just one notch above rimal survival Ross Dorian and Jenna lead and belong to a small community that is just one notch above rimal survival yet totally The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry past the fight to not drop at the bottom of the food chain but already rebuilding I liked this transitional state they are in their little civilization and their romance on one hand the brutal reminder that they still had to fight to stay safe and to survive on the other hand This is an admittedly not new but interesting settingThere isn t much conflict in the romance only a little angst and guilt at the beginning and they get rapidly to it I don t complain about it the erotica is decently erotic and there isreviously enough tension to appreciate the explosion but it felt like the story telling stopped there A few sex scenes that don t bring anything much a burst of action to bypass a StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story plot hole and the endIt s aity because there really could have been an interesting story line and the writing flew nicely and was up to a bigger task In short this novella has ualities and it is introducing a series which isn t a flaw except when it shows too much I rated it 3 stars anyway because it was nonetheless an enjoyable read It s short but an ok read I m glad it was free bc it ended on a hell of a cliffhanger imo MMF 2 stars Well Fuck me Lynn snatched up an empty It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life plate and fanned herself with itThis book had theerfect Lignin Biodegradation premise Post apocalyptical world a group ofeople who basically had to fight for survival and the unresolved sexual tension between them I mean that s Pure Chance perfect well except for the deadly virus that killed most of theopulation but let s ignore that since it s a book set in a fantasy world The thing is everything felt so rushed and there was a minimum of sexual tension It felt like some cheap orn where the actors have to read some lines because they are the necessary evil so that later they can finally do what they actually intended to do I felt no connection between the 3 main characters no connection between the 3 main characters Ross Dorian and Jenna Things also started to get real weird and at one oint I was fully repared that this book is going to end with an orgy where the rest of the side characters are going to join inI m still debating whether to read the next book or not 25 stars Post Apocalyptic Novella with an erotic menage relationship Loved itWhat a great start to a new series For a novella and the first in the series Dani Worth balances the world building character development and romance erfectly throwing a little action and humour in along the way it is not retty it s dangerous and they are constantly on a knifes edge their lives and home could so easily be destroyed by one small mistake or bad decision I liked how they all had a lace within the family and we learnt the hows and whys of what brought them all together it left me wanting to know to know where this story was going to take me nextWe arrive in this Post Apocalyptic World 17 years after the Crux virus has taken out most of the Worlds Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church population What is left are towns and cities devastated by neglect with subseuent looting and damage caused by survivors with no thought for what remained of mankind It was a kill or be killed situation for most with manyreferring to take their own lives than live in what had now become an existence with no hope The virus had not only destroyed the A (kinda) Country Christmas population but had taken humanity in its wakeRoss at the age of 14 finds two 9 year olds Darian and Jenna sick starving frightened and all alone living in a basement His instinct torotect these two vulnerable children is the start of their journey spending years evading danger and death finding others also lost to the devastation along the way they eventually as a family find a lace to call home When we first meet Ross my heart was breaking for him Selflessly he has oured all of his love into making a home and a family where there was reviously no hope and now after years of hoping that HE would find a woman to share his heart with he has resigned himself to the fact that he will Ily but the most important members have always been Jenna and Dorian At fourteen Ross stumbled into the basement where the nine year olds were hiding and the three have been together ever since Years later Jenna and Dorian became lovers Now at thirty Ross hopes to find a love of his own on supply runs but he suffers incredible guilt because his heart has long been snagged. ,
Yes this was short my kindle version ended at 87% and I just about had a conniption but it was such a just about had a conniption but it was such a start to a sexy new dystopian esue seriesThe main just about had a conniption but it was such a fascinating start to a sexy new dystopian esue seriesThe main revolves around Ross who is the unproclaimed leader to a very interesting group of survivors and the evolving love he is secretly holding for Jenna and Dorian He has assembled this group into his family over the years and they now reside together adapting as best they can in an underground home in the mountains of New MexicoJenna and Dorian were only nine to his much bigger healthier fourteen when Ross stumbled upon them AND TOOK THEM UNDER HIS WING took them under his wing now that they are all adults the strain of this lonely hostile world has made them realize just how much they love each other and that they no longer wish to hold any of those feelings back And thank goodness for that because these three burn up the ages in such a steamy loving way I devoured it all too uicklyThe threesomes love story is uick to unfold yet it still held some of the sweetest love scenes I just wish we had about 100 National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 pages to explore it But hey don t let my length greediness keep you away This was still arovocative sexy and heartfelt novella that was altogether worth reading imo The secondary characters were all captivating in their own right each having a good deal to contribute to the overall feel and rogression of the story It left me extremely eager to find out about them and I cannot wait to read about how Ross Dorian and Jenna are going to rescue Cadmars family in the next story 4 45 starsThis was a really good story I really liked all the characters and the story was interesting and believable in what you d expect from a ost apocalyptic world This is the first story I ve read by this author and I liked it well enough that I ve already bought book 2 in the series to readIn this Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism post apocalyptic world there was a disease called the Crux that killed off the majority of theopulation and what was left was scrambling to survive The new world is dangerous as many of the survivors aren t good Gods and fighting men: the story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland, arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory people with good intentions Women are scarce in this world and the few that are left are carefully guarded but not always in what would be considered good circumstances As the description indicates Ross happened upon Jenna and Dorian when he was 14 years old and they were only 9 Dorian was sick and Jenna trying torotect him Fortunately Ross was able to help them and gain their trust They traveled around for years before they found the artist retreat that they currently live in On supply runs Ross has found a number of survivors that seemed alright and brought them back to the retreat They ve built a nice little community but when Jenna and Dorian became lovers Ross felt lonely and also bad for the attraction he felt first for Jenna and then also for Dorian What Ross doesn t know is that both Jenna and Dorian have felt the need to be with him as well but have only recently discussed the Charming the Firefighter possibility with each other When the story begins Ross is getting ready to leave on a supply run with another member of their little community Jake He happens upon Jenna and Dorian having sex and wishes for things he doesn t think he can have He tries to leave without them seeing but they do and he takes off on the supply run before either can talk to him about it Jenna and Dorian feel bad about Ross s obvious discomfort and want to seduce him in to their bed so they can all three be together They decide to try seducing Ross when he gets back from the supply run Dorian is attracted to Ross as well but they re both worried about whether Ross will be alright with thatart or not but are set to see how Ross feels one way or the other Unfortunately while on the supply run Ross and Jake run in to some trouble They manage to get out of it and save a 14 year old boy but Ross is stabbed in the leg and by the time they get back infection had set in Dorian is the community healer and he manages to get Ross on the road to recovery and when he s feeling better Jenna and Dorian decide it s time to take a chance What starts out as Dorian giving Ross a therapeutic massage turns in to something and Jenna joins in Ross gets his first taste of heaven because he s never found someone for himself all these years Obviously Ross accepts the situation as he s loved both of them for years Ross Jenna and Dorian become a threesome with Jenna and Dorian spending much time making up for all Ross has missed over the years Unfortunately there s some additional drama that takes lace before all is said and done but the story ends with Ross Jenna and Dorian settling in to their new dynamic as they start their HEA togetherI really enjoyed this story Ross Jenna and Dorian were. In a lonely lague devastated world it is definitely not every man for himself Seventeen years after the Crux Virus wiped out most of the world’s opulation Ross is doing what he can to keep his small community safe from raiders in a self contained artist retreat in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico He’s made a habit of collecting survivors and they’ve all become fam. ,