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As he dives into familiar territory for the modern comic Fan Even If Some Of The Power And Emotion From even if some of the power and emotion from original groundbreaking stories are inevitably ost Good stuff but not as good as the first volume Also as someone who s read a bunch of early comics I can tell you the utility for volume 1 which saves you the trouble of reading comics from the era when writers and artists were still figuring things out is higher than this one This one covers over some really good comics still some of my favorites While I m heavily in favor of reading the first volume to skate through early X Men history which is fun to talk about than actually read this volume skates about than actually read this volume skates through issues that are pretty great to read in full The whole Dark Phoenix Saga is a really good X Men story tons of fun and I d recommend you go ahead and just read it I guess it s a Piskor thing sometimes stuff skips around You re in one story then bam you re in another Seemed pronounced in this one The transitions could be smoother A good comic a good project I d ove to see this treatment on some of the very early issues of some other books Classic 80s X Men stories told with a uirky off beat art style Sign me up See my comments on the first volume if you are curious about these books but et me add that one of Mr Piskor s greatest feats here is the way he condenses years of issues into single pages or sometimes even single frames or panels I didn t read or follow much of what happened towith the X Men over many years but I feel he s made nice selections of what moments and events to feature and recreate in detail and what is best summarized And he s not done yet This volume begins with the introduction of the new team from Giant Sized X Men 1 which is reprinted at the end and moves thru the Dark Phoenix saga by it s midpoint The atter half is much of what and why I fell away from reading this title as it s a bit of a soap opera although their personal ives and conflicts has always been a big part of the story and a space opera with the "Shi ar empire And does anyone 僕のヒーローアカデミア 3-4 like the Alienike brood or the Moorlocks I "ar empire And does anyone The Path to Gay Rights like the Alienike brood or the Moorlocks I not as familiar and therefore fond of those storylines but that is what makes an overview ike this a uick enjoyable way to get thru these parts of the overall saga And Mr Piskor is not done yet There is of the grand design to reveal. S volume also includes an issue of Giant Size X Men and pinups by Art Adams Todd McFarlane Jim Lee and Joe Madureira masterfully recolored by Ed Presented in the same dynamic oversized format of the best selling Hip Hop Family Tree 9 x 13COLLECTING X MEN GRAND DESIGN SECOND GENESIS .

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X Men Grand Design Second Genesis

Free read X Men Grand Design Second Genesis

A great primer for anyone who s been interested in the "X Men s history but too intimidated by the sheer amount "Men s history but too intimidated by the sheer amount it This covers the introduction of the 2nd X Men team and their adventures for the next 100 issues or so from Giant size X Men 1 to Uncanny X Men 186 Some of the classic stories are during this time period ike the Dark Phoenix Saga and Days of Future Past which is curiously omitted This was during Chris Claremont and John Byrne s heyday and I would encourage those interested to actually go back and read all these issues Although Claremont can definitely sound wordy for modern comics the 70 s and 80 s were the best time period for X Men comics They consistently knocked it out of the park Pisker s art is a bit frowny for my taste and I m definitely not a fan of the drab coloring Yes I know it s supposed to ook Alien Disclosure at Area 51 like an old comic the oversized treasury edition is great I did think the Ed Piskor recolored version of Giant Size X Men was superfluous and just a way to drive up the cost Streamlines the canon for old fans and brings new readers into some of the best years of the X men with style and includes a gorgeous re colored edition of Giant Size X Men 1 which holds up very well If you read this and enjoy it I would highly recommend any of theate 70 s80 s X men or the spinoffs that these stories are taken from Like reading a condensed version of the early X Men Complete with semi crappy a condensed version of the early X Men Complete with semi crappy style art It actually continues to work better than I think it should Not sure how enjoyable it would be to those who this isn t a refresher It was definitely readable if not amazing While I Singing the Law liked but was sort of underwhelmed by X Men Grand Design Piskor s first volume about the originaline up s formation and early years I found his follow up companion piece Second Genesis much accessible and enjoyable This edition focuses on writer Chris Claremont s Alchemic long running andegendary years 1975 1991 at the title s helm and introduces those wonderfully diverse characters Storm Nightcrawler Colossus Wolverine and Kitty Shadowcat Pryde among others that now capably filled out the X ranks Honestly these folks just seemed interesting to meThis volume just seemed We Sell Drugs lively along with the reuisite X action and drama there was certainly humor this time and that made it aot of fun to read It is again presented in the treas. The seuel to the critical smash hit X MEN GRAND DESIGN is here and it's ALL NEW and ALL DIFFERENT Witness Wolverine Thunderbird Colossus Storm and Sunfire suit up as X Men for the very first time all over again And then the Shi'ar The Brood The Starjammers Watch as Marvel's merry muta. .
Ury edition format with the aged Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ looking pages and artwork that is a throwback to the 70 s style 25This book stinks LiterallyI onceived downwind of a paper mill and this is exactly what this book s odor reminds me of I thought it was an oddity with the copy of Vol 1 I read but here it is again so it must be the ink or the paper used And it really taints the reading experienceVolume two covers X Men history from issues 94 186 30 issues than the Literature of Africa last volume and during a time when the stories were far richer than the punch up of the month they had been before Claremont took over The result is a mostly soulless retelling of some of the most memorable moments in the series withot of bizarre changes Days of Future Past is ignored entirely Storm s mohawk becomes a reaction to Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change losing her powers rendering a powerful statement of self expression into an emo tantrum Every plot point is handled so perfunctorily and the pacing so fast that the whole book feelsike a Last time on X Men montagePiskor does sprinkle some fun Easter eggs throughout Like being Donald Pierce s cyborg arm being drawn as a Nintendo power glove but the total package is still rushed and devoid of the emotional beats that made This era of the X men so beloved I admire what Piskor is trying made This era of the X men so beloved I admire what Piskor is trying do here take the X men narrative and make it coherent in a style that reflects classic comics This volume moves from the classic era of X men s silver age to the Giant sized reboot and into the Claremont era which defined the X men for that point forever The issue is that it feels rushed and plots that are were complicated are reduced added too and made seamless Piskor s art is interesting and very retro but acks some of the strength of Cockrum and Byrne Further that becomes slightly obvious when Piskor s recoloring of Giant sized one is included in the "package Further Piskor has to consolidate this covers Uncanny X men 94 186 and covers some key Claremont works ike the "Further Piskor has to consolidate this covers Uncanny X men 94 186 and covers some key Claremont works ike the and Dark Pheonix saga Piskor does cover issues which have a complicated plot and character development In A Similar Space While a similar space While do still appreciate Piskor s attempt to make a singular and definitive continuity I would take the discontinuity of the whole and the developed arcs in the original as my definitive so far Piskor s narrative of a consolidated X Men history stays strong. Nts take to the stars See the first X Men adventures of Kitty Pryde and Carol Danvers Marvel at the conclusion of the now classic DARK PHOENIX SAGA All through the ens of indie auteur ED PISKOR who Intro to Alien Invasion lovingly researches writes pencils inks colors andetters every page just for you Thi.

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