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Church in America and a discussion of the pivotal role the Church has played in Black cultureIn a world of utter instability where African American families could be torn apart Church has played in Black cultureIn a world of utter instability where African American families could be torn apart a moment s notice the nslaved found a rock in the religion and practices they developed in communion with one anotherFull review coming for Shelf Awareness THE BLACK CHURCH is bestselling author and noted scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr s written accompaniment to his PBS series of the same name Here he offers a wide panorama of history and hope underpinning the gradual development of religion in its myriad forms among Black AmericansThe majority of slaves brought to the new colonies were not xpected to adopt the

Religion Of The Colonists In 
of the colonists In doing so *WOULD HAVE PLACED THEIR OWNERS IN *have placed their owners in untenable position since slavery is against Christian tenets To justify keeping them out of white religion and in chains it was stressed that Africans were inherently inferior So no teaching was done which xplains why once Black houses of worship sprang up they also served as schoolsSome slaves were converts to Catholicism largely in Spanish dominated Florida And some mainly in coastal South Carolina brought Islamic beliefs that would later resurface in such guises as the Nation of Islam which countered the notion of white supremacy with the idea of white people as inferior as the My Little Blue Dress enemy Most slaves carried within them their African traditions in which worship was a sharedxperience featuring such phenomena as response singing dancing and circle shouts that became an integral part of African American worshipGates fairly and objectively shows how Black churches have incorporated both African traditions and highly advanced almost visionary concepts of tolerance and freedom in the face of overt and subtle racism His story of Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston South Carolina illustrates the daunting path that Black people have had to tread in their thirst for the salvation that they so clearly perceived in the person of Jesus Built in 1817 as the first official Black denominational institution it was burned by whites a few years later rebuilt by Blacks after the Civil War and in 2015 became the scene of a massacre of nine innocent parishioners by a rabid young white supremacistGates asserts that Black churches have generally reuired their members to hold fast to faith through conversion followed by lifelong commitment citing his youthful Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars experiences as anxample Bringing the history up to the present he notes that women have gained power in the Black church hierarchy issues such as LGBT rights have yet to be resolved and Obama s presidency moved the churches a step forward This past year of COVID 19 undeniably has had some negative Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life effects the proportions of Black people with the virus the inability to perform community outreach or meet together in what often can be highly interactive Sunday services and the upsurge in white violence against African AmericansStill hopes run high for a continuation andxpansion of what Gates thinks of as the space where our direct cultural ties to Africa come to life in new and mutated but still recognizable formthe place where we made a way out of no way Reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott 45 but rounded up Each chapter could have and perhaps should have been treated with a deeper dive I would have Crazy Love easily read another 100 pages on this subject however this was a fascinating overview of the overarch. E foruality for the African American community The past often isn't Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society even past Dylann Roof committed his slaughter in Charleston's Emanuel AME Church 193 years after the church was first burned down by whites following a thwarted slave rebellionBut as Gates brilliantly shows the Black church has never been only one thing Its story lies at the vital center of the civil rights movement and produced many of its leaders from the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr on but at the same time there have always been churches and sects thatschewed a activist stance ven schewed worldly political ngagement altogether That tension can be felt all the way to the Black Lives Matter movement and the work of today Still and all as a source of strength and a force for change the Black church is at the center of the action at very stage of the American story as this nthralling history makes vividly clear. .
Gates recounts that Black churches began as praise houses incorporating African culture in their faith traditions After Emancipation the Black church retained its importance in nurturing Black culture and helped to *FOSTER POLITICAL ACTION THE RHYTHMS OF *political action The rhythms of preaching can be heard in the speeches of Martin Luther King Jr as he fought for Civil Rights in the 60s Unfortunately Black churches paid the price for MLK leading the massive March on Washington in 1963 Just three weeks later the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church was bombed killing four Black girls From this bombing in Birmingham to 1964 s Freedom Summer in Mississippi thirty seven churches were burned or bombed during a ten week period Hence many Black churches refused to allow the leaders of the civil rights movement *TO EVEN HAVE SERVICES THEREWHETHER IT IS THE ISLAM *even have services thereWhether it is the Islam of Malcolm X or the Christian faith of many civil rights leaders faith has held a central place in Black culture Recommend this companion volume to Gates new PBS series Read if you Want a revealing intriguing and inspiring succinct look at the Black American church from slavery days to present time Librariansbooksellers A PBS documentary of the same name will premiere February 2021 This will likely be in demand Many thanks to Penguin GroupThe Penguin Press and NetGalley for a digital review copy in xchange for an honest review Just a great introduction to an important part of American Religious history Combined with the PBS series just a maevelous overview of sognificant people and their very crucial contributions to America s cultural thos I watched the PBS series of the same name I njoy Henry Louis Gates Jr as he shares his knowledge so well researched here and on the Finding Your Roots series also Although I belong to a church in most cases I consider religion to be an accident of birth I have long admired those who possess tha The Black Church summarizes well the information presented in the PBS series on the topic Gates presents much new information on the history of various religions brought to America from Africa and the Caribean by slaves beginning in Florida in the 1500s He dispels many myths about people of color and their relationship to their religion their struggles to participate in the American culture over generations and their resilience much of which was and continues to be supported by black churches in American communities Henry Louis Gates Jr has written a great book on the history of the Black Church in America This book covers the Black religious tradition from the days of slavery to our current moment during the coronavirus pandemic Along the way Gates tells how important the Black Church has been as a source of spiritual renewal and political power for centuriesThis book is a historical survey of the Black Church meaning it covers a lot of broad topics as it relates to the Black American religious New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood experience Many of the topics could and probably have their own standalone books Gates s book could have been alot longer but it does a good job of giving the reader a well researched and thoroughxamination of the Black Church s Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey evolutionWhat makes this book special is that Gates was able to talk to a diverse group of people including celebrities musical artists clergy and religion scholars about the Black Church s significance Notable names include Yolanda Adams Bishop Michael Curry Rev Dr Michael Eric Dyson Kirk Franklin Bishop T D Jakes John From the New York Times bestselling author of Stony the Road and one of our most important voices on the African Americanxperience a powerful new history of the Black church in America as the Black community's abiding rock and its fortressThe companion book to the upcoming PBS seriesFor the young Henry Louis Gates Jr growing up in a small segregated West Virginia town the church was his family and his community's true center of gravity Within those walls voices were lifted up in song to call forth the best in God's Pocket each other and to comfortach other when times were at their worst In this book his tender and magisterial reckoning with the meaning of the Black church in American history Gates takes us from his own ЯED experience onto a journey across than four hundred years and spanning thentire country At road's nd we merge with a new understanding of the centrality of the Black church to .
Egend Rev Al Sharpton Rev Senator Raphael Warnock Oprah Winfrey and Rev Jeremiah WrightOne of the important points that Gates makes is that Black The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs enslaved people shaped and adapted Christianity in their own way not how it was taught to them by white slaveholders Enslaved people infused African traditions in their version of Christianity that are still with us in some form today traditions such as the ring shout and spirit possessionGates also covers the challenges the Black Church faced and continues to face in our current moment The debate over worship styles charismatic vs mainline is an ongoing one since thend of the 19th Century while the prosperity gospel vs liberation theology message is an issue that the Black Church has focused on since the Moreno early 20th Century The influence of secular music on Black gospel music is another point of contention There was resistance from Black church members of gospel music because of its blues and rock and rolllements Nowadays there is resistance to gospel music that has a hip hop feel to it Thomas Dorsey and Kirk Franklin were innovators in their respective Monsieur Pain eras on shifting the boundaries of gospel music for a new generation of ChristiansReaders should know that this is mostly a story about Black Christianity in America There are substantial mentions of Black Muslims during slavery the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X also are covered but it is not at the same level as Black Christians are discussedGates closes his book in the Epilogue by discussing the role of the Holy Ghost in the Black Church tradition specifically the concepts of getting happy and speaking in tongues He tells a personal story of hisxperiences of going to a church where catching the spirit was common Ultimately he makes a verdict about its significance in the Black religious traditionI A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author enjoyed reading this bookspecially as someone who grew up 35I am a product of a Black Church and I greatly admire the work of Dr Henry Louis Gates Jr Knowing these two things about myself I thought this book would be a perfect fit for me My reaction however was different than what I What If expectedThis book is a general overview of what religion has meant to Black Americans since the first Africans arrived on American soil Approaching the book as an overview is best There is not a deepxploration into the various denominations that have shaped the Black American religious xperience There are also glaring omissions of religious *leaders who have shaped Black American spiritual lifeAnother drawback of the book for me was that it drew heavily on the *who have shaped Black American spiritual lifeAnother drawback of the book for me was that it drew heavily on the WEB Dubois It has been over 100 years since Dubois work was published There are many theologians who have written about Black Church life since DuboisOne of the things I appreciated about the book was the inclusion of the Nation of Islam Christianity is not the sole belief system of Black Americans and it was nice to have another religion discussedThis book is for someone who wants to have a broad picture of Black American religious xperiences It is also a great book to commemorate the documentary of the same name Many of the book s passages are directly from the documentary For those who want a deeper understanding of the various Black American religious The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good experiences the book offers anxtensive Recommended Readings section that I plan to xploreI was given the opportunity to review an advanced copy of this book via NetGalley An interesting history of the Black. He American story as a cultural and political force as the center of resistance to slavery and white supremacy as an unparalleled incubator of talent and as a crucible for working through the community's most important issues down to todayIn a country that has historically afforded its citizens from the African diaspora tragically few safe spaces the Black church has always been than a sanctuary; it's been a place to nourish the deepest human needs and dreams of the African American community This fact was never lost on white supremacists from the arliest days of slavery when Hark! The Herald Angels Scream enslaved people were allowed to worship at all their meeting houses were subject to surveillance and often destruction So it continued long after slavery's formalradication; church burnings and church bombings by the Ku Klux Klan and others have always been a hallmark of the violent ffort to suppress the struggl. The Black Church

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