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Ie Brockway in which nothing makes any sense They re both in love with each other because they shared a glance and it s basically all roses except Robin is a Rake and completely broke which means he won t let himself give in to the love he feels for Cecily Cecily loves him too so she decides to seduce him because talking is npleasant The sad thing is is that that would have been a sarcastic sentence had the dialogue in this not been so Emilie Du Chatelet utterly frumpy and faux contemporary Also they are apparentlyniue in being the only two people in the world who are decent which leads to the whole falling in love shebang which doesn t really work in a novel with four other perfectly likeable characters Literally Cecily loves Robin because he s not judgemental I think And Robin loves Cecily because she s flirty Easy Asian Cookbook Box Set: Easy Korean Cookbook, Easy Filipino Cookbook, Easy Thai Cookbook, Easy Indonesian Cookbook, Easy Vietnamese Cookbook (Korean ... Recipes, Asian Recipes, Asian Cookbook 1) unlike boring ton girls As a bonus she appreciates his laughter and wit Their ending is fine but only because it means we re finished with themThe book doesn t end there though It gets worse We re thrown into aadruple wedding which is completely Star Wars unforgivable since this is not a Shakespeare play which in itself is enough to drive this down from its current meagre two stars But the crowning jewel in this shitshow is the Robert Burns verse which appears at the very endnder some weird notion that all the new husbands Patience, My Dear (The Lochmoor Glen Series, uote love poetry and promise their wives they ll love them in a Scottish accent too At which point I slammed my Kindle on the table and felt the intense regret of ever picking thispI m being Artists on Art uite dramatic One star is not really fair because the first third is in four star territory but I couldn t tolerate the other two thirds and aadruple wedding is just ridiculous If you can get The Lady Most Willing at as relatively low a price as I did it might be worth clicking s tempting orange buy buttonbut only if you meet the following criteria1 As other reviewers have noted this is a three part novel written by three different authors I found the transition from one author to the next smoother than I d feared it would be and even thought it was somewhat interesting to compare the slightly different writing styles but if that kind of thing is jarring for you I d give this one a pass2 In order to derive much enjoyment from this collection you should be a romance reader who buys into instant love without much okay any difficulty Even as someone who can often merrily go along for the ride much when two strangers allegedly fall in love within a VERY very short period of time the stories here involve three couples who move with such supersonic speed from who the hell are you to Please marry me my one true love and with so little transpiring other than a very ick conversation or two that it was really REALLY difficult to suspend my disbelief On a related note the character depth is minimal to nonexistent Skillfully written short stories and novellas can create distinct vibrant characters in impressively few pages in these stories only one of the heroes and one of the heroines truly came to life for me3 You should be craving a light frothy if it were any less substantive it would float away read I m an ardent fan of witty lighthearted romances that are low on angst and high on blissfully escapist fun but even for me this one felt fairly hollow shallow and so what ishOn a brighter note I really do like all of these authors writing styles and found it a mildly to moderately engaging read albeit a forgettable one I hope this was helpful and happy reading 5 stars for the fabulous characters read albeit a forgettable one I hope this was helpful and happy reading 5 stars for the fabulous characters and the Duke of Betton 5 stars Pretty sure this was J s couple They were adorable and hilarious Fiona Crisholm and the Earl of Oakley 4 stars MsJames story was a bit angst than the first one but lesser than the secondGreat chemistry between the two couple Lady Cecily and the Comte de Rochefort 3 stars By Connie BrockwayA bit drama and angst compared to the other twoAn extra star for the hilarious epilogue Taran Ferguson tired of waiting for his two nephews to marry and secure the family line takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps four young women He and his band of merry clansmen barge into the ballroom of merry clansmen barge into the ballroom Bellemere Castle grab the ladies and hightail it out of there in the Duke of Bretton s carriage With the snoozing Duke insideArriving at Finovair Castle just ahead of a huge snowstorm that blocks the pass thus preventing a ick rescue Taran presents the ladies to his nephews who are The Superior Peninsula unimpressed with his high handed tactics Unable to return the ladies the nephews the duke and the candidates settle down to wait out the storm Penned by three romance writers Juliainn Eloisa James and Connie Brockway The Lady Most Willing is not an anthology as such with three separate stories Written instead as one full length novel by the three authors it features three almost four romancesThe male cast includes John Shevington Duke of BrettonByron Wotton Earl of OakleyRobert Robin Parles Comte de RocheforteAnd the ladies Lady Cecily TarletonCatriona BurnsFiona ChisholmMarilla ChisholmI won t spoil it and say who ends Don't Go Shopping for Hair Care Products Without Me: Over 2,000 Brand Name Products Reviewed Plus the Latest Hair Care Information up with whom But will tell you what made this novel really amusing was the machinations of the spoilt young and opportunistic Marilla who s out to make the most of the situation and snare herself the most high ranking gentleman As each gentleman is pairedp with each of the women Marilla moves down the line to the next available manSurprisingly cohesive I simply couldn t tell which author wrote what Had I not known I would have thought a single author had written the whole story With three stories the pace of the romances moves pretty briskly with everyone falling in love icklyThis is a great story with plenty of humour and as you d expect from these three talented authors it s very well writtenSteam 3 ARC courtesy
#Of Avon Via Edelweiss #
Avon via Edelweiss was silly HR fluffbut I have to admit that I enjoyed it I ve never read a novel that was written in three parts by three different authors but I think it mostly worked here and is an interesting concept I d read works by all three of these authors before and I felt each of the sections stayed true to what I d expected from each of them The premise of this is pretty ridiculous a batty oldermiddle aged Scottish laird kidnaps women from a neighboring house party right before a nasty snowstorm so that they d be stuck in the castle with his nephews who he was hoping to marry off I mean you can t get a whole lot sillier than that but I chose to just go with it One must also GROSSLY overlook the love at first sight trope rampant in each of these stories However it ended p being pretty entertainingThe first story by Julia Braving the Elements (Darkness, uinn is the most lighthearted and funniest of the three At first I had a lit. S decrepit castle the Comte de Rocheforte and his cousin Earl of Oakley are presented withniue gifts their ncle has raided an English lord's Christmas party and kidnapped four lovely would be brides for his he. Good book with a Seven Brides for Seven Brothers type of theme Taran Ferguson older stubborn and rather niue laird of his clan is determined that his two nephews marry soon to secure the family legacy They aren t cooperative so one night he raids a neighboring estate kidnapping four young women from a ball And Medical Marijuana unintentionally includes one highly irritated duke The two nephews are horrified by theirncle s actions and try to make the best of things Thanks to the weather they are cut off with no way to return the ladies to their homesThe four women deal with the issue as befits their personalities The first part of the book concentrates mainly on Catriona Catriona is a local woman without much in the way of name or fortune and according to Taran was taken by mistake She is practical familiar with Taran and his antics and takes things as they come John Duke of Bretton who was also an A Walk Across France unintended captive goes from irritated to amused prettyickly helped along by his growing interest in Catriona I enjoyed their interactions which were fun with a definite Nicademus undercurrent of attraction Catriona doesn t expect anything to come of it as he is a duke and she is a nobody John is smitten immediately and acts accordingly The catalyst to his big moment was pretty funny but the moment itself was sweet and romanticThe story then moves on to Lord Oakley one of Taran s nephews Taran immediately starts in on Byron haranguing him for not making any obvious attempts at winning one of the heiresses Having been burned recently by discovering his fianc e in the arms of another man Byron is in no hurry to try again He is also accused of being too stuffy to appeal to a woman and comparednfavorably to the other men He isn t too happy to find himself the target of the determined Marilla and at one point hides in the library to escape her This brings him into contact with Marilla s sister Fiona a much Gone til November uieter woman Fiona has her own history to deal with Her fianc fell to his death while trying to climb to her window She has been blamed for it and her reputation ruined She has givenp fighting to get anyone to believe the truth and resigned herself to spinsterhood Enter Byron disturbing her refuge in the library I loved their encounter as Fiona has an enjoyable time poking holes in his stuffiness Byron begins to Turning The Professor Into A Crossdressing, Sissified and Feminized Pet - A Tale of Forced Feminization! understand why he is the way he is and becomes determined to change spurred on by his attraction to Fiona She has realized that she is attracted to him also but that her reputation makes anything between them impossible A cruel comment from Marilla puts a hitch in Byron s plans and hurts Fiona I liked that Byron recoveredickly from his shock and his attitude and actions proved to be worthy of Fiona Things got a little heated in the cold stable when he finally shared his feelingsThe story is rounded out by Robin Taran s other nephew He is known throughout London as the Prince of Rakes He is half French with an inherited title of Comte and little else He hides behind his reputation so that he doesn t have to deal with the rejection of those who look down on him He is struck dumb at the sight of Cecily feeling that bolt of lightning that tells him that this is the woman for him Except she isn t Cecily is the daughter of a wealthy earl with a great fortune coming to her She is young beautiful and seems to be the shy and retiring type that all the mothers want for their sons The difficulty is that Cecily doesn t want one of those staid and boring men She wants someone she can love and luckily has parents who have given her the freedom to choose She also has much confidence in herself than anyone realizes She doesn t panic during the kidnapping looking on it as something of an adventure An adventure that becomes so much when one look at Robin convinces her that he is the man she is meant to marry But it isn t going to be easy because Robin is determined to do the honorable thing and away from her while Cecily is Eually Determined To Win determined to prize It was great fun to see Robin fall and Fortinbras at the Fishhouses under her spell I ached for him because he was so certain he wasnworthy of her Their scenes together were wonderful as they got to know each other with the snowball scene being one of my favorites I loved how Cecily really A Way Youll Never Be understood Robin and finally took matters into her own handsI really liked all the characters except for Marilla I found her incredibly annoying She treated her sister horribly and completely ignored Fiona s attempts to guide her into proper behavior She was selfish and spoiled She set her sights on a man and behaved very inappropriately in an attempt to win him When she would lose out to another woman she would simply move on to the next one in line She was totally oblivious to the way the men did their best to avoid her I kept waiting for her to realize that none of them wanted anything to do with herThe epilogue was great rounding out the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers theme with the arrival of the outraged fathers once the pass was clear The confrontation in the chapel was terrific especially when the pairings were revealed with one slightly surprising twist Right so even if you don t know for certain which relationship is which author the first third is funny and charming so it s Juliainn the second third has horses so it s Eloisa James which means that Connie Brockway wrote the last third in which something already turning bad gets much much worse Luckily the theme of getting worse happens steadily from about 33% onwards so you can stop any time you like and be safe in the knowledge you re not missing outJulia Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers uinn s section is really very good Catriona and Bretton fall in love over the course of one day which doesn t really make sense but it s witty and simple with well fleshed out characters and frankly my na ve self believes it I d recommend ditching after this bit to be honestEloisa James s story is a mess It s basically built on literary references mainly Austen s Persuasion a Burns poem but also a heavy handed Lord Byron theme which doesn t really work because it has no relevance to anything except the name of the hero Byron The plot is also ridiculously wild but insists on taking itself seriously To summarise they have a dramatic conversation in the library and he s apparently a stickler for propriety because of some vague childhood happenings but her hair is just so magic and red and her eyes so enchanting that he abandons all inhibitions Then her bitch of a sister says something at dinner she runs out into the stables we get the Eloisa James trademark scene with horses she gets drunk he chases after her we get a drunken sex scene she randomly says something with a Scottish accent And then all is well Which leaves the Conn. Step into the glittering world of Regency and prepare to have your hearts warmed by Juliainn Eloisa James and Connie Brockway During their annual Christmas pilgrimage to Scotland to visit their aged ncle in hi. Tle bit of trouble following all of the characters and backstories and of course J s lack of skill in the dialogue department but it overcame that to be good cotton candy fun Catriona the only daughter of a wealthy Scottish family is matched with a duke who is there by accident That in and of itself is very far fetched but this section was full of double entendre and goofy jokes and puns that had me snorting Pure maple syrupy HR and honestly one of the better things I ve read from J It also worked pretty well with the shorter story format I would rate this story alone at a 4 The second story was the weakest imo It was the most emotional and serious of the three stories and it suffered from the shorter story format It seemed ludicrous to me to have the MC s doing so much deep conversing about their relationship and their pasts and motivations when they d only just met I found it kind of hard to follow at first but it did get better I have to say that I loved the h in this one honestly I loved all of the h s in all three stories but the story probably needed to be full length or changed p to be less passionate in such a short amount of time I d rate this one a 3The third story was also a bit serious but not Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie uite so much as the second Here Cecily and Robin both are rocked by a rather extreme case of love at first sight but Robin thinks that Cecily is above him so he tries his hardest to avoid her Cecily is fun as she transforms from a seemingly cold proper lady into a strong independent woman who doesn t care what anyone thinks and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants I d rate this one a 4Overall this is fun holiday HR that I would recommend It s not perfect but it s cute and has that guilty pleasure reading feel that makes you all warm and gushy inside Read This Review More Like It At Ageless Pages ReviewsI was absolutely thrilled when The Lady Most Willing s ARC showedp on edelweiss because I have a massive soft spot for it s predecessor The Lady Most Likely Likely was the first real romance novel I read and that coupled with its The Possible Police uniue anthology style stuck with me so I was highly Even after countless re reads I still love this book It s not perfect and maybe of a 4 star read but since I endp going back to this whenever I need a really good laugh and a short heartwarming story I m sticking to my original 5 stars Granted all three stories suffer from love at first sight which most of the time I don t buy but here it works for me but still I love this And I dare anyone not to laugh at the caber tossing incident in Julia A Letter To Pakistan uinn s awesome story Rating A Heat Sweet to WarmWhat kind of trouble can ten young ladies and gentlemen snowed in at a Scottish castle get into Well when the party includes a duke an earl a French comte and a highland laird the answer isite a lot Four young ladies one by accident and a duke by coincidence are kidnapped from a winter ball by Taran Ferguson laird of Finovair castle in hopes of matching three of said young ladies with his two nephews Trapped at the castle for at least three days many many hijinks ensue We first meet Catriona Burns a gently bred young lady who Before Our Eyes unfortunately comes from a poor family Which is why kidnapper extraordinaire Taran is surprised to see her get out of the getaway carriage He wanted heiresses for his two nephews which immediately disualifies Catriona Also there by coincidence is the Duke of Bretton John Shevington who was asleep in his carriage when it was borrowed for the kidnapping Finding themselves not part of the planned match making Catriona and John find amusement with each other Part one was full of wit and humor really it s Juliainn doing what she does best Cute and sweet with a dash of fun I loved every single second of Catriona and John s flirty and fun banter It put a constant smile on my face which is why I wasn t ready for it to end Oh sure it s wrapped Death on Milestone Buttress up nicely but I wanted of Catriona and John Much Next we meet Fiona Chrisholm a bespectacled heiress with a less than stellar reputation And when compared to her half sister Marilla Fiona doesn t expect to be noticed But Byron Wotton an Earl and the nephew of Taran Ferguson can t help but see the bookish and fiery redhead Byron is a bit tetchy Grouchy and stuffy for someone his age And Fiona can rile himp like no other Part two took me by surprise Eloisa James always manages to pack such a punch in her novellas I really shouldn t have been surprised that I invested so much in both Byron and Fiona But who can blame me Byron was such a fuddy duddy that you can t help but smile every time he says or
#Does Something Particularly Fuddy #
something particularly fuddy ish And Fiona s heartbreaking and A Dark and Stormy Knight (Victorian Rebels, unfortunately sort of hilarious fall from grace years earlier only endeared me to her Lastly comes Cecily aiet but determined young lady Unlike our previous couples Cecily is not willing to let the man choose her She is going to choose the man And she has set her hat Who Killed Mohtta upon Robin Parles Comte and Taran s nephew and heir With a bad reputation as a rake somewhat deserved but mostly not Robin doesn t feel he deserves Cecily So it sp to her to convince him otherwise I t feel he deserves Cecily So it s The Last Days of Jesus up to her to convince him otherwise I the role reversals of part three It was great to see the lady be the pursuer even if poor Robin was less than thrilled I haven t previously read anything by Connie Brockway but I enjoyed her writing immensely There was annderstated iet humor to both Cecily and Robin I particularly enjoyed the image of poor Cecily stuffing bed drapes down the front of her borrowed dresses to maintain her modesty the busts were much too spacious If you are a fan of love at first sight romances A Lady Most Willing is definitely for you I love the idea of a novel in three parts not ite an anthology not really a novel but something entirely Grove Farm Plantation uniue And so so fun to read Truly I loved reading three different author s voices tells three different tales set in the same time and place Just magical And refreshing A Romantic Book Affairs ReviewFind Wampeters Foma Granfalloons 1ST Edition us on Twitter and Facebook too This is the story of severalnlikely couples who come together over strange well meaning kidnapping circumstances as told by three different authors The first couple is written by Julia Introducing Corinna uinn and that portion of the story deserved five stars easily I literally laughed out loud several times and absolutely loved it The second couple was by Eloisa James and I would say it was good maybe 35 stars The last one by Connie Brockway was my least favorite and wasnfortunately for her the first time I had read anything by her which didn t make me keen to seek out So really based on averages this should be a three star read but seriously the Julia La Creatividad Lingüística uinn part is so great I couldn t give this anything less than four. Irs to choose from as well as one very angry duke Lord BrettonAs snow isolates the castle and as hours grow into days the most honourable intentions give away to temptations as surprising as they are irresistible.

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