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Er and friend are romantically involved Mark Ginny s husband and scientist has A Vision Of Himself vision of himself and in tattered clothing after what appears to be some sort of volcanic explosionSamara has a vision of her recently deceased mother that she is still mourning and it appears she didn t now her mother as well as she thought she did Cass a new mother that is just barely coping and wishes to return to her career has a vision that she is pregnant again I won t even attempt to tell you that I understood what was happening in this book but still i couldn t stop turning the still I couldn t stop turning the The premise was just so compelling and the writing is fabulous I felt as if the author really transported me to this cul de sac neighborhood in Oregon While I liked all of the characters in this book WHAT THAT NEVER HAPPENS it was Mark s story that really held my attention I found the ending to be satisfying 4 visionary stars Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review Can speculative domestic dramas be a new trend Because I would like to read at least five books like this one It takes the The Gold's Gym Training Encyclopedia kind of complex character building I really enjoy and adds unexpected elements and surreal twists thateep it from feeling like anything close to the same old thingAt the heart of this book is what usually exists just in your mind as you wonder what other paths your life could have taken if you d made a different decision But in this book those other selves are ever so briefly made real to a group of characters in an Oregon town In the middle of a normal day they will see for an instant another version of themselves that is much the same but slightly different As these visions recur they have varying conseuences for everyone involved A woman starts to wonder about the possibility of life with a female coworker by her side instead of her husband A daughter views glimpses of her recently dead mother planning a new start and starts to reconsider who her mother was I particularly loved Cass the brilliant philosopher turned new mom who is not sure she will ever go back to finish her PhD She reminded me of two other recent brilliant female characters in 2019 novels in LOST AND WANTED and THE TENTH MUSE and I am hopeful there are even comingThis is the The Origin of Feces kind of book that could do really well in a book club generating a lot of discussion and a good way to dip your toe into speculative fiction for clubs that may be hesitant to move into genre novels Do you ever read one of those books where you realize you re 80% done with it and nothing has really even happened That was this book There s an interestingernel of an idea here about multiverses and what happens when they overlap but it just never goes anywhere and when it finally does Redeeming the Republic Federalists Taxation and the Origins of the Constitution kind of it s rushed and winds up feeling very incomplete This would have been acceptable if it were a differentind of book the ind where internal character development takes precedence of plot but it wasn t that It was too shallow to be that It s very clear that this was trying to be something like Dark Matter Overall I found this extremely amateur and disappointing and am baffled by reviews that claim it has any depth Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review The book held my interest but I can t say I was left feeling all that satisfied by the time the story wrapped up While the explanation of why everything occurred wasn t the thing that bothered me I had this empty feeling when I was done reading because it felt like I got nothing out of the whole purpose of the story I rarely read science fiction but I thought the premise for this one sounded like it had potential Basically four neighbors are just living their lives in Oregon when some weird stuff starts happening They have these visions where they see themselves in this alternate reality What the heck is going onI gave this one 3 stars because this was a page turner for me But if I ask myself did I really get anything out of this read I would have to say no I ve read some of the other reviews and that certainly wasn t the case for everyone It s not a bad book and I don t regret reading I just wish I would have connected with the overall message of the storyI won a free copy of this book in a giveaway but was under no obligation to post a review All views expressed are my honest opinion. Ents may have ept from her Cass a brilliant scholar struggling with the demands of new motherhood catches a glimpse of herself pregnant again just as she’s on the brink of returning to the project that could define her careerAt first the visions are relatively benign but they grow increasingly disturbing and in some cases frightening When a natural disaster threatens Clearing it becomes obvious that the visions were not what they first seemed and that the town will never be the sam. If Then by Kate Hope DayI loved this time warping mind twisting novel Day s prose is convincing and beautiful whether she is writing From The Point Of View the point of view a doctor doing surgery to a scientist doing field work to a realtor selling houses She handles the unusual bumps and folds of time that the story reveals in an eually expert way I often thought of Tom Perrotta s wonderful The Leftovers as I read it in the sense that she made me believe that unbelievable things could actually happen This is literary fiction with a delicious element of science fiction that will appeal to lovers of both Don t miss it If Then is a uiet speculative novel about four neighbors living in suburban Oregon Ginny and Mark are an unhappily married couple Sama An interesting slim jim innovative novel Rights have been signed for a TV series Author Kate Hope Day was an associate producer at HBO This is Kate s debut novel I agree with other readers that this book might work better on screen or at least come alive and fun to watch are my thoughtsbut where some readers felt that the author wasn t effective in drawing parallel worlds in a coherent storyline which may be true the characters hit a sweet spot in me and I the writing created luminous visuals The characters were all so realistically relatablebut with intense spooky disturbing hallucinations or visuals The disturbing alternate visions that these relatable characters had were compelling It left me wondering about things I won t ever now what if uestions about situations in my own lifeifI hadn t been such an asshole to a friends son years ago he was an asshole and I expressed his NOW AVAILABLEthis is a fun slipstreamy what if novel that gently floats the #Possibility Of Parallel Realities #of parallel realities four characters living in a small oregon town begin to experience visions seeing alternate versions of themselves living completely different lives having made different choices at their crossroads of love or career lives with different partners realities where their dearly departed are still alive and well or most alarmingly seeing a doppelg nger whose appearance suggests a catastrophe on a much larger scale than the personal what is causing these visions presaged by a metallic taste a tightening of the air a tremor in the ground is it the awakening of Broken Mountain the town s long dormant volcano is it the theoretical multiverse making itself nown is it a coincidence that those affected include a scientist studying the effects of geothermal activity on animal behavior or an academic whose area of study before pregnancy paused her PhD Was Metaphysics Specifically These metaphysics specifically these hypothetical alternate worlds is it a coincidence that the four characters driving this story are not only neighbors but also connected through circumstance in unexpectedly intimate ways of course it s not and this tricksy little novel has so very many delicious surprises in storethis goes down smooooooooth like cream soda i d only intended to dip into it see what it was all about but i got sucked in immediately and between the clean prose the ping ponging POVs and the addictive what is going on of the intrigue i zoomed straight through without even realizing it it s sci fi lite the speculative elements are used to explore contemporarydomestic themes concerning family and marriage examinations of regret and dissatisfaction and complacency an opportunity for characters to re evaluate their life choices with a tacit invitation to the reader to do the same it s not some new age y puff piece pretending to be a novel though there s meat in this sandwich and it satisfies that food for thought hunger book club appeal for days but probably not for SF puristscome to my blog If Then is a short uiet novel but it s also a fascinating one I wish If Then had gotten attention because it s absolutely wonderfulSet in a fictional town near a also fictional presumably dormant volcano in the Pacific Northwest If Then posits that we live multiple lives in multiple ways at the same time aka multiverse and has her characters get a glimpse into these other lives some better some worse as the volcano starts to rumble What s interesting is that for two of the main female characters it offers pleasant changes from their current lives in one a different partner in other the return of a lost loved one while the main male character sees nothing but pain and suffering But who I really want to The residents of a sleepy mountain town are rocked by troubling visions of an alternate reality in this dazzling debut that combines the family driven suspense of Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere with the inventive storytelling of The ImmortalistsIn the uiet haven of Clearing Oregon four neighbors find their lives upended when they begin to see themselves in parallel realities Ginny a devoted surgeon whose work often takes precedence over her family has a baffling vision of a be. Alk about is Cassandra who is so perfectly named a one time graduate student who stopped WORK ON HER PHILOSOPHY DISSERTATION BECAUSE on her philosophy dissertation because her newborn daughter Leah Cassandra wants to start working on her dissertation again but she can t find a way back into her work on the study of a unifying theory of everything Then a note from her former mentor who is ill in every varation of every mc s life one that leaves a clue that has her negotiating what seems to be the same place as everyone else it isn t while seeing flashes of herself as somehow pregnant again but with no sign of her daughterBy the end Cassandra has found a way back into her dissertation and feels content with the idea of the multiverse and how it works imagining actually seeing a bunch of different babies in her arms as she reflects on the area volcano being monitored for signs of a one day maybe erruption to how everything is connected how happy her family is and makes her and contentedly falls asleep to the sounds of their breathingAlso by the end the two other female mcs have lived through the volcano errupting but not in a major way largely infrastructure loss with only a few deaths but also decided to understand what they want and can have and to go for it For the male mc Mark well he doesn t end up as tragic as the other self he sees but he still can t see the folly of trying to eep fatechangewhatever you want to call it at bay If Then falters in Mark s sections because it tries to make a point that eludes itself Which might have been the point but it doesn t gel as a sense of anything except overwrought in a novel that s otherwise very well calibratedSPACEThe last bit with Cassandra she s dead right Alive in the other characters existence but as a new mom to a baby boy and no signs of going back to school her theory of everything only exists in a place where it will never be seen She Cassandra has a truth no one will hear And I love that It s just so well done And if you ve read it what did you think happened to Cassandra We all play the If Then Game You Know game You now one If I hadthen Somtimes we envision results from minor situations such as If I had not eaten so much at dinner Then my dress wouldn t be so tight Sometimes we fantasize about major events in our lives such as If I had gone to law school Then I would be a rich successful lawyer today But ultimately we put If Then aside and return to realityBut what if reality becomes difficult to determine What if the visions we ponder in the If Then game seems to become real Kate Hope Day in her novel If Then explores the idea of parallel or alternative realitiesKate introduces us to four neighbors living on the same cul de sac in Clearing Oregon Ginny is a skilled surgeon dedicated to her work ponders an affair with a coworker as an escape from her failing marriageMark Ginny s husband is an eco scientist who has become overwhelmed by visions of mass destruction and detestation These premonitions have consumed his lifeNeighbor Samara deeply mourns the death of her mother wonders why her father is so easily adapting When she sees a younger healthy manifestation of her mother she begins to uestion what it is that she really nowsCass the fourth neighbor is a brilliant scholar and new mother As she prepares to return to her promising research she is troubled by her recurring vision of herself pregnant again The visions are troubling to herAnd then there is the volcano Clearing Oregon has a dormant volcanoKate Hope Day gives us a story of possibilities Is there a theoretical universe Are four neighbors connected in other ways Is the volcano awakening Kate Hope Day s attention to detail makes the book a mind bendy time twisty all to real speculative drama This book may not be enough for hardcore sci fi aficionados but those of us who have spent a few minutes applying If Then to our own lives this is a story that lets us believe in the *Unbelievable I Received An Advance Copy Of *I received an advance copy of book from NetGalley NetGalley IfThen I suppose we ve all asked ourselves the uestionIf I had made this choice Thenhow would my life be different That is the uestion that Kate Hope Day explores in this novel Clearing Oregon in a neighborhood just like any other four neighbors experience alternate realities via hallucinations or visions Ginny devoted surgeon and married mother of an 11 year old son suddenly has a vision that she and a female co work. Autiful co worker in Ginny’s own bed and begins to doubt the solidity of her marriage Ginny’s husband Mark a wildlife scientist sees a vision that suggests impending devastation and grows increasingly paranoid threatening the safety of his wife and son Samara a young woman desperately mourning the recent death of her mother and uestioning why her father seems to be coping with such ease witnesses an apparition of her mother healthy and vibrant and wonders about the secrets her par. .