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Kate Bennett seems to have it all A happy marriage a loving husband and childhood sweetheart Scott a five year old healthy and happy daughter Abbie and a career as an investigative journalist which she is excited to et back to But one day Kate just disappears from a supermarket s parking lot without a trace Eleven years later Scott and Abbie have finally moved on with their lives when Kate suddenly reappears with a 7 month old baby Abbie is now 16 years old with a very vague memory of her mother and Scott has remarried another woman Meredith Kate does not seem even a slight shadow of her former self she is severely malnourished and looks psychologically traumatised While Scott Abbie and Meredith try to figure out how to re integrate Kate back into their lives the police Fast and "FuriousKate disappears from a parking lot 11 years agoHer hubby and daughter "disappears from a parking lot 11 years agoHer hubby and daughter devastatedEventually Scott remarries and him his new wife Meredith and his daughter Abbi have a new life but they never forget KateAnd then one day she appears with a babyWhere has she been Who took her and whyI m not Fat going to say the answer to any of the uestions but its a fascinating and very dark story and extremely well researched thought out presented and written and scarily believableThe adjustment to all their lives is massive and things start to spin out of controlBut then the ultimate blindside had measping out loud and ok will use the word twist happens and its a raw evil and shocking oneIts brilliantAt times brutal other times Lost And Found Bride gentle this book is dramatic and sinister and above all else very very readable 10105 Stars I listened to the audiobook version of this story and it was very well performed It s a very different kind of missing woman story where the woman comes back years later and had to re integrate with her family including her husband s new wife I don t want to spoil too much why she went missing but you can find it in some of the other reviews It was a very compelling creepy story in ways I didn t expect Youot to hear the story through the voices of the missing woman her daughter and the new wife of the husband she disappeared from years before The subject matter of the reason for her disappearance is something of a surprise and not something I usually choose to read about but I thought it was well done here A solid and entertaining audiobook choice for your commute chores or relaxing at home I should have done my research before reuesting this as I never would have if I had know it would involve a cult Argh Seemingly intelligent woman happily married mother of one a reporter out to investigate possible cult meets leader and immediately agrees with whatever he says because what he says just makes sense You my dear are a moronSetting this one aside No rating 11 years ago wife and mother Kate Bennett disappeared in California without a trace After months turned into years her husband Scott and her daughter Abbi were forced to move on with their lives Abbi is now 16 and barely remembers her mom Scott has since remarried another move on with their lives Abbi is now 16 and barely remembers her mom Scott has since remarried another named Meredith brought together by their shared Ambition and Accommodation: How Women View Gender Relations grief Now unexpectedly Kate is found at aas station in Montana a 7 week old baby on her hip Severely malnourished clearly beaten and psychologically traumatized Kate is baffling both doctors and police Scott never expected to see his first. One woman’s reappearance throws her family into turmoil exposing dark secrets and the hidden often devastating truth of family relationships Kate Bennett vanished from a parking lot eleven years ago leaving behind her husband and young daughter When she shows up at a Montana as station clutching an. When She ReturnedWife again and when she reappears out of the blue their life is Thrown Completely Upside Down The completely upside down The start investigating what happened to Kate And when they start to look into her disappearance they learn she left her family of her own volition and joined a cult Scott thought he knew his childhood sweetheart but it bec Well this definitely wasn t what I was expecting after reading The Perfect Child a far superior novel by Lucinda Berry I loved that book When She Returnednot so much Don t et me wrong This is very well written and if you re looking for a character study examining the effects of losing a loved one to a cult or how incredibly smart people fall into such a destructive trap this is definitely a story you ll love I just couldn t really connect with any of the characters and both books I ve read by this author included incredibly annoying totally duh headed males protagonists Beyond that I think I was simply expecting something a little An Ethics of Interrogation grisly I needed somethingrisly What I ot was flat and not even remotely shockingThe timeline was wonky For Example Kate A Journalist example Kate a journalist the internet to research Ray for her storybut later upon her return acts as though she s never heard of it before And she was supposedly one for 11 years but the sections of the story told from her POV most definitely did not cover 11 years The whole story was anti climaticand predictable I won t say for fear of spoilers but from the moment Kate arrived home I suspected how things would play out and I was correctwhich sucks OverallI m feeling pretty meh about this novel Thank you to the publisher for providing an advance copy in exchange for my candid "Review Things Have Come UndoneLucinda "Things have come undoneLucinda presents a storyline that has the feel of shifting sand under your feet Can t uite Animal Ecology get the balance of it all Can t uiteet a handle on those ships that set sail in these choppy watersKate Bennett is a stay at home mother of five year old Abbi in Northern California The stay at home portion seems to be driven by her husband Scott Kate longs to be back in her journalism lane free from what she perceives are deadend walls all dayHer former boss calls with an assignment that Art and Cartography: Six Historical Essays gets the juices flowing once again Kate is to interview the head of Love International which is based out of Pierce College The organization focuses on helping college students who are battling opioid addiction The interview with Ray Fischer seems too well along with her boss approval It appears that Kate has her foot in the door once againBut a few weeks later Kate s car is found in a Target s parking lot Her keys are in the ignition handbag on the seat and shopping bags in the trunk Absolutely no sign of KateLucinda Berry fast forwards to eleven years later entitled Now Abbi is sixteen and Scott is remarried to a widow named Meredith who has two college aged sons The uiet suburbia setting is in for a nightmare though Kate shows up terrified at a John for Everyone: Part One, Chapters 1-10 gas station in Montana with a baby in tow The upcoming weeks will find this disjointed family living under one roof trying to piece together Kate s missing years Traumatized and anxious Kate refuses toive much information under the scrutiny of the FBI and stress counseling The chapters will revert to Then in which Kate s story slowly takes on a faceOne would think that we have a blockbuster here Not so fast Infant and screaming for help investigators believe she may have been abducted by a cultKate’s return flips her family’s world upside down her husband is remarried and her daughter barely remembers her Kate herself doesn’t look or act like she did beforeWhile the family tries to help Kate reinteg. ,

Hat starts out as a high interest storyline begins to sink under the weight of the Then aspect Without Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde giving away anything we have arown woman acting like a teenage runaway Everything is built on this premise with the end result falling apart like a Jenga ame So much unnecessary dialogue and elaborate explanations while end result falling apart like a Jenga ame So much unnecessary dialogue and elaborate explanations while Thenville A shot of energy at the end was not enough to save this one for me You may have an entirely different experience from mine Check it out and seeI received a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Thomas Mercer and to Lucinda Berry for the opportunity The problem with having a fairy tale relationship story was how much other people were invested in keeping the fairy tale alive It wasn t just our story it was everyone s Lucinda Berry When She ReturnedI have to o with the crowd here I have read many reviews for this and most people did not seem to love it nor hate it and "that is exactly how I feelSo this book is about Kate "is exactly how I feelSo this book is about Kate vanished without a trace 12 years ago from a target parking lot Now all these years later Hubs has remarried and has mourned the loss of his former wifeBut uess what She s back And apparently she had been with a cult all these years Kate has escaped with a new baby in tow seemingly lost and in emotional chaos Her return triggers uite a reaction from all her family members from her daughter Abbi who is thrilled to Husband Scott to new wife MeredithThis book Berlioz and His Century: An Introduction to the Age of Romanticism goes back and forth from the here and now to the events leading up to and beyond Kate s vanishingOn one hand Kate seems to have been a prisoner all these years as her body shows terrible abuse But Kate is robotic and clearly not able to speak in detail about what happened She is also full of secrets and her return may not be the happy event her family thought it would beI enjoyed this book but only mildly Part of the issue was the backstory Againwill agree with ALL the skimmers There seem to be a large number of GR reviewers who skimmed the backstory and I am one of them I found it painfulloomy and besides I wanted to know about the NOW not the thenThis issue has popped up in so many reviews and I et it If the whole book had been majority in the here and now I d most likely be rating this a five It was fascinating But I lost interest whenever it went back to the cult I ve read enough cult stories and it was just to much I d have liked focus on the Kate here with us TODAY Because I found that Kate fascinatingI am mixed About Meredith I Get Meredith I et felt thrown aside but honestly She was acting jealous from the start and for crying out loud the womanKate was brutalized I did not buy Meredith s reasons for acting the way she did Just because she did not love her first husband is no reason to assume Scott would not welcome back KateI disliked Kate because of just about everything but I also do not think she was mentally sound Part of the issue is we don t know WHY Kate chose to leave Not a spoileryou find out pretty early that Kate left voluntarily But I would have liked to know about Kate to ain a better understanding of WHY Not unrealistic though I have heard that these stories have and do occurand occur alot SPOILERSLoved Abbie She was my favorite character Loathed Kate at the end Not surprised by the end either Sad though Th 375 Stars Audio 5 Stars Story 375 Stars. Rate into society they discover truths they’ve been hiding from each other about their own relationships But they aren’t the only ones with secrets As the family unravels what happened to Kate a series of shocking revelations shows that Kate’s return is sinister than any of them could have imagin.

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