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Emergency exit door after the flight has landed He s restrained by several people and after examination it s discovered he can t create any new short term memories As Jo begins to dig into his case she begins to make some discoveries about the trip he just returned from and a potential new nanotechnology Again all elements and ideas that should make for a fascinating and fun read But The Memory Collector ends up being less than the sum of its parts The story feels too disjointed at times and starts and stops too much to really feel like the smooth roller coaster ride it wants to be With Gardiner s previous record of enjoyable books I hope this is only an aberration and not the beginning of a decline in uality along the lines of Patrica Cornwell 30 out of 5 stars Erase this one from your memory June 19 2009 This review is from The Memory Collector Jo Beckett HardcoverThis book was OK Average in thrills and short on suspense the story just sort of limps along with its heroine forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett behaving in completely illogical almost superhero fashion to save her beloved San Francisco from annihilationBefore I read The Memory Collector I obtained a copy of the first in the series The Dirty Secrets Club Jo Beckettand reviewed it as well I copy of the first in the series The Dirty Secrets Club Jo Beckettand reviewed it as well I then and I repeat I couldn t work up much energy to really care about any of the characters in the book I read this second in the series to see if further exposure provided depth and a interesting story It didn t I was bored and just Trying To Get Through to get through the finish by the time I reached the halfway pointJo is not a believable woman and her interactions with the bad guys and with her sidekick police detective Amy Tang don t give insight into her motivations The book reads like a movie screenplay but the nonstop action is tedious to read the dialogue isn t realistic and nonstop action is tedious to read the dialogue isn t realistic and science seems shakyIn this particular novel Jo must race against the clock to save the family of Ian Kanan who has lost his ability to form new memories because of exposure to a nanotech product a chemical nown as slick Part of the convoluted plot involves Ian s colleagues at Chira Sayf Jo s boyfriend Gabe her neighbors and other assorted one scene characters such as Jo s sister and Ian s old special forces buddyFinally reaching the conclusion was a relief and the ending was a disappointment The second in the series held no promise of the real job of a forensic psychiatrist to perform a psychological autopsy to determine euivocal deathSkip this one One of my new fave series I ve found The memory collector by Meg Gardiner is book 2 in the Jo Beckett mystery series Forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett is called to an airplane when a passenger acts erratically and finds that he is suffering from a rare form of amnesia where he is unable to form new memories It is found that he may have been exposed to a contaminant that he was forced to obtain after his family is idnaped A fast paced and captivating thriller with plenty of suspense and action A bit unbelievable in parts but very enjoyable nonethelessMy first book by this author and it won t be my las. Tring of clues arises something to do with a superdeadly biological agent code named Slick a missing wife and son and a secret partnership gone horribly wrong Jo realizes her patient's addled mind may hold the ey to preventing something terrible from happening in her beloved San Francisco In order to prevent it she will have to get deeper into the life of a patient than she ever has before hoping the truth emerges from the fog of his mind in time to save her city and hersel. A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, kidnapped and he had been exposed to a deadly biological agent which theidnappers wanted in exchange for his familyBut is he delusional Jo and best friend Lieutenant Amy Tang are desperate to find out And when Ian Kanan escapes from hospital attacking Jo on the way out then bodies appear it seems ex soldier Kanan is a murderer But where is Seth And why doesn t Misty appear to be who she s supposed to be Will Jo manage to discover the truth before it s too lateThe breakneck speed of this suspense thriller is absolutely riveting and I literally could not put it down I will definitely be reading in this series by Meg Gardiner Forensic psy. Forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett's specialty is the psychological autopsy an investigation into a person's life to determine whether a death was natural accidental suicide or homicide She calls herself a deadshrinker instead of a head shrinker The silence of her patients is a The Shadow Reader key part of the job's attraction When Jo is asked to do a psychological autopsy on a living person one with a suspect memory who can't be trusted to participate in his own medical care shenows all her.

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Chiatrist Jo Beckett is a psychological autopsy specialist if cause of death is unclear she will profile the victim s life to see if she can come up with a verdict be it suicide natural or other I found this to be an interesting premise and a uniue one The first in the series is Dirty Secrets Club which somehow passed me by but that did not detract from my reading pleasure in this novel and I will be visiting Jo s first case shortly and was looking forward to diving in especially as the book was a gift from someone who nows a good book when they see one I was not disappointed In this good book when they see one I was not disappointed In this Jo is asked to profile a still living subject Ian Kanan who having caused havoc while on a flight is found to be unable to form new memories Ian insists he has been poisoned and having escaped from custody is considered a danger to both himself and others People who were on the flight with him begin to succumb to the same problem and it becomes clear that there is a lot going on than at first appears Its scary stuff as the possible causes for the situation begin to emerge I loved Jo Beckett as a character she has depth and an intriguing back story which I may well discover of when I head backwards in time and she has a collection of supporting characters around her who add to the enjoyment of the read I especially love Jo s next door neighbour and give the story than one dimension All in all a brilliant Read And I Look and I look to in this series I should probably check out the Evan Delaney books as well because one of my favourite things in the world is discovering a great author who has a back catalogue I can dig myself into Better late to the party than never arriving Enjoy I remember enjoying the first book in this series unfortunately not this the second I did want to like it but just couldn t The main character is fine it was the secondary character and his situation I just couldn t get into I now it s fiction but the whole plot was absurd in my opinion and just not my cup of tea Therefore a book by a decent author i had no inclination to finish Sorry The Memory Collector may be Meg Gardiner s first misfire in the world of suspense thrillers I found her last summer after reading about Stephen King s recommendation of her novels in his Entertainment Weekly column I found and read all of her thrillers both the Evan Delaney series and the start of this series of stories about Jo Beckett But it s only here with The Memory Collector that I find myself being disappointed with GardinerHer novels have always been the euivalent of popcorn thrillers You jump in and let the rush of adrenaline propel you through the twists and turns of the story However with The Memory Collector the huge leaps of suspension of disbelief reuired at certain points in the novel are too huge and really take you out of the story In many ways it feels like Gardiner has several central action pieces she wanted to weave into the story and then forced the story elements around themThe premise itself is an interesting enough one and should have been a better hook On a flight into San Francisco a man tries to open the. Skills will be put to the test Jo is called to the scene of an aircraft inbound from London to help deal with a passenger who is behaving erratically She figures out that he's got anterograde amnesia and can't form new memories Jo finds herself racing to save a patient who can walk and talk and yet can't help Jo figure out just what happened to him For every cryptic clue he is able to drag up from his memory Jo has to sift through a dozen nonsensical statements Suddenly a The Memory Collector

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