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From the whole and overall the anthology was particularly well written edited and composedThe few standout storiesThe Ex Court Painter Goya and and composedThe few standout storiesThe Ex Court Painter Goya and Princess which tells the story of an ex royal painter who is called into Court to do a particularly sensitive and confidential job for the King The painter is shuffled down to the basement and is locked in a room to do his work I will not spoil what the painting is of or how the story progresses but this author did an excellent Job Of Telling An of telling an and complete story in short order Night People in Summer was another favorite that employed a sense of ghost telling and magical realism The author took the ordinary daily life and added not only magic and supernatural intrigue but also a light element of danger The Music Box where the author took the modern and very relatable problem of dating and added a magical twist that was fun and whimsical The Wolfman s New Gig which was cute and dark at the same time The author did a great job of keeping the reader just confused enough and intrigued enough to keep turning the page The twists are well set up and completely surprising and believable of the charactersBring It Bernadette which I loved At just over a page this story packed a lot of punch and a lot of twisted psyche inThe Library which was another good ambiant creepy story with lots of uestions and few answers Although the tale is left incomplete it is done so at the right time and in the right way so as to leave the reader still thinking about the story but satisfied It was confusing and weird and just perfectly intriguingWIth regard to the pictures they were fine lending some ambiance to the stories My favorite by a lot was They Say Once the Trees Begin to Tremble It Is Too Late by Steven Ehret on page 180With regard to the poems they were also fine lending some ambiance to the stories They were little views into the life of a Grimm character or a brief explanation or a slight twist on perspective I will add that I particularly liked the snark in Colleen Michaels The Pea Defends His Position I will also add that the Four Grimm Tales Revisited by Erin Virgil was a well done interesting twist on the four tales Enough *said in these four little mini poems to twist the original stories completely around I received this book through Goodreads *in these four little mini poems to twist the original stories completely around I received this book through Goodreads First Reads I honestly enjoyed all these assortments of story paying homage to the traditional Brothers Grimm Stories If ou like fairy tales this is a must read for The Guitar Style of Jerry Reed you. Arah WilsonThrough short fiction poetry and artworkou will meet a talking cat girl and a girl that talks to cats; librarians like ou've never imagined and royalty like ou always have; an ex court painter an all too persuasive frog and an out of work wolfmanSome twist and twine their happily ever after predecessors in inventive ways; others craft entirely new magical faces and places All collected the anthology is ripe with sticky sweet revenge altogether timely fates and all conuering and conuesting lo. S fantastic oddly velvety I wish all my hardbacks used itAll in all this was a great read and a real treat I am this was a great read and a real treat I am thankful for Goodreads First Reads for allowing me to get this book I have not Riders of the Sea yet had a chance to read it but once I do I will be sure to update this review ok This was a fine collection of fairy tales fables and folklore Some were oft told tales that will be readily familiar toou but that veer off into unexpected twists and turns others have of a contemporary bent Full of bright magic and darkness macabre and lovely these stories are not for the kiddiesWithin these pages ou can read of a glib frog who talks his way into the bed of a careless princess a husband who always gets the secrets mixed up with the truth a library with terrifying goings on and people who live in the walls The much maligned pea gets his chance to defend his position and throw new light on who the injured party really was in the original story For our further consideration there are singing trees scarves knitted from caterpillars dreams whistling spiders a talking fish and a girl whose long hair has a most definite mind of its ownThe book itself has an old fashioned look to the pages which is charming There are a few illustrations included that are an old fashioned look to the pages which is charming There are a few illustrations included that are worth a look This was loaned to me by a Goodreads buddy who won it in a giveaway thank Friends Forever: Everything Changes (Friends Forever) you Review based on ARCI love Grimm and I was very excited to win a copy of Modern Grimmoire through an early reviewer program But I was not really sure what to expect would these be new takes on old stories new stories It was a combination A very dark very angry combination of as the subtitle states fairy tales fables and folkloreOverall I was very happy with the anthology It was a uick read and each story very comfortably stands on its own I would recommend to anyone who has a penchant for all things Grimm for people who are interested in dark fairy tales folklore and fables and for those with a stomach for the well grim In other words if the title is appealing toou go ahead and pick it up The book does the title and the cover justiceThe anthology is comprised of mostly stories a few poems and a handful of pictures The stories were the heart and the focus of the book and I separately review though I do not summarize short stories each on my blog at were a few standout stories that in and of themselves would make this book worth picking up and reading The stories that were not as great in my opinion did not particularly detract. Awad Catee Baugh Tim Belden Danielle Bellone Amanda Block Angela Buck Simon P Clark Paul Crenshaw Kimberly Duede Steven Ehret Danielle Fontaine J M R Harrison Joyce Winters Henderson John Kiste David Kolinski Schultz Maude Larke Clayton Lister Carlos F Mason Wehby Colleen Michaels Erin T Mulligan Jason Daniel Myers Joann Oh Elodie Olson Coons Julia Patt Ariana uinonez Tay Sanchez Sarah Elizabeth Schantz Alex Stein Michael Wasteneys Stephens Cheryl Stiles Samuel Valentino Erin Virgil Jennifer Whitaker and

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Thirty six authors and artists create this anthology of chilling stories dark poetry and wonderfully unsettling illustrations Some of the works were disturbing some were haunting and a few in true fairytale fashion had a happily ever after With a mixture of new tales and new takes on old classics this book provides a fresh perspective on stories we all know and love and several uniue stories that have their place alongside their timeless counterpartsNot a single work in this compilation disappointed me but there were of course some stand outs Among my favourites were legends of a night girl a cat girl an ex court painter a ueen whose love is unshatterable a library with terrifying secrets an enchanting music box a woman with a symbiotic relationship with her hair a girl and a cat who forge an unlikely friendship a sweet little woman a man on a unicycle and a cursed sleeping girl Also there is very familiar arn of a brother and sister happening upon a house in the woods this time with names Henry and Gerta plus a long awaited account of the pea s side of the storyThe subtitle is apt Contemporary Fairy Tales Fables and Folklore This is A Modern Collection We modern collection we can and share with future generations Hopefully like their predecessors the Brothers Grimm these tales will stand the test of timeI received a free copy of this book through Goodreads First Reads A fantastic book that I m proud to be a part of The mix of stories is brilliant and the presentation itself I have the hardback is superb Great stories to inspire and confuse I am a girl that loves fairy tales always have So when a friend won this one in a Goodreads giveaway I knew I was going to have to borrow it In this anthology we get retellings of old familiar fairy tales along with some completely new to me at least stories and poems many with a dark twist The end result is a satisfying sometimes chilling read that would make the Grimm brothers happyThere were one or two stories that didn t uite work for me but overall this was solid Some standouts for me include the anthology prizewinner The Ex Court Painter Goya and the Princess Gourmaundeth a dark poem about the real life German cannibal du bist was du isst Fish a fish out of water story as it were Catspaw a tale with multiple endings and Persuasion and The Wolfman s New Gig twisted retellings of familiar favorites The artwork on the cover and throughout is beautiful as well As a side note the paper that was used to make the dust jacket Two hundred ears ago Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm better known as The Brothers Grimm published their collection to ensure that the various German fables tales and folklore of their age and before would not die out Modern Grimmoire Contemporary Fairy Tales Fables Folklore is a literary anthology in the Grimm persuasionAwaiting ou inside are the collected works of thirty six emerging authors and artists from around the world including prize recipients Michael Harris Cohen and Mandy Altimus Pond along with Mona. Modern Grimmoire