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Me plenty to sink my teeth into I was in heavenPlot in a nutshell Rhys is a steady well rounded guy His confidence and sunny disposition are a testament to his stable supportive loving upbringing Matt is a product of the foster system His deep seated fears and vulnerabilities are a reflection of his heart breaking uncertain childhood These two very different men find each other fall in love get married and live happily ever after or do they Even though he can t fathom what Rhys sees in him Matt has no intention of losing the best thing that s ever happened to him I wanted it for him I wanted him to have everything he d ever hoped for Matt does everything to be everything for Rhys until there s just nothing left to give leaving them both devastated as they scratch and claw to hold on to one another Emotional and heartfelt Rend icked my ass in such a good way I love that this author has things to say and she says them beautifully Plus she goes about it in a very explicit way D I couldn t ask for Another Roan Parrish book for my 2019 Favorites shelf Audio 5 Thanks Simone for giving me a heads up that about the audio coming out It was than worth the painful wait LOLStory 5 Roan Parrish is officially a favoritego to author for me This book was fucking amazing My favorite by the author to dateIn short Rhys and Matt are married and deeply in love They come from very different backgrounds which influences their expectations of marriage The relationship angst was high and exhausting but at NO time did these guys doubt the love they shared It takes a while and there are hurt feelings but they want their marriage to work How can you not root for a couple like themShockingly enough I m not going to complain about there being too many sex scenes Why Because there was nothing dull about them The scenes were pure passion and the dirty talk was so possessive I just about turned into a puddle of goo I need book 3 NOW Audiobook 5 starsStory 435 stars I can only afford to pick up guys on Wednesdays he said indicating the dollar drink sign Lawd Cheesus I guess this is what we call angst Rhys already stole the show for me in book 1 so i was excited to read his story I was not prepared for the rollercoaster that was Rhys and Matty s relationship I completely get why this was book had mixed reviews and a couple of Dnfs It was frustrating as hell I didn t even realize this book was told solely from Matty s POV until i was done Reflecting on the story then I was like waaaaaaaiiit Ha I have been played This was written in a way that i Felt I Got Rhys i got Rhys too RoanMatty Matty what a frustrating adorable damaged and all that shit character He was exhausting and interesting to Hoodwinked know i love him Matt and Rhys deserve each other i don t think they can survive with other people I felt their relationship was codependent lowey dysfunctional Matty s background explains why he is so guarded and skittish at times I wanted to shake him at time but that wouldn t have helped He needed time and once i decided to give him that i stopped being frustrated Rhys on the other hand is all warm and sunny with some saviour complex He loves to be needed he is the one who has it all together I love Rhys but i wanted to shake too sometimes Good thing Caleb did the shaking for me Matty and Rhys complimented each other well The first half of the book was a bit slow i decided to be patient and the rest delivered I enjoyed Roan s writing her way of storytelling is different she focuses on character and character development rather than plot and it worked for me I love that she doesn t follow that same old romance formula Everything happens backwards The Sex scenes were hot and freuent these two love to get down and dirty Me likey alot The humor was just right to balance the angst One minute i WANT TO STRANGLE MATTY THE NEXT to strangle Matty the next want to hug him the next i am laughing so hard Yaap Rollercoaster indeed I loved Theo and Matty s friendship it was is so precious. Ubt But Rhys loves Matt fiercely and he’ll go to hell and back to triumph over Matt’s fears After secrets are revealed and desires are confessed Rhys and Matt must learn to trust each other if they’re going to make it That means they have to fall in love all over again and this time it really will be foreverRoan Parrish’s pitch perfect Riven novels can be read together or separatelyRIVEN | REND. Y did but after two weeks I m throwing in the towel hereI m not in the least bit bothered about these charactersI found what I read so depressing and boringApparently it gets better in these charactersI found what I read so depressing and boringApparently it gets better in second halfI honestly wasn t interested to find outJust about everyone loved this so probably best to move along and check out other reviews Review copy provided by NetGalley 45 StarsSheesh Talk about hitting you where it hurts This one was hard to read Most of the book in fact It was very Melancholic Even With Rhys Sunny Even with Rhys sunny My hurt broke time after time for Matt I really feel like I should remember Matt from Riven After all Matt and Rhys were married before Theo and Caleb even met But I don t Much like Riven the writing is flawless It s captivat Full review now posted November 27I have to admit I was a little disappointed that Rend was not about Theo and Caleb the couple from Riven but it is about Caleb s oldest friend Rhys We already now Rhys is married to Matt and Rend is their storyThe first half of the book is well rather boring It tells of Matt s day to day life and I just felt like it was almost void of any emotion from Matt Rhys is full of life and is madly in love with Matt but Matt is struggling The second half of the book you learn about Matt s heartbreaking past and it had me wondering if the author made the first half emotionally boring to make the reader feel so much in the second half because the emotions hit you hard Matt started uestioning if he was good enough for Rhys even feeling unworthy of being loved His childhood is full of heartache and hurt and you begin to understand why Matt is so afraid but Rhys will fight for himYes Theo and Caleb are in this book uite a lot actually I enjoyed catching up with them and seeing such a strong bond between Caleb and Rhys Once again the author s writing will hit you with all the feels and I have a feeling this story will be with me for a long time I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Holy hell get the tissues ready folksThis one put me through the emotional ringer Matt is our exclusive narrator here and he is a sad dude A product of the foster system he learned never to want anythingAnd even though Chapter 1 begins 18 months into his marriage to Rhys and he s so in love he doesn t trust that happiness will last for himThe first half of this book was gut wrenching It is a black cloud over your head and you just want to curl up in a fetal position to make the pain go away How can someone be so broken How can someone literally not want anything because he s never even thought to ask for itButI couldn t put it down Every painful word resonated into some of the best character development I read this in one sittingAnd the second half happened What a refreshing way to show resolution of marital problems The black clouds parted the sun rays descended and the angels were singing I loved loved loved the second halfIf you re going into this one expecting it to be anything like Riven you will be in for a surprise It s like comparing Books 1 and 2 of the Middle of Somewhere series I will settle on 4 stars because I liked the story overall even with the pain of the first half Parrish is very talented in her writing skillsBest uote of the book I loved his transition from fuckbeast to cuddlemonster Story 5 STARSAudio 5 STARS I don t now how to do this Oh man ooey gooey coming of age New Adult GOODNESS from Roan Parrish And what a performance by Greg BoudreauxSo I ended up LOVING this one but truth be told when I started I was a little cranky First it revolves around an established couple so I didn t get to experience that new love high that I love so much And second it s mostly about only one character s fight with his demonsBut it didn t take me long to go from cranky pleased thrilled Because I adore a well written story that s driven by emotion rather than events And let s just say that Rend gave. They meet their chemistry is incendiary Their romance is unexpected intense and forever at least that’s what their vows promise Suddenly Matt finds himself living a life he never thought possible safe and secure in the arms of a man who feels like home But when Rhys leaves to go on tour for his new album Matt finds himself haunted by the ghosts of his pastWhen Rhys returns he finds Matt twisted by do.

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