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It's All About the Bike The Pursuit of Happiness on Two Wheels yThis has been receiving somewhat middling reviews and I understand why it s a book that sort of reads like a sendup of fantasy tropes and sort of reads like a book leaning into those tropes and can t uite figure out where it s going I however really enjoyed my experience reading this and sped through it uickly So let s just sum it up this will be fun if 1ou genuinely enjoy reading fast paced heist urban fantasy Who doesn t enjoy campy fantasy sometimes Okay Corinna, A-Maying the Apocalypse yeah maybe I need to be in a specific mood to enjoy this specific category But I tend to really enjoy the fast slump breaking reading experience this type of book offers A for that 2ou have spent a lot of time poking fun at cliche fantasy books that Programmable Microcontrollers with Applications you really liked This book spends a decent amount of its time poking fun at itself And guess what It is fucking hilarious The main character s voice in particular is just glorious and sardonic and fun and I absolutely love it 3ou enjoy pulpy The Big Book of Losers: Pathetic but True Tales of the World's Most Titanic Failures! (Factoid Books) you kind of know what s happening butou re still along for the ride kind of books where all the characters are pretty likable You know Cassandra Clare She s popular because she gets The Thing About Alice you invested in the characters and thenou re so invested that Un lieu incertain you just enjoy the ride There s a cool lady friendship to root for feat a total nerd girl and absolutely no dumb miscommunication An exes plotline thatou totally know the direction of but enjoy nonetheless A strong family dynamic that is so easy to root for I am not going to pretend this will be a book I find extremely memorable however I am going to totally lean into how much fun I had reading it and recommend it to anyone who finds the prior description somewhat intriguing I laughed reading it It broke through my slump So I would recommend Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Youtube Well that was hella disappointingSo I like heists heist movies are amazing Heist books are even better And to me no heist will ever top the one from Six of Crows That has forever been cemented as the gold standard for heist storySadly this book didn t even come close to getting on that level of awesomeThe synopsis sounded amazing A magical heist and dragons If that s not a winning combo I don t know what is I went into this expecting to be extremely entertained and fall in love with all these characters Less than 50 pages in I already knew I was in for a big disappointmentMy first issue was the writing style Where Six of Crows was dark and edgy this one seemed juvenile And it s not to say that this one should have been like Six of Crows This is its own novel and the author has her own style It s just that the style read a little childish and like I couldn t uite take it seriously in dire situations The charcters were also very childish They didn t feel very believable as characters and weren t very compelling or even entertaining There were also a lot of interactions between them that felt forced like the author was trying to trick us into that they were becoming friends or that they were likable and it just came out as issue I had with friends or that they were likable and it just came out as awkwardAnother issue I had with novel was the world building or rather the lack thereof This is a world where humans know that dragons exist What does this mean for humanity For the power structure of mankind What is the dragon society like What are the rules How is mankind just ok with dragons constantly conducting public high stakes heists Lastly I had issues with the actual heist It was pretty anticlimactic The heist part should be the tensest most suspenseful part of any heist story It should keep Starman The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin you onour toes and surprise ou This heist sort of justhappened There wasn t much else to it I was surprised by how soon it was all over Even everything that came after the heist sort of just happened It was pretty bland if I m honest Overall did I like this novel Not particularly I didn t hate it But it sure wasn t the most entertaining book I ve read this ear Do I recommend it Again not particularly Although despite this having only a 363 average on Goodreads As of 122618 all the top reviews are giving it 4 5 stars I don t exactly know what that says about this book but who knows ou might like it I venture into YA when I m in the right mood But sometimes I find myself almost in the right mood and whether I fall in or not will be determined by the book I pick up With this book it sucked me in and never let go Sky is engaging right from the start and the alternate world fantasy setup was just present enough to be interesting and the story has great pacing and all the right detailsAnd now I find myself without much to say The cover copy gives ou enough to know what ou re getting into Durst delivers on the promises but adds a wonderful family with a broken dynamic trying to find their way back to if not normal then at least coming to terms with their new circumstances I liked Sky a lot and sympathized with her desire to come into her own in a to come into her own in a that has been turned upside down I love that she takes action rather than wallowing in her self pity and I particularly love that she s strong enough to claim both her strengths and weaknessesMy only caution is that this is very much a YA story so some complexity is sacrificed for pacing and characterization is sometimes on the facile side of trope I don t consider these bad tr. In Sky Hawkins's family leading our first heist is a major milestone even so than learning to talk walk or do long division It's a chance to gain power and acceptance within The Summer I Wasn't Me your family and within society But stealingour first treasure can be complicated especially when ou're a wy. ,

Fire HeistAits and thought that Durst made it exactly what it needed to be Which is why it s getting all of the five stars it deservesA note about Romance and ChasteSteamy Sky starts the story heartbroken that the boy she loves rejected her along with all of the rest of wyvern society The story works through that relationship but all of the falling in love is in the past As such this isn t a Romance but there is an exploration of love and caring about others There s no steam or references to sex at all but there is some kissing so I m tagging it Chaste but not Romance which is a little unusual December Fairyloot Clink on the link below the picture to see the goodies THE GOODIESWell shit I enjoyed the hell outta this book Happy Reading Mel Whilst this scored 3 stars on CAWPILE I had such a brilliant time with it This was such a fun read I thoroughly enjoyed it The family aspect was by far my favourite Definitely not one of the heavy fantasies that leave a mark afterwards at least for me but it s absolutely perfect for a fun break from heavy high fantasy tomes The book started really well but half away through this became somewhat naive The story was fast paced and there s a lack in action with the other characters apart from the main character Plus the characters were seemed to be predictable and that lost some of the interest with the story HeistsWere dragonsHEISTS AND WERE DRAGONSI was gonna say ou had me at heist but then I read were dragons and now I m not so sure I was completely had beforeYou can wish and hope and pray and chant under the moon for this on Netgalley Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Fire and Heist by Sarah Beth Durst is a oung adult fantasy read that is a standalone story The author described her idea for this one as wanting to write Ocean s Eleven with Were dragons so of course this odd description definitely got my curiosity aroused It s safe to say when done too this doesn t really remind me of anything I ve read before which for me is a good thing Sky Hawkin is a teenage Wyvern a human with the ability to shift into a dragon although the Wyvern here on Earth have lost the ability to shift and can only conjure fire Wyvern s also have a fetish for shiny expensive things especially gold so how do they go about acuiring it ou ask By stealing of course Sky s family however is on the outs in the Wyvern community after her mother went on a heist and didn t return Obviously something went wrong but Sky s brothers and father refuse to do anything to find out what happened so Sky intends to plan her own heist to try to find her mother Now with a book about dragons I wasn t uite expecting to jump into what reads YA contemporary with family drama but the story started a little on the funny side and piued my curiosity regardless As the book went along and I m beginning to wonder if the book went along and I m beginning to wonder if world is basically ours with these supposed dragons that aren t than humans without a lighter to create fire what was the point to including Wyverns but thankfully the story eventually got around to dragon ish things to satisfy my curiosity In the end I found it a rather cute mostly contemporary with a dash of fantasy read and would suggest giving it a try I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit Review posted on Fafa s Book Corner Beware spoilers aheadTrigger warning Trauma regarding absent parent mention of murder blackmailing imprisonment mention of blood abusive parent and physical violenceSky Hawkin s used to have it all The perfect family friends and boyfriend Until her mother disappeared Now shunned by the wyvern society Sky s family is dealing with the aftermath regarding her mother Her father doesn t smile any Her brothers ignore her And the Hawkin s family refuses to speak about what happenedMuch to Sky s surprise her ex boyfriend Ryan gives her information regarding her mother Sky decides to put her foot down and complete the mission her mother failed With a rag tag crew Sky sets out for answers After reading the author s previous works I was highly anticipating this I am happy to say that I enjoyed it Fire and Heist is written in first person limited following Sky There are chapter numbers and one listI had such a blast reading So much fun but also had it s serious moments I particularly enjoyed the play on history The Hawkin s are distantly related to King Atahualpa and other historical figuresI absolutely loved the Hawkin s They had such a great relationship despite all they d been absolutely loved the Hawkin s They had such a great relationship despite all they d been Charles is the oldest He had this tough guy attitude Tuck and Liam are fraternal twins And like most twins had a close relationship Sky s the oungest and the baby of the family Her father and brother s do their best to keep Sky out of everything Which just makes Sky even inclined to look for answersThere s a large focus on Before As in before the events of this book When Sky and her family used To Be Happy And When They Actually Had A Place be happy and when they actually had a place society After being shunned and dumped by her boyfriend everyone else followed suit Sky s wyvern friend s ditched her No one wants to do business with the family Naturally Sky is angry with all these people Even when Ryan comes back in her life Sky still holds some resentmentThe world building was excellent There are a lot of rules within the Vern a human capable of turning into a dragonEmbarking on a life of crime is never easy and Sky discovers secrets about her mother who recently went missing the real reason her boyfriend broke up with her and a valuable jewel that could restore her family's wealth and rank in their co. ,
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Yvern society Even regarding a person s first heist Wyverns history plays a huge role in the story Most of it is nothing new Though I felt that Durst did a good job making it uniueI really liked Sky She was a great character Realistic with her own insecurities Also very mature which seems to be a thing with Durst s heroine s I enjoyed reading about her character development and journey throughout the storyGabriela is Sky s human friend Now that Sky doesn t have any wyvern friends She is Spanish and loves to do research Also very self assured whilst some insecurities The friendship between Sky and Gabriela was sweet They really grew from their relationship with one anotherMaximus is a wyvern who can also use magic His character was uite something At first I didn t know how to feel about him As the story continued I grew to appreciate his character He s very dramatic which makes for a fun reading experienceRyan s character surprised me When I read the synopsis I figured the audience is supposed to like him I did not except him to be helping Sky in her heist Let alone encourage it He was sweet and a total dork I liked the romance between them I thought they were cute together It also didn t take away from the plotThe heist was so much fun I really enjoyed reading about their practice And the part each character had to play Once all the twists came into play there were a lot of genres explored Such as some Sci Fi elements I didn t see anything coming And enjoyed all the tibits of the world building exploredThe main themes were forgiveness and power I respected Sky when she said that she would forgive Ryan and the rest of her friends It showed character growth I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions about power It was very interesting and thought provokingOverall I really liked it I highly recommend it I had really high hopes for this one because the blurb makes it sound like it s Heist Society with dragons Sadly that is not the case and not just because there was a distinct lack of hot blond billionaire16 ear old Sky Hawkins and her family are wyverns Originally descended from dragons they can t actually transform any but they can still breathe fire And they still LOVE their gold In the wyvern community leading Natural Cat Care your first heist to steal something is a huge coming of age ritual Butou aren t supposed to steal from humans in this world humans do know about wyverns existence and treat them like celebritiesSky essentially used to have it all She was the classic rich girl popular hot boyfriend family with six cars each But then her mother suddenly disappeared while on a heist Now her friends aren t talking to her her boyfriend Ryan broke up with her and humiliated her in public and her family is falling apart In fact the Hawkins are being shunned by the entire influential wyvern community Sky can t understand it because stealing is an established and can t understand it because stealing is an established and part of wyvern culture So why are they being excluded Is it because her mum got caught Her family aren t telling her anything so she decides to go investigating for herselfThings get complicated when she discovers that her mum was busy stealing from Sky s ex Ryan at the time of her disappearance Sky has to put together a crew retrace her mum s footsteps and discover what happenedThis is where the book lost meI thought the members of her crew were "AWESOME PROPS TO THE AUTHOR FOR MAKING THEM VERY " props to the author for making them very dimensional Sky has Gabriella a human classmate who s looking for excitement in her life Maximilian a wizard with his own motivations and Ryan who swears he was forced to dump her by his dad but that he still loves her Ryan s house is guarded by top notch security I was expecting intricate details of how the crew would hack into the CCTV feed and loop it defuse bombs circumvent lasers and pressure sensitive platesInstead I got stuff like We cut the wires The bomb was defused Um excuse me You don t get to do things like that If ou don t know about bomb removal research it Read Heist Society This was a huge let down It felt far too easy for them to sneak into a highly guarded vault even if they were magical beingsAnd then at about the 50% percent mark something happened which made me realise the book was never going to be about fun and exciting thefts in the first place Durst s real plotline is basically all about casting down authoritarian regimes Which is all well and good but not when the blurb promised me fun and exciting theftsIt was a HUGE struggle to finish this book It didn t help that Sky is pretty annoying she uses Gabriella massively basically only speaking to her when it s convenient In fact at the beginning Sky was a real bitch to Gabriella And Gabriella was the best most relatable character in the whole book She s always felt sad at being excluded from thrilling adventures just because she s human she s a loner desperate for friends and all she #wants is for her life to have excitement the way Sky #is for her life to have excitement the way Sky doesThe romance was thin as paper I felt zero chemistry between Ryan and Sky It didn t help that Ryan is basically an omega hero kowtowing to everyone It felt like Sky was in love with the idea of their romance the whole childhood friends to lovers tropeSo eah This book disappointed me but I managed to finish it with much skimming so it gets two starsBlog Bookstagram. MmunityWith a handpicked crew by her side Sky knows she has everything she needs to complete her first heist and get her boyfriend and mother back in the process But then she uncovers a dark truth about were dragon society a truth valuable and dangerous than gold or jewels could ever.