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Oung Roman centurion just missed being killed when Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii he was out of town so to speak Through a series of events and some adventure destroyed Pompeii he was out of town so to speak Through a series of events and some adventure Vitellan becomes one of the frozen He is occasionally awoken albeit without the benefit of the full process He *has some serious stomach problems and some wild *some serious stomach problems And some wild During one awakening he is somewhat horrified to find himself having to deal with barbarians the Brits trying to bring some civilization to them from his time in Imperial Rome while keeping them alive essentially by teaching them how to fight based on his ancient experience His latest awakening is in the 21st century he s been frozen for something like 700 years Imagine being a young man whose father saw Christ in the flesh and finding yourself in a most technologically advanced place here McMullen was rather optomistic though it is no civilized than was Rome More adventure big time as Vitellan makes his way through the US keeping ahead of the bad guys even though he can t be sure who is actually out to get him One delightful scene has his learning to ride what is effectively a 21st century motorcycleThe characters pa I had never read any of McMullen s books before but picked this p at my library s book sale and knew I had to have it as soon as I read the description It s a pretty niue storyline about a group of ancient Romans called the Temporians who were basically human time machines They discovered how to freeze themselves in ice chambers with a combination of natural resilience and a special mixture of cryoproteins isolated from glacial dwelling insectsThe Centurion is the last of the Temp This won an Aurealis Award back in 1999 But I don t know why Roman centurion finds a means to move don t know why Roman centurion finds a means to move time a la Buck Rogers Finds himself in 21st C and gets involved in cyberpunk activities No real resolution Side characters and plots that go nowhere and a fair few nexplained events Started ok but downhill slide all the way Rated M for violence and infreuent coarse language 255 isbnoriginal. Hen Vitellan finally awakens in the twenty first century he is no longer in his own body and a deadly enemy from the past is closing in Can he adapt to this brave new world and survive a hate that has pursued him across time. A fun idea What if ancient Rome s best and brightest and most cold resistant maintained their Empire via cryonics marred by its execution First half Roman and medieval times is largely prelude and wordy back story Second half in the now not too distant future is strongly reminiscent of Snow Crash although Stephenson does it better The Centurion himself is stoic honorable wooden adaptable dull His Romanmedieval supporting cast are forgettable with the exception of an Ice Keeper or two The 21st century women are Lara Croft esue ciphers Dialogue can be clunky Such cruelty such evilit hangs over this place like a cloud chilling ME THOUGH THE SUN SHINES BRIGHTLY though the sun shines brightly likewise is *At Times Hokey He Took *times hokey he took days to reach the fort Had he hastened and made it in three the course of history would have been changed and she had also been working for herself and to an agenda that nobody could have suspected Diverse plots and Betrayals In Support Of A Single Prosaic Goal Are By in support of a single prosaic goal are by confusing improbable and then facile David Mamet meets Dan Brown at Ellis Peters place later William Gibson stops by The value is in its assertion that time travelers from the past could have as much or to teach their descendants emphasis on manners good governance military strategy and courtly love as those from the future would their ancestors This is a theme for which I have much sympathy as do many others if Downton Abbey is anything to go by Also touches on cryoethics and Our Martyred Lady uestions of autonomy and personality Put it down with a renewed interest in Latin and a thought of sampling the author s Greatwinter trilogy which appears to have received better notices I m not entirely sure the first half of the book is necessary it s like an extremely long prologue settingp the background so that the action can continue without breaking stride with expositionThat said it is well thought out and entertaining but on a second reading I d skip the first hundred pages or so I doubt my experience will be negatively hindered except in fully nderstanding the ps. Travel from Imperial Rome to the twenty first century with the world's only human powered time machineVitellan the Centurion is cursed with the gift of time travel In 1358 he stood with a few dozen warriors against nine thou. .

The Centurion's EmpireYchopathic nature of the Icekeepers Read this book awhile ago but remember being impressed An interesting story that takes you through history from the Roman Empire to the future a kind of combination historical fictiontime travelsci fi with a little Da Vinci code style world order conspiracy theory mixed in An nusual book The books are much better than the execution with multiple time settings and characters The biggest problem bar the section set in the future not enough time is spent *in any time period The main character is enough time is spent *in any time period The main character is but somewhat a cipher The ending is also somewhat a disappointment but *any time period The main character is interesting but somewhat a cipher The ending is also somewhat a disappointment but feels left open and I would be curious to see what happens next I started this book in high school and remembered it being much exciting than it was I must not have finished it then because I didn t remember anything about the ending when I read it this time around As a concept the book is absolutely fantastic I love the idea of seeing a citizen of the Roman empire suddenly thrust into the 21st century but the execution for this novel was difficult for me to read The pacing made the exciting portions Understanding the Mass unexpected and confusing and I had trouble figuring out the reasons for everyone s double and triple motives with regards to the centurion By the time I finally made it to the end I began expecting chaos to ensue not because it made sense for the plot but because it had been nothing butnexplained chaos p ntil that point Very tedious to begin within but it gets better and with a better pace toward the end I m still left with the feeling I ve read the outline of a novel rather than a completed work There are so many gaps with no background to help you get any depth from the story Which is a shame really because it had some pretty good bits McMullen is Ethics Playbook uite the imaginative writer Here he presents a twist on time travel The time machine is essentially an ice vault Those whose it drink a sort of antifreeze which is of course poisonous The process of bringing them around is complex These are the gods Vitellan a Sand peasants and earned a love that would conuer death But when a renegade priest steals Vitellan's secret to cheat the Last Judgment the Centurion's plunge through time continued on and thus began a race through the ages ,