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Tcom HduAkx2yIywHere s an example of the writing cave was dark as night as Anja followed the ox downward and luminescent blue as they climbed up a trail of ice and stones When they emerged Anja saw a tremendous fur blanket lying on of ice and stones When they emerged Anja saw a tremendous fur blanket lying on ground in front of her Just as she was ready to collapse into its warm folds it shifted It roseIt wasn t a blanket it was an enormous bear just like the ones in the tales her father told around the fireAfter Anja had thanked the musk ox for her help the bear spoke I have come to take ou north over the tundra he said in a deep soothing voice You may ski or ride as ou wish but we must hurry Christmas is coming soon they stopped for a rest Anja found a small book in her pocket In the day s last light she read a story to the bear about a troll and three silly little goatsThe next day was bright again Anja skied then rode on the bear s back He was great company they sang songs and made each other gethttpcdncphotosheltercomimg getTl dr I charmed by this gorgeously illustrated Christmas storyPS You can click the Preview button on the GR page of this book in order to see a few picturesAges 0 7 Anja is a rosy cheeked big blue eyed girl who wants to find Santa Claus Since she lives in the snowy north Anja skies off into the woods with a cardinal to guide her As she travels Anja makes many friends with the animals who help her along the way including a solid strong horse a shy musk ox a kind polar bear and f The Christmas Wish by Lori Evert takes the reader way up North to mystical magical outdoor places as little Anja s greatest wish is to become an elf at the North Pole She travels with various animals on her adventure Each page is a different photo of Anja and that day s action Simply marvelous A sweet Christmas story with darling photograph. Into the snowy landscape From a red bird to a polar bear to a reindeer a menagerie of winter animals help Anja make her way to Santa A generous trim size matte cover and foiled title make this a special book for the holiday seaso. Itten Anja s kind nature radiating off the page But the real star of the book is the photographs They are breath taking Balancing Gorgeous Scenery With The gorgeous scenery with the and motion of little Anja and her friends Each photograph could easily be in a frame on the wallThis will be a great Christmas tradition in my house and will be a well loved classic This stunning book will take ou on a magical Christmas journey The story brings back the innocence magic and kindness that Christmas is all about The first time I read it to my six ear he was completely transfixed and absorbed by the darling Little Girl And Her Kind Animal Friends girl and her kind animal friends all enjoy just looking at the beautiful Nordic setting and the amazing photographs This book will be a holiday tradition in our family for ears to come Gorgeously illustrated very sweet full of wonder and the beauty of nature and childhood The story is just okay for me This is a gorgeous winterChristmas book by Lori Evert with photographs of her daughter by her husband Per Breiehagen The book looks like it was shot in Norway but it s unclear if that s actually true but for sure Per is Norwegianhttpecximages imagesIAnja the blonde haired double plaited little girl is very cute and very perfect and Evert and Breiehagen dress her in very traditional Norwegian clothinghttpstmediastartribunecomimagesAnja can talk to animals and she decides she will go off to meet Santa Claus She is an excellent skier and she rides a horse and a polar bear at various times She flies on her skies while being pulled by one of Santa s reindeer She ends up meeting Santa and flying in his sleigh and also receives a magical bell from him which will come into play in Evert s later book The Reindeer Wishhttpcdncphotosheltercomimg getThe obviously manipulated photos couldn t be beautiful or stunninghttp3bpblogspo. Ut every ear and savorLong ago a brave little girl named Anja wanted to be one of Santa's elves So she leaves a note for her family and helps her elderly neighbor prepare for the holiday then she straps on her skis and heads out.

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I ve gifted two of these books to my great Niece Who S 6 Now And She Absolutely Adores Them who s 6 now and she absolutely adores them pictures are precious and the story is pretty good too The large size bigger than a 9x11 makes ou appreciate the photos There s enough text on each page that the child will be challenged but not enough to get them bored Soon she ll be too old to be entertained by these but when I took her The Reindeer Wish two ears ago at Thanksgiving she asked me to read it to her every night for uite a few nightsAs an adult I have to wonder how much time poor little Anna the author and photographer s daughter got off from school in the US to go and shoot the photos in NorwayHer and my favorite continues to be The Tiny Wish where she shrinks down to the size of a flower and has a ton of adventures in the forest riding home on a bunny s back "I am completely biased when it comes to this book The Norwegian influence alone makes me love it My daughter " am completely biased when it comes to this book The Norwegian influence alone makes me love it My daughter who is two enjoyed it as wellThe pictures add life to the story And I wish I could find that outfit for Caroline to wear during the winter The story is charming and heartwarming There are plenty of things to keep a toddlers or child s attention The pictures are great and I preferred them to illustrations in this particular book Great bed time story Darling story about a little girl s adventures to find Santa She has delightful helpers along the way Beautifully illustrated as well I adore this bookA sweet tale of a little girl Anja whose greatest wish is to be one of Santa s elves So she sets off one day on an adventure to do just thatThis book was written by little Anja s mother Lori Evert and the photographs of Anja were taken by Per Breiehagen her father What an amazing finish to what could have only been an amazing family project to work onThe tale is wonderfully wr. In the tradition of The Snowman The Polar Express and the many books of Jan Brett this cozy Nordic tale filled with extraordinary photographs will have readers of all ages believing in the magic of Christmas This is one to pull The Christmas Wish