Zen The path of paradox vol1 Chapters 1 to 5 (PDF)

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Zen The path of paradox vol1 Chapters 1 to 5Ld hag was repellent but certainly worth it so they retired to a nearby motel In the morning the distasteful ordeal over the priest was dressing to go home when the bat in the bed said SAY SONNY HOW OLD ARE YOUI sonny how old are youI forty two he replied WhyAin t you a little old to believe in witches Osho Zen The Path of Paradox Pg22When you come to a Zen master he simply helps you to be silent so that you can find your key which you are carrying all along the way And you can find your door which is there and you can nter into your own innermost shrine Osho Zen The Path of Paradox Pg29A small boy was taken for the first time to see Madam Tusaud s world famous waxworks show in London He was plainly depressed by the whole thing His mother sought to Crazy Love enlighten himYou see dear all these men and women are famous people who lived a long time ago They are all dead nowThe lad s gloom deepened and he muttered So this is heaven Osho Zen The Path of Paradox Pg39You come across a rose flower and the moment you see it immeditely language jumps in and something inside your mind says a beautiful rose flower and you have destroyed something Now it is neither beautiful nor a rose a word is there Don t allow the word to interfere withach and Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society every one of yourxperiences Sometimes just be there with the rose and don t say a rose There is no need The rose has no name the names are given by usAnd the name is not a real thing so if you stay too attached to the name you will miss the real The name will come into your yes and you will project something all the past roses When you say it is a rose you are classifying it And no rose can be classified because all roses are so uniue and so individual that classification is just not possible Don t give it a class don t pigeonhole it don t put it in a box Enjoy its beauty njoy its color njoy its dance Just be there Don t say anything Watch Be in mo chao a silent serene reflection Osho Zen The Path of Paradox Pg52The present is not part of time Have you ver thought about it How long #Is The Present The #the present The has a duration the future has a duration What is the duration of the present How long does it last Between the past and the future can you measure the present It is immeasurable it is almost not It is not time at all it is the penetration of Black Heart, Red Ruby eternity into time Osho Zen The Path of Paradox PgixMy advice to you is have nothin. Out meditation the West has lost much I am trying to bring together East and West because together they will create the whole Oshoncourages the reader to throw off the accumulated knowi. G to do take a rest Even if that blue #Eyed Barbarian Bodhidharma Should Come #barbarian Bodhidharma should come he can only teach you to do nothing Put on your clothes at your food and move your bowels thats all No death no fear because there is nobody to die No transmigration no dread because there is nobody to transmigrate It is always here There is nowhere to go Hui Neng Zen The Path of Paradox Pg158If the Devil is also created by God then God remains the sole signature of xistence Then God remains the sole author so whatsoever is happening is happening through him and he is paradoxical That s what Zen says God is paradoxical as paradoxical as New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood existence itself God is nothing but another name forxistence for the totality of xistenceOnce you understand this paradoxicality a great silence arises in you Then there is no choice there is no point in it Then things are together You cannot become a saint because if you want to become a saint you will have to deny your devil you will have to cut yourself into two parts You will have to force your devil somewhere into your belly and the devil will remain there and will go on sabotaging your sainthood Zen brings great health to humanity It says you are both Accept both Don t deny don t choose accept both In that acceptance there is a transcendence in that very acceptance you are neither a saint nor a devilThat is what a holy man is neither good nor bad acceptance you are neither a saint nor a devilThat is what a holy man is neither good nor bad both and when a person is both knowingly both those opposites cancel ach other out Just try to understand this it is one of the fundamental keys Osho Zen The Path of Paradox Pg184 My introduction to ZEN Would love to know interesting reading on ZEN philosophy Like all books by Osho it makes sense I can never xplain why but while I am reading somethingalways goes off in my head and I realize that yesI understand This is the first book of Osho that I read and regretted why haven t I picked his books arlier This book for me was thought triggering and changed my perceptions towards many aspects Definitely a good read one of the most important books i have ЯED ever read There is some things here that I agree with some I disagree with The problem with the book is not the content but the style It is clearly speeches or sermons given by Osho which were then written down without anyditing The book is meant to be heard not to be read This makes it very difficult to rea. Ng of a lifetime to let go of physical mental and motional tensions to relax into the flow of an xtraordinary discourse and become receptive to the present moment and the potential with. .

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I heard the audio discourses of this seriesDescribing Zen as "Pure Reflection Of Life Osho Beautifully Explains The Essence Of "reflection of life Osho beautifully Moreno explains thessence of as a pure paradox Life is paradox and hence zen is its pure reflectionListening to the #Osho S Voice In The Audio Rather #s voice in the audio rather reading makes it real and in alive poetic wayI give it 5 stars A beautifully accessible introduction to Zen Definitely worth multiple reads if not just for the laughsZen is not a philosophy or a theology It may seem like it is because there Monsieur Pain exist numerous scrolls tomes and books on it but this is because it is uses what that obscures torase the obfuscation The word Words put the minds of men in holes and in that hole there is only the word How lse can we reach but with the word And so the word is used so that we may not be used by it Zen is What a brilliant book Sometimes Osho can be a little difficult to understand but in this book he is very straightforward and delivers the message in genius ways Telling stories and you don t know where he is leading you and then bam He s talking about you and pointing out that you re a fool Ha ha but then he delivers the solution and your mind is blown I learned a lot about Zen from this book One of my favorite topics as I consider myself a Zen Buddhist No where to go Nothing to do As it is All of the conditions of joy and happiness are available to me here and NOW Now being the most important part I highly recommend this book I couldn t put it down and wish many of "Osho s books I have to read a chapter and then wait a while for " s books I have to read a chapter and then wait a while for to marinate Enjoy Much love to all Thought provoking A young preacher took a hundred thousand dollars from the church safe and lost it on the stock market Then his beautiful wife left him In despair he went down to the river and was just about to jump off the bridge when he was stopped by a woman in a black cloak with a wrinkled face and stringy gray hairDon t jump she rasped I m a witch and I ll grant you three wishes if you do something for meI m beyond help he repliedDon t be silly she said Alakazam The money is back in the church vault Alakazam Your wife is home waiting for you with love in her heart Alakazam You now have two hundred thousand dollars in the bankThat s w w wonderful stuttered the preacher What do I have to do for youSpend the night making love to meThe thought of sleeping with the toothless In Zen The Path of Paradox Osho suggests Zen as a possible bridge between East and West and between the scientific and the spiritual Without science Osho said the East has lost much; with. ,