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The First Emperor Caesar Augustus and the Triumph of Rome

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Means a gold mine of documentation about them It is a shame so much of it has been lost through the succeeding centuries We know literature existed because of references to lost books made in surviving *works What is known about the military campaigns Augustus participated in *What is known about the military campaigns Augustus participated in designed and led are discussed in Augustus Ad infinitum Those of you who enjoy reading about the strategies and tactics of military campaigns will certainly enjoy Augustus He was not always the winner of these battles Indeed he made some serious mistakes which cost many lives in his legions and serious loss of of face But when he realized his limitations as a military mind he employed able friends and others he knew to be better commanders than himself Augustus was a others he knew to be better commanders than himself Augustus was a personality generally not given to excess of emotions or habits It made him a good ruler if not a military genius What I picked p from reading about his campaigns decades of them most Romans LOVED instigating constant military campaigns was geography and weather and personalities of leaders was very important Knowledge of roads hills marshes being aware of one s supply lines deployments of troops often meant the difference between winning and losing Pincer movements where and when to place infantryarchersengineers taking care of one
troops troops felt free to and desert if not paid or even if ashamed of their particular Roman commanders etc are obviously key to battles But don t ask me I was a secretary Ffs ancient Romans certainly loved to gather The Gi War Against Japan up legions and make war on frenemies other politicians and rulers of distant lands Preemptive and defensive war strikes seem to have been always on the agenda of Roman politicians and wannabes I think it is safe to say the constant politicking Romans indulged in stirredp a lot of ambitious men into hopes of furthering their social positions through commanding legions into making war At least it appears so from the written history they left behind after their civilization was done They wrote a LOT of war memoirs Living in Rome a city of maybe a million people was a prestigious prize of citizenship not given to anyone not considered important or born there One way to be important was to be born into or marry into an old Roman dynasty which had held onto its property and wealth for generations The other was military action which brought honor and wealth to Rome and enough personal social capital to buy into the top ranks of Roman society which was primarily a political society Thus every ambitious Italian and Roman studied rhetoric and literature and how to fight wars as young men Top rank Romans had running water baths fabulous houses slaves cool art and architecture amazing circuses and gladiator fights the pick of beautiful women exotic foods respect of other brilliant men of power and authority who could provide armies to their friends who didn t want to become a rich Roman Even if it meant enduring periodic life threatening political purges every other year or so and sometimes exile to much primitive lands on occasionAugustus died at age seventy six perhaps a natural one which set off some Things Mother Used to Make uprisings in conuered provinces which had beeniet and of course some of his relatives immediately plotted to take the top spot you know the Ghost of a Hanged Man usual ongoing struggle of power and politics in Rome But Augustus ruled an exceptionally long time almost forty four years He must have had the right stuff somehow so it makes him an attractive subject for biographers I think Everitt s is an easy readable one especially if one is interested in military campaigns There are maps of ancient Rome and the Mediterranean as well as extensive Notes Sources and Index sections An excellent Chronology is provided after a table of contents section The author does not really indulge much or too far in speculative or titillating conjectures despite that he could have from the tidbits of gossip which were hinted at in discovered grafitti the Romans left behind yes Grafitti and sly poetry and plays with libelous references to social gossip there were lawsuits and such occasionally too Romans did that This is one of the sedate books about ancient Romans I have read as a result He does do some logical speculation where there are gaps in discovered ancient memoirs histories letters or literature Historians do love literate culturesPS Caesar Cleopatra Mark Anthony Pompey Cicero Agrippa Cato Ju. S illustrious subject Augustus began his career as an inexperienced teenager plucked from his studies to take center stage in the drama of Roman politics assisted by two school friends Agrippa and Maecenas Augustus’s rise to power began with the assassination of his greatncle and adoptive father Julius Caesar and culminated in the titanic duel with Mark Antony and CleopatraThe world that made Augustus–and that he himself later remade–was driven by intrigue sex ceremony violence scandal and naked ambition Everitt has taken some of the househ. Probably the best either this one or Cicero The Life and Times of Rome s Greatest Politician of Everett s Roman biographies and histories A nice introduction and review of Augustus Nothing particularly new in this book but Everitt has a flair for narrative biographyIF you are new to Anthony Everitt I d suggest reading in the *FOLLOWING ORDER 1 THE RISE OF ROME 3 STARS2 *order 1 The Rise of Rome 3 stars2 4 stars3 Augustus 4 stars4 Hadrian and the Triumph of Rome 3 starsBut really Fantasy Faerie Erotica Collection - 8 Sexy Gay Stories of Romantic Vampires, Faeries, and Other Magical Lovers unless you are planning on all four go ahead and read them any damn way you want Towards the end of his previous book Cicero Everitt describes Cicero taking Julius Caesar s grand nephew the young Gaius Octaviusnder his w A solid biography of the founding father of the Roman Principate Indulges in a fair amount of speculation but I suppose that s what separates scholarly history from popular history and the author gives you plenty of notice when he s off on a flight of informed fancy Besides given the paucity of reliable sources for much of Gaius sOctavian sAugustus s life perhaps some speculation is called forAny student of Roman history should have a handle on the life and times of Imperator no 1 and this isn t a bad place to start Everitt also includes a nice appendix of primary source materials and a bibliography for suggested reading in a variety of areas related to the end of the Republic and the early Imperial period The story of Augustus is woven with betrayal violence His rise to power his political adversaries and his Mental Math: Tricks To Become A Human Calculator (For Speed Math, Math Tricks, Vedic Math Enthusiasts GMAT, GRE, SAT Students) (Volume 1) unprecedented rule at are all covered in glorious detail while remaining engaging informative Augustus is a fascinating historical figure this is by far the most compelling narrative I ve read about how he rose to power through clever maneuvers and annyielding ambition Would recommend this for anyone interested in learning about the life of Augustus how he shaped the Rome of his time Writing a biography about a person that lived 2000 years ago is a risky endeavor for anyone who strives for historical accuracy Even when the person is Augustus Caesar the known facts predominantly consist of isolated events of macro importance or fragments of writing that have lost
of their context As is case with Augustus The Life of Rome s First Emperor extensive speculation is reuired to bring a semblance of life to the factual islands that dot the historical timelineThe Nyx underl Very well done Told as narratively as possible almost in novel form at some points Very engaging makes you feel like you know these people If you liked the HBO series you ll like this book It was a very easy read each time I picked itp which is saying something as I read it during a very stressful time during which I didn t have a lot of time to spare But I always enjoyed diving into it You d think that I d need something a bit relaxing But not with the way this was writtenI don t have to expound Blanco nocturno upon why Augustus was worth reading about Augustus was awesome The man had his faults but he was brilliant thoughtful a capable administrator and the founder of the Roman Empire It is thanks to him that we speak of the glories of Rome arguably At least I think it is I m going to have to read this again carefully not distracted by other things It d be worth it I have tried over and over again to write a review on this outstanding and spellbinding book but without success Nevertheless what I will state categorically is that Everitt has succeeded magnificently in bringing Augustus alive to the reader The author also achieved a real sense of place as Rome also became alive to me Augustus by Anthony Everitt is a very reader accessible biography of Augustus Rome s first Emperor The book is a chronicle of the entire life of Augustus and his parents from birth to death 70 BCE 14 CE His family was a famous one well known to those ofs familiar with Shakespeare s political stage plays and several PBSMasterpiece series However as Much As The Political And as the political and strife of ancient Rome now entertains Jake Millers Wheel us it is the military campaigns and the brilliant commanders which made Rome a civilization which lasted almost 500 years as a world power The book too briefly outlines some of the customs and laws the ancient Romans had and how some of them changed or were given attention after Augustus established himself as emperor A literate society like the Romans possessed especially since Augustus apparently believed in free speech. He found Rome made of clay and left it made of marble As Rome’s first emperor Augustus transformed thenruly Republic into the greatest empire the world had ever seen His consolidation and expansion of Roman power two thousand years ago laid the foundations for all of Western history to follow Yet despite Augustus’s accomplishments very few biographers have concentrated on the man himself instead choosing to chronicle the age in which he lived Here Anthony Everitt the bestselling author of Cicero gives a spellbinding and intimate account of hi.
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Lia Tiberius Drusus Marcellus Horace Germanicus Ovid all of the Maruee personalities make an appearance They are remembered for their various successes and tragedies because there is so much source material on them They were real people and Everitt brings them to life sing historical sources I do not think I ever read a book on Roman history that I did not like and this book has not changed that Augustus is considered Rome s first Emperor due to the fact that he spent over 40 years as #Emperor He Came To #He came to position by being the nephew and then becoming Julius Caesar s adopted son Caesar trained him as a youngster in the rudiments of Rome s military leadership training However when Caesar was assassinated in March 15 of 44 BC Caesar s most important soldier Mark Antony and Augustus led their armies and defeated Caesar s murderer s armies led by Brutus in the Battle of Philippi in 42 BC Following Brutus s defeat Antony Augustus and Lepidus divided the vast Roman Empire in 3 sections Antony cleverly took the East including Egypt for that was the wealthiest region Augustus took Rome which was in rebellion Lepidus was given Trans Alpine GaulAntony was a poor administer reveling in the of Egypt and falling for Egypt s seductive een Cleopatra Augustus needed grain from Egypt to feed his constituents Antony slow response in providing the grain angered Augustus In addition Antony s popularity faded in Rome due to his relationship with the non Roman Egyptian Simpsons Comics ueen Augustus sensing a time tonify Rome nder himself attacked Antony and defeated him in the Battle of Actium 2 September 31 BC on the Ionian SeaAugustus implemented two reforms in his long reign constitutional reform and imperial expansion nder himself as the ruler He accomplished this as well as brought relative peace and prosperity to Rome As a result he is regarded as one of Rome s greatest Emperors Approachable biography of one of the most important figures in western history The book being relatively short is dense but very informative Beside Augustus itself Everitt brings to life many historical figures that had an influence on the emperor both past and contemporary and are essential to nderstand the political situation at the time This approach contributes to a true 360 degrees view of the main character It is important to stress that this is a non fiction book heavy on the details of political manoeuvres and the geography and strategies of military campaigns sometimes down to a blow by blow account of of military campaigns sometimes down to a blow by blow account of first half of the book and is not eually detailed on the aspects of Augustus personal life Chapter 20 contains a vivid and engaging account of a day in Augustus and Livia s times however readers looking for a romanticised version of the emperor life for instance his infatuation with Livia the alleged numerous extramarital affairs the turbulent relationship with his daughter Julia or the private struggle with Mark Antony and Cleopatra may be disappointedEveritt names and provides excerpts from the primary sources this is done in a casual and nobtrusive manner so to not distract the reader from the narrative flow while providing evidence to statements and corroboration to his theories The Julio Claudian dynasty tree geographical maps at the beginning as well as the comprehensive primary sources references and bibliography at the end of the book are welcome Prom Kings and Drama Queens useful inclusions Recommended to readers interested in Roman history Favouriteotes If Julius Caesar had lived he would probably have devised a far radical scheme imposing a brutally abrupt transition from a republican past to an imperial future Augustus may have been less brilliant than his adoptive father but he was wiser He Confident Conversation understood that if his new system was to last it should be seen to grow out of what came before Rather than insist on a chasm he built a bridge Romans distinguished between imperium power and auctoritas authority It was evidence of the remarkable success of the Augustan system that the princeps was able to command obedience simply through his authority and was very seldom obliged to draw on the brute power at his disposalPerhaps the most instructive aspect of Augustus approach to politics was his twin recognition that in the long run power wasnsustainable without consent and that consent could best be won by associating radical constitutional change with a traditional and moralizing ideology. Old names of history–Caesar Brutus Cassius Antony Cleopatra–whom few know the full truth about and turned them into flesh and blood human beingsAt a time when many consider America an empire this stunning portrait of the greatest emperor who ever lived makes for enlightening and engrossing reading Everitt brings to life the world of a giant rendered faithfully and sympathetically in human scale A study of power and political genius Augustus is a vivid compelling biography of one of the most important rulers in history From the Hardcover edition.

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