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Where has all the cleverness in children s books these days Sigh The illustrations are fantastic which is why picked it up to read I was flipping through looking for damage why I picked it up to read I was flipping through looking for damage there was just so much color it caught my ye The story however is surprisingly dumb and by that I mean I was surprised by the introduction of a prince in a story that seemed to be going a totally different direction A prince really That princess looks like she s ten years old And no one in the Naked Choke entire kingdom thought of having the princess learn how to do something Painting knitting playing the horn growing wheat there was only one prince in thentire world who could come up with such ideas Everyone lse is just useless apparently including the princess and her parents which bodes super well for the kingdom they re all ruling Honestly Oh and then they get married just to cap things off Yes it was in the years that followed but it would have to be an awful lot of years for me to feel okay about it and how are you going to convey that in a picture book I assumed I was going to like this right from the beginning but boy did it get derailed along the middle The illustrations by Masse are lovely and a bit uirky Three stars for the illustrations alone The story is one of a princess who is bored with all the wonders in the kingdom Finally she says she wants a prince A blue haired prince arrives and starts making origami Suddenly the Finally she says she wants a prince A blue haired prince arrives and starts making origami Suddenly the isn t bored She then learns to to other crafts and they live happily ver after Huh Really I have nothing here The destruction of royal Murder at the Mansion ennui through crafting mixed feelings about this story of a bored princess who demands that her parents find her a prince there are some bumps in this tale with the spoiled and unlikable princess throwing fits until she gets what she wants if she was appealing thending may be happily ver after. Enchanting tale that reminds readers of all ages that happiness is not always where you seek it but instead can be found in the most unlikeliest places. Princess Alicia has verything her own CASTLE WITH A ROLLER COASTER A with a roller coaster a with its own train all the shoes and all the desserts her heart desires But no matter how she is ntertained She Still Cries I M Bored Using still cries I m bored Using fairy tale tropes of repetition and xaggeration Mireille Levert presents a new fairy tale reminiscent of the classics a petulant princess a search for a prince and finally the perfect surprising gift that opens her Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, eyes and heart Levert is mostly know for her illustrationsspecially those in the award winning Jeremiah and Mrs Ming series but this picture book shows her talent for writing too Her descriptions build in detail from the hill to the castle on the hill to the princess inside the castle on the hill which ncourages mphatic reading aloud Like the text s combination of new and old Jos Masse s illustrations are a mix of old and new in the vein of traditional fairy tale art Blue and white silhouettes begin and nd the tale reminiscent of Arthur Rackham s black and white silhouettes The majority of illustrations are rendered in scrumptious pastel colours and mploy interesting perspectives to convey the scope of Princess Alicia s verything This picture book is sure *to be relished by those who are familiar with the fairy tale genre and those * be relished by those who are familiar with the fairy tale genre and those being introduced to it complete with gentle fairy tale moral delicate illustrations and magical languageReviewed by Kallie George in Canadian Children s Book NewsSummer 2008 VOL31 NO3 I The Deepest Sin enjoyed this book When I started reading it I liked the story line becauseveryone can relate to the boredom we all feel at one point The one thing I didn t like was that the parents had a lot to do with her spoiled attitude because they d do anything to please her I really liked the nding because I wasn t xpecting a prince to show up at all Children can be taught of ideas of thing. Princess Alicia has verything she needs and A splendid castle mountains of desserts and loving parents who do verything possible to nsure she is hap. S to do when they re bored It taught about how sometimes it s the simple things we can do to njoy ourselves I liked the illustrations because they were simple but still colorful and related directly to the content on the pageUse in class I would use it in a lesson where children will learn about story retelling They will be retelling the things she received in order from beginning to nd A trifle preachy but the art is bright and it s nicely told The princess set will njoy it And their parents might want to take the hint about buying less for THEIR princesses and instead ncourage their creativity Sigh I liked the message of the tale you could never be bored if you have imagination and creativity The drawings are strangely pleasant almost like one dimensional This is a terrific story for any little girl who has declared I M BOREDPrincess Alicia lives in a beautiful castle with incredibly accomodating parents who see to it that the Princess never lacks for anything While her ntire kingdom comes together daily to amuse her with cakes and gardens and roller coasters and trains the restless Princess can only see the potential for boredom in verything and veryone around her Finally one morning a thought occurs to her I want a Prince So a royal announcement goes through the kingdom that the Princess is seeking a husband who can keep her goes through the kingdom that the Princess is seeking a husband who can keep her growing bored What happens to the Princess is as magical as a fairy tale Her suitor has seen into her heart and shows

what she needs Every children book character that I ve Le valeureux guerrier ever read about named Alicia is always a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy See Alicia Has a Bad Day It was cute though and I m glad Alicia gets what she needs in thend traditional fairy tale wind up with a bratty princess who won t be pleased by Snowflakes on the Sea even the finest things Unfortunately an overly simple and disappointing solution. Py Butven with all of that Alicia is bored Terribly bored So what will it take to finally make her happyThe Princess Who Had Almost Everything is an.

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