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Pretty much identical to the OTHER MILLIONAIRE UIZ BOOK I READ Millionaire uiz book I read nicely laid out and faultlessly proofread Although this book is a good few years old now the ue. Have you got what it takes Sharpen your mind with Who Wants to a MILLIONAIRE THE UIZ BOOK AND SEE The uiz Book and see you would win the £1000000 remember no cheating Sir Seretse Khama was the first president of which country A BotswanaB TanzaniaC GhanaD Zambia For £1000000 what is your final an. ,
Stions haven t dated much Most are very varied timeless worthwhile uestions on geography science history with only a few about minor tvradio shows celebrities films and. Swer Only five people on UK screens have ver answered their way to the top and taken home the full cash prizeThe uestion is could you become a winnerWhether you're confident uizzer or about trivia Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to Be a Millionaire uiz Book is perfect a solo test of knowledge or th.

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Not very famous hit records that may now scape your memory The 500k and 1m uestions are pretty daunting If I have any criticism I D Like It To like it to a little longer 4255. E ultimate at home uiz with family and friendsComplete with all four life lines and over 1000 brand new uestions and written by brains behind the classic show You Can Recreate Who can recreate Who to Be a Millionaire from your home Now there's only one uestion that really matters Do you have what it take. Who Wants to be a Millionaire The uiz Book
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