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Aracters from previous novels Don t worry though any of the books can be read as a stand alone since the focus is always the Victim and not the two characters tasked with helping them The good news for Alicemost stalkers are not killers The bad newsa lot of killers are stalkers firstThe warnings are scalating and yet our RELATABLE BUT FLAWED PROTAGONIST ALICE CONTINUES TO MAKE SOME but flawed protagonist Alice continues to make some decisions occasionally frustrating me butwe wouldn t have a story if she didn t right Although mostly narrated from Alice s POV we occasionally hear from HIM the stalker He has hated WEDNESDAYS for occasionally hear from HIM the stalker He has hated WEDNESDAYS for long time now it s somebody Campfire else s turn to dread WEDNESDAYS BUT WHO IS HE Author Teresa Driscoll was a journalist for than 25 years and a BBC TV news presenter before turning her talents to writing fiction This story was inspired by her own story when as young journalist starting out she took a threatening call three times the same dayach week Fortunately for her her calls nded with an apology on the third week but her xperience helped her to picture a scenario where that wouldn t be the case as the fear stayed with her much longer This story helped her to Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars examine that fear with a fictional storyAvailable Oct 10 2019 Thank You to NetGalley Publishing UK and Teresa Driscoll for the digital ARC I received inxchange for a candid review Alice a journalist is sent a threatening note that she will be cut by a cheese wire but this is not the first note she has received and strangely it always occurs on a Wednesday After several threats her husband Tom mploys Matthew a private investigator to keep her safe and discover who the culprit isMathew discovers that Alice is keeping her own secrets is the stalker something to do with her past Or Has She Upset Someone has she upset someone an article she has writtenThe story alternates between the present time and the past In the past we are introduced to a small boy living with his granhe loves his gran and hates the fact that she has to leave him on his own one night a week so that she can work in a care home These chapters kept me ngrossed and guessing what happened to this little chapThis is a very gripping book with plenty of twists and red herrings along the way I constantly changed my mind who the stalker wasBeautifully written with a mixture of suspense and a heart wrenching story of love for a mother who does not have much time left When Alice describes the love she feels for her mother I could not help but tear up at the strong bond between themThank you to Netgalley for my copy in Crazy Love exchange for a review 4 5 stars I reallynjoyed this book and had it not been for some reservations about the Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society ending I would have given it 5 stars The story was intriguing from the start as the truth graduallymerged over who and why Alice was being stalked The author captured well the range of motions that victims would go through as the threats to Alice scalated and her sense of paranoia and suspicion grew of those around her as she felt increasingly vulnerable I really liked that Alice s overriding concern was for her sick mother and the love that Alice and her sister Leanne felt shone through clearly There were times when the panic Alice felt were vividly portrayed in particular there was a very scary scene on a train where the tension was palpable I really njoyed the repeating characters from previous books although it s perfectly possible to read this as a standalone Matthew Hill former police turned PI was involved as was now heavily pregnant DI Melanie Sanders and the friendship they shared was a nice lement to the book There were occasional flashes of dark humour I was Black Heart, Red Ruby especially amused by the issue. Clear that this is all about AliceSomeone wants her to suffer but for what Her articles have made her a popular local champion could it be her past rather than her work that’s put her life in danger Alice is determined not to give in to fear but with the police investigation at a deadnd her boyfriend in. .
OH ALICE YOU ARE SUCH A FOOLWell where do I start with this #Book I Am Afraid #I am afraid hit I am outta here with this author it was an intriguing premise that got me intrigued but it was a long haul from the start right to the finish I wasn t invested in any of the characters so unlikeable flawed that I had to grit my teeth at times just to get through the book It wasn

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a page the pacing suspense never picked up the whole way through to say this was a thriller is an understatement it just plodded along at a snails pace read at your own perilWednesday was like any other Wednesday until Alice Henderson a journalist started receiving threats by an unknown stalker her boyfriend Tom decides to hire a PRIVATE DETECTIVE TO SOLVE THE CASE MATTHEW HILL WHO detective to solve the case Matthew Hill who demons of his own thinks it could be a former boyfriend who was in jail but there is no motive its when Alice receives a box of flowers that are her mothers favourite that things seem to send Alice into panic mode as she thinks her mother is in danger she is in a nursing home All I will say from here on is that I picked the protagonist 10 minutes into the book was just a ho hum read funny story here Whenever you mail Publishing Publicity there s an automatic response which happens with most publishers But I always put the book title as the subject line so this happenedThat left me thinking okay what did i do and will i get to be murdered by jeff bezos Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram This book is a delightfully creepy mystery Alice is a reporter for the local weekly newspaper First she gets a threatening phone call then an odd gift Every Wednesday something ven intimidating occurs Whoever this stalker is he knows a lot about her personal life The police aren t much help She New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood even hires a PI Matthew Hill to help guard her The book moves uickly and the author maintains a good sense of tension But Alice never uite gelled as a real person for me We hear from her in the present day but also the stalker from when he was a young child Thending did catch me off guard as I never cottoned to whom the stalker was But I also felt somewhat cheated There s a red herring or two and certain Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey events are not adeuatelyxplained My thanks to netgalley and Publishing for an advance copy of this book 50 stars I decided to read I Will Make You Pay by Teresa Driscoll because I was such a huge fan of I Am Watching You I didn t particularly like The Friend but Driscoll s first book was so good I had to give her another chance Boy am I glad I did I Will Make You Pay is told from multiple perspectives but primarily from the minds of the stalker and his victim The main character Alice is a news reporter who begins receiving death threats from an unknown man at work This obviously changes Alice s life and as the threats keep coming she gets and scared for her safety and takes as many precautions as possible to keep this madman from attacking or killing her Driscoll does an unbelievable job of portraying the day to day life of a victim who is being stalked She also keeps the identity of the stalker under raps from beginning to nd which keeps this book moving at a very fast pace If you thr 35 stars rounded downIt seemed like an ordinary Wednesday until the phone rings Journalist Alice Henderson hangs up figuring that it is a hoax against her newspaper But the following Wednesday there is another threat One that makes it clear that Alice and not the newspaper is the target But why Does it have to do with her work at the paper Or something from her past Her boyfriend Tom hires PI Matthew Hill giving readers a chance to catch up with him and DI Melanie Sanders both recurring ch. Every Wednesday like clockwork the terror returns It seems like an ordinary Wednesday until the phone rings A mysterious caller with a chilling threat Journalist Alice Henderson hangs up ready to dismiss it as a hoax against the newspaper But the next Wednesday the stalker makes another move and it becomes. ,

characters I Will Make You Pay


S that one of Matthews clients had with European Lilliputians Matthew s kindness to this client was wonderful Throughout the book I had constant uestions which I liked I felt a range of motions over the Him sections from terrible sadness to horror at what he must have emotions over the Him sections from terrible sadness to horror at what he must have but also helplessness as you knew that there was nothing to stop the volcanic ЯED eruption of his rage The storytelling was good straightforward nothing unnecessary and just got on with the narrative which I think is a major plus I really like Teresa Driscoll s books and thought this one wasspecially goodThanks to NetGalley and Publishing for an ARC EXCERPT True panic is rising now Sometimes at night I struggle to breathe through my nose specially during the hay fever season I start to feel this deep deep dread What if my nose gets blocked now If I can t breathe through my nose I will simply suffocate I will die I look around this bleak and terrible space and imagine that this is where verything could nd for me I can feel my breathing uicken with my panicked thoughts and I tell myself that I have to f It seemed like an ordinary Wednesday until the phone rang A mysterious caller is threatening journalist Alice Henderson who it as a hoax But rang A mysterious caller is threatening journalist Alice Henderson who dismisses it a hoax But next Wednesday the stalker makes another move and it becomes clear that this is all about Alice Alice is determined not to give in to fear but with very passing Wednesday the warnings Moreno escalate until it s not only Alice but also her family in the stalker s sights As her stalker closes in can Alice uncover his identityThe story begins well and hasnough twists until the nd The story alternates between the present and the past and was intriguing from the start as the truth gradually merged over who and why Alice was being stalked and hidden secrets start getting uncovered This story is told from three people s points of view Alice the private investigator Matthew Hill and a mysterious narrator Him I Will Make You Pay is a well written story that is a bit slow to start but it gathers momentum as the story moves forward The principal characters are all written though there are not many credible suspects to go aroundAfter the halfway mark the story gets sidetracked by too many subplots Alice s story with her mother Matthew s interactions with his daughter and another client A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author etc They didn t really add anything to the storyspecially to the main stalker storyline but in fact distracted from it I wish there were What If encounters with the stalker instead who rarely made an appearance until towards thend As a result the book felt lacking in genuinely scary moments I could guess the stalker uite The Exhaustion Breakthrough early as a result of which thending of the novel felt flat to me Having said that I really liked the stalker theme The HIM chapters added a lot of intrigue to the final reveal Overall I The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good enjoyed reading I Will Make You Pay as the story keeps moving at a brisk pace which many good twists along the way If you like mysteries you willnjoy this one Three and a half stars Many thanks to the publishers Publishing UK and NetGalley for the ARC Three strikes and I am outThree times I have been intrigued Supplemental Book enough by other s reviews only to walk the same path to the same outcomeAlways an interesting premise always a well written story and thenither a crappy literary device to wrap things up or in this case the MOST predictable of Hark! The Herald Angels Scream endings I kept telling myself it was a red herring NO WAY were we going where it seemed like we were going and then Hello We re hereI am just not the audience for Driscoll s books Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me Fool me a third time It must ve been free on and now I know why. Sists on hiring private investigator Matthew HillWithvery passing Wednesday the warnings scalate until it’s not only Alice but also her family in the stalker’s sights As her tormentor closes in can Alice uncover what she’s being punished for before the terrifying threats become an unthinkable reali. I Will Make You Pay
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