[PDF] Humans A Brief History of How We Fucked It All Up

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the content and very enjoyable in itself the real value of the book of the content here and is very enjoyable itself the real value of the book in the bits where Phillips gets a bit serious There s some very pointed commentary on the kinds of things we just can t seem to learn and reading it in today s political climate gives these repeated failures an extra kick However I leave the book wondering whether the whole it s not just us makes me feel better or worse How a book can be so funny and so profoundly epressing I Love on the Rocks Men Women and Alcohol in Post World War II America don t knowMy thanks to the best kind of friend the lovely TS who bought me this book instinctively understanding how much I would enjoy both the history AND the ranting Good call When I first laid my eyes upon the cover of this book in the bookstore I knew that it ll appeal to mywindling optimism about humanity in general It Beths Stable Stolen by an Alien did notisappoint as I enjoyed reading this book tremendously It was highly informative written in a most engaging tone and pretty arn funny although the topic in itself is actually really bleak I even wished the book was longer Highly recommended for everyone Even if you on t share my sentiments This is a fascinating book told with wit humour and sarcasm It chronicles some of the colossal mistakes mankind has made throughout history to the For Discrimination detriment of their environment their countries the planet the atmosphere and now outer space Incompetent oreranged leaders blunders in war exploration science government and colonialism are all here The mistakes made me shudder and cringe Some had me laughing out loud I freuently had both reactions at the same time What has mankind learned from the errors of the past The final page says it all Recommended to history lovers those who enjoy bizarre trivia and facts omitted from history texts and those who want a good laugh Academic Writing, Real World Topics despite some startling accounts of stupidity leading to miserable results I have only one complaint It is with the partially blanked out word in the title I am seeing many new books using this attention getting tactic Well if it works to sell books I shouldn t complain Funny andepressing The story of human progress starts with our capacity for thinking and creativity That s what sets humans apart from other animals and it s also what leads us to make complete tits of ourselves on a regular basis Author Tom Phillips studied Archaeology Anthropology and the History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge University and has worked as a journalist a humour writer and as the editorial Repressed Memories A Journey to Recovery from Sexual Abuse FiresideParkside Recovery Book director of BuzzFeed UK All of these skills and influences are apparent in Humans A Brief History of How We Fcked It All Up and if you re the kind of reader who thinks you might enjoy a chronology of humanity s biggest mistakes told with ironic humour and f bombs then this pop history just might be a perfect fit for you As for me the humour hereidn t actually make me laugh out loud I was familiar with many of the stories and I Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic d prefer of a connecting thesis than Humans are stupid and selfish and always have been probably always will be Still Humans is very readable an ultralight version of Jared Diamond or Yuval Noah Harari and it s always the right time to stand humble before humanity s many flaws To begin an example of the humour Australia s rabbit problem is one of the most famous examples of something that we ve only figured out uite late in theay ecosystems are ridiculously complex things and you mess with them at your peril Animals and plants will not simply play by your rules when you casually African Literature 9 decide to move them from one place to another Life as a great philosopher once said breaks free it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers painfully maybe evenangerously But uh well there it is Okay it was Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park who said that As I say a great philosopherAnd incidentally this scourge of rabbits and cane toads unleashed on Australia is also an example of the kind of story most people have heard before if the tone in a nonfiction work isn t academic isn t attempting to support some new theory with long accepted facts I think all of the information should at least be new and surprising Humans is Alien Conquest divided into chapters on our brains going over confirmation bias the Dunning Kruger effect and other ways that we convince ourselves we re right when we re wrong the mistakes of the Agricultural Revolution and theomesticationresettling of animals the rise of leaders and all the horrible ways they have taken advantage of their positions no matter the political system the evils of colonisation and war mistakes of Secrets of the TEAS® Exam Study Guide diplomacy and the unintended conseuences of technological breakthroughs Along the way there were many stories that were new to me Scotland s attempt to build an empire in Panama Kessler syndrome that could see us trapped on our planet by a prison we ve made from our own trash or the avoidableecimation of the Khwarezmian Empire and I liked these bits very much the brand of humour Rising Above The Influence: A True Story about Alcohol, Drugs, and Recovery didn t speak to me but Phillips is an excellent storytellerIf there was a theme running through this book it would. An exhilarating journey through the most creative and catastrophic fck ups in human history from our very first ancestor falling out of that tree to the most spectacular fails of the presentay In the seventy thousand years that modern human beings have walked this earth we've come a long way ,
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It seemsMany thanks to Wildfire for an ARC I was not reuired to post a review and all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own Did you have a bad Conjure In African American Society day Read this book It will give you a multitude of examples large and small of people fucking it up a lot worse than you At the same time that is absolutely horrifying exemplifying time and again our incapability of learning from past mistakes it is also entertaining and educational A rare combinationAs an example of the list fuck ups I have never heard about is Mao Zedong s Fours Pests campaign The mostisastrous entirely successful public health policy ever The Chinese Womens Political Activism in Palestine dictatorecided that mosuitoes rats flies and sparrows to this list He figured that sparrows ate grain and that that without sparrows 60000 extra people could be fed for every millions sparrows that were eliminated A billion sparrows Alien Commanders Bride (Draconians, died Locusts came at the harvests Sparrows weren t eating grain as much as pests This caused a famine that killed between 15 and 30 million people You hope that the basic lesson of this on t fuck with nature unless you re very very this on t fuck with nature unless you re very very what the conseuences will be and even then it s probably still not a good idea would have stuck But that seems unlikely In 2004 the Chinese government ordered the mass extermination of mammals from civet cats to badgers in response to the outbreak of the SARS virus suggesting that humans capacity for learning from their mistakes remains as tenuous as everDon t worry people from all walks of life get a bashing in this book It s Word Alchemy definitely readable and no matter how much else you ve covered on the subject you re likely to find something new here And if you have a shittyay you can take comfort in the fact that you The Black Renaissance in Francophone African and Caribbean Literatures did not invent leaded gasoline or freon and kill millions by pollution and further with increased radiation through the ozone hole That was just the one guy by the way Thomas Midgley Jr If your looking for hope well I m not sure this is the book to read However to be able too anything about the current state of the world you really need to know how incredibly large our capacity for screwing things up really is in order to be able to circumvent some of it At first what An Endless Lie drove me nuts about this book is the total lack of referencing apart from what feels like a tacked on Further Reading section at the end Towards the beginning the statement that people were killed by lawnmowers than by terrorism in the USA in theecade between 2007 and 2017 made me actually appreciate the Internet for a changeA Google search lead me to the World Economic Forum website and the eually
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fact that this is attributed to none other than Kim Kardashian in a January 2017 tweet Apart from lawnmowers apparently the number of Americans killed by armed toddlers was 21 for the same period and 31 by lightning which admittedly is far prosaic It seems that Kim obtained her facts from the Huffington Post which also admittedly is not a font of infinite wisdomThe beginning of the book The Dawn of Fuck Ups also had me scurrying for the Internet in order to read about our famous fossilised ancestor Lucy actually ROMANCE (BWWM Military Romance Boxset) (African American Urban Series Short Stories Book 1) dying from falling out of a tree of all things This is something of a running joke throughout the book about how the unexpected can put a spoke in the wheels of the best laid plans Indeed BBC News reported in 2016 that CT scans have shown injuries to her bones similar to those suffered by modern humans in similar falls So whyidn t Tom Phillips include references I think the main reason is that this is by no means an academic book but rather the work of a raconteur who My Hero Academia memes for kids - Funny New Memes 2019 doesn t want to interrupt the flow of his story by having readers suint at reams of footnotes Hence it is best to just go with the flow and enjoy what is an immensely entertaining read given the rather grim subject matterPhillipsoes state politely near the beginning A gentle warning if you re not really into Schandenfreude now might be a good time to stop reading He notes that at the time of writing this we re a few weeks away from a nuclear summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jung Un I m going to work on the assumption that if you are in fact reading this book then we made it This ties in uite nicely with the ending which is as one would expect a pitch perfect black joke that resonates perfectlyKirkus Reviews After the Tears describes this book as Al Gore by way of Monty Python which is a perfect encapsulation of the balancing act that Phillips has to engage in who not only wants to make us chortle in horrified mirth at howumb humans can be but also to warn us that like COVID 19 stupidity can often be fatal Take a base of Guns Germs And Steel Add a Daddy Blames Me dash of Sapiens Top with swearing and a cynical snarky funny look at humanity How we got uite this far is a little amazingIs this entertainment yes Is there some honest to goodness history in here absolutely Do theispiriting examples weave together into a serious lesson about how we learn build cultures and communicate Statistical Arbitrage: Algorithmic Trading Insights and Techniques (Wiley Finance) definitelySo laugh with it Laugh at it But it s also real history worth taking a look at. Ian army attacking itself onerunken night to the world's leading superpower electing a reality TV mogul as President it's pretty safe to say that as a species we haven't exactly grown wiser with age So next time you think you've really fcked up this book will remind you it could be so much wor.

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Humans A Brief History of How We Fucked It All UpBe throwing shade at Donald Trump without ever once mentioning him One chapter is titled A Dummies andor Current Presidents Guide to Diplomacy a parenthetical note in the prologue states at the time of writing this there s a broad awareness that the only thing that stands between us and annihilation is the whim of one petulant man child or another and after a passage that outlines how Hitler was actually an incompetent lazy egomaniac and his government was an absolute clownshow Phillips concludes Many of the worst man made events that ever occurred were not the product of evil geniuses Instead they were *the product of a parade of idiots and lunatics incoherently flailing their *product of a parade of idiots and lunatics incoherently flailing their through events helped along the way by overconfident people WHO THOUGHT THEY COULD CONTROL THEM thought they could control them if that level of subtext is too understated Phillips concludes the bit ABOUT SCOTLAND S DOOMED EMPIRE BUILDING WITH AS A Scotland s oomed empire building with As a it lends itself to metaphor I mean it s the story of a country turning away from a political union with its closest geographical trading partners in favor of a fantasy vision of unfettered global influence promoted by free trade zealots with Best African American Fiction 2010 dreams of empire who wrapped their vague plans in the rhetoric of aggrieved patriotism while consistently ignoring expert warnings about the practical reality of the situation Unfortunately I can t think of anything that could be a metaphor for right now So that running theme is either interesting to the reader or not I found it a little juvenile aistraction from any legitimate connections Phillips might have been trying to Her Alien Bodyguard (The Guards Of Attala, draw between the failures of the past and theangers of the present Whatever our future holds whatever baffling changes come along in the next year the next Teacher For An Alien Doctor (Intergalactic Exchange Program, decade and the next century it seems likely that we ll keep onoing basically the same things We will blame other people for our woes and construct elaborate fantasy worlds so that we New Trends Generations in African Literature Today, Alt 20 don t have to think about our sins We will turn to populist leaders in the aftermath of economic crises We will scramble for money We will succumb to groupthink and manias and confirmation bias We will tell ourselves that our plans are very good plans and that nothing can possibly go wrong Ormaybe we won t As a collection of anecdotes about human failure Humans is trivia rich and easy to read even whenescribing horrible abuses or modern threats the tone is light but respectful I understand the truism that history is repeated by those who fail to study and understand it but also know that we humans are wired the same way today as we were the first time someone murdered lied or stole to advance a selfish cause who knows what the future holds for us Unlike Diamond or Harari Phillips The Battle over Marriage doesn t even hazard a guess I loved how this book was written Tom Phillips writes with such confidence and tells his points very bluntly while being very entertaining and funny I also like how the beginning of the book starts with creation and Lucy and as the book goes on itiscusses later things in history I marked it as a re read because Tom Philips refers to things in history that I totally Teaching History for Justice don t remember haha and he basically justiscusses the things in history that we went wrong but I want the whole story You will think after this book that humans are really stupid but in fact Tom Phillips gas gathered all the really ridiculously stupid moments into one book It s like calling humans totally stupid from reading the The Darwin Awards for all the stupid ways humans have Laughing to Keep from Dying died Are some of us veryumb Yes Do the smart ones also have their moments of stupidity Yes We re INTERRACIAL ROMANCE definitely not perfect But this book takes all those stupid moments and compiles it together So just remember that we re not THAT stupid and hopefully through history and through Tom Phillips writing about all the mistakes we can go forward and not makes the same mistakes again lol but history repeats itself so shrugs Humans is a book you will learn lots of new information from and not only that but what youo learn is interesting and engaging albeit a little Stolen Years depressing To create a contrast between thearkness of most of what we are told Phillips adds humour which lightens the mood somewhat The style of writing is eminently readable and flows smoothly from one point to the next without trouble This is such original non fiction and it appears the author has carried out extensive research to find these uniue stories that I have not encountered in any other books previous to this Each of the stories are varied and intriguing enough that I am still thinking about some of them even long after I turned the final page They range from stories about the fails of our earliest ancestors right through to ones we are currently making right now Well worth picking up especially for history buffs and those who enjoy factually correct stories that teach us valuable lessons about how fallible we really are as a species However whether we learn from them or not is a ifferent matter entirely and as this book illustrates it s not always as easy or black and white as. Rt science culture trade on the evolutionary food chain we're real winners But frankly it's not exactly been plain sailing and sometimes just occasionally we've managed to really truly uite unbelievably fck things upFrom Chairman Mao's Four Pests Campaign to the American Dustbowl; from the Austr. ,